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From: "Hilary or Owen Williams" <>
Subject: Re: [POWYS] Blaencamlais & Cwmcamlais, Defynnog BRE
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 08:10:31 -0000
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Hi Ridge,

"Tyr Gwernlle'r Tay still exists as Gwernllertai and can be found on
Multimap below and to the left of Blaencamlais.

The present owners of Blaencamlais are friends of mine, probably with the
same Price ancestry. I'll pass on your details to them.

Kind regards,

Hilary Williams

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Sent: 03 January 2007 00:05
Subject: [POWYS] Blaencamlais & Cwmcamlais, Defynnog BRE

Hi, Ridge

I read your email with regard to Blaencamlais in Defynnog with interest. My
great grandparents were servants and lived and married from the farm. Thomas

Jones married Cecilia Jones on 24 November 1843 at Defynnog Parish Church.

William Price aged 35 years was the farmer on the 1841 cesus report, Sarah
was his wife's name and they had two children Richard aged 4 years,
& William aged 2 years.

I will check the 1851 and 1861 for Morgan and David Price tomorrow as it is
now 5 minutes past the witching hour.

The best person to contact who has made a study of the farms and family
groups in the area is::

Gareth Jones
8 Deanfield Road
ST19 9EQ

Unfortunately Gareth does not have a computer email address but he always
returns information very quickly and loves to assist people.

All the best

Heather Smith
in West Yorkshire

From: "williams"
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 10:45 PM
Subject: [POWYS] Blaencamlais & Cwmcamlais, Defynnog BRE

> I would be grateful for assistance in identifying farms in which PRICE
> relatives lived in the 18th & 19th centuries.
> In 1812, Thomas PRICE "Gent & Farmer of Blaencamlais" left most of his
> estate to two sons who continued to farm in Defynnog parish. Rees PRICE
> and
> descendants farmed at Cefnmark = Cefnmaescar (SN931 277) before moving to
> Cefnfedwfawr (937 246). The other son, Morgan PRICE, farmed at
> "Blaencamlais
> fawr" according to Victorian censuses. I assume "Blaen-Camlais fawr" of
> the
> modern Explorer map OL12 at SN949 262 is the original farm. On the same
> modern map there are "Blaencamlais Fach (961 267) & Blaencamlais Canol"
> (953
> 259), both of which appear to be single farms, as well as "Blaen-Camlais'
> (954 257), which might be a few cottages. The reprint of the first edition
> of the Ordnance Survey map of Brecon Sheet 58 shows only "Blaencamlais" at
> about the locality of Explorer map's "Blaen-Camlais fawr".
> A son of Morgan PRICE farmed at "Llwyn-ystyffyllin" located immediately
> west
> of Blaencamlais on the Victorian reprint map. The farm is not identified
> on
> the modern Explorer map unless renamed as "Llwyn Sant Philip".
> In 1793, David PRICE "Gent of Cwmcamlais" left an estate named "Tyr
> Gwernlle'r
> Tay in the hamlet of Maescar". I haven't identified any other record of
> this
> farm. David's son Richard PRICE (married to Margaret daughter of Thomas
> PRICE of Blaencamlais) farmed at Cwmcamlais during the first decades of
> the
> C19th but his descendants had left Cwmcamlais by census times.
> According to the Explorer map, the river Cwm Camlais divides into "Cwm
> Camlais- fawr" and to the east "Cwm Camlais-fach". The modern map also
> shows
> 3 farms: Cwm-Camlais-isaf (957 285), "Cwm-Camlais-uchaf (955 278) and
> "Neuadd Cwmcamlais" (953 264). "Cwm Camlais-isaf" & "Neuadd Cwmcamlais"
> correspond to "Cwmcamlais isaf" and "Neuadd" on the Victorian map.
> However, the Victorian reprint has farms at
> "Cwm-camlais uchaf" in the same locality as "Tir-y-graig-isaf" (950 276)
> on
> the Explorer,
> "Cwm-camlais fawr" in the same locality as modern "Cwm-Camlais-uchaf", and
> "Cwm-camlais fach" in the same locality as Explorer's "Blaencamlais Fach".
> I've tried to trace farm residences using census entries and, to
> complicate
> the situation, the same family farmed "Cwmcamlais fawr" in 1841 as farmed
> "Cwmcamlais isaf" in 1851.
> Any help in sorting this out would be much appreciated. I would
> particularly
> like to know which Cwmcamlais Richard & David PRICE farmed in the decades
> around 1800. Most of the information on these PRICEs comes from wills, BTs
> of Defynnog churches, chapel registers, MIs, & census entries. Are there
> any
> other records that might help?
> Ridge,
> in Ottawa, Canada
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