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From: Paul Irving <>
Subject: Re: [POWYS] Sanders
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:51:53 +0000
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In 1861, Thomas (age 52?) & Sarah age 50, son Thomas age 20, & another
son Edwin, age 7, were still in Southwark. Thomas was born in Bristol,
Sarah Surrey St Saviour (Southwark), Thomas jr ditto, Edwin MDX Whitechapel.

There you go - found. :)


> Dear Kathy, Yes, I have done a lot of research into my Sanders line, but,
> like so many others, I have a brick wall. My great-grandfather, James Charles
> Sanders, was an engineer officer in the Royal Navy (that is where I knew
> about research at Kew) and I have his baptismal certificate in 1836 (just before
> general registration came in force) and know that his parents were Thomas and
> Sarah Sanders, and that Thomas was a stone mason by trade. But although there
> wa an address in 1836, they were no longer living there at the 1841 census!!
> And I have completely failed to locate the marriage. I even got someone to
> research an index, known as Boyds Marriage Index, which list all the
> marriages in the various parishes of the City of London (where James Charles was
> baptised) and this produced 21 marriages of a Thomas Sanders marrying a Sarah!!!!
> No means of knowing which was right. So I am stuck. However, I have had
> far better success with the welsh line of my grandmother, where the name is
> Yorath, and my mother's line, where the name is Blything, both of which are
> fortunately not too common. Sanders is a very common name!! I know that several
> Yoraths emigrated to USA and Canada, and one of a line which is connected by
> marriage is Wilton, and I have been in touch with descendants.
> Many thanks for the enquiry, but I fear that there are no connections.
> Regards,
> Margaret Sanders from Wiltshire
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