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Subject: Re: [POWYS] (Off Topic) Welsh DNA Testing?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:46:29 -0500
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Hello Barbara,

My line of Powells are in the Powell DNA Project in Houston, Texas, USA, and I would like to send you some websites that might help you with someone, that might like to know how to compare their DNA with their own Surname or other Surnames that have already submitted their DNA. I have not had that much luck, trying to transfer websites to rootsweb.com Lists, so would like for you to send me your email address off line, then I could forward them to you, and then you could put them on the Powys rootsweb.site. The sites I have sent before, will not open for some people. Just wanted to save everyones time, by sending them this way. Will that be ok??????????

Am thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,
Pat (Powell) Springer
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Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: [POWYS] (Off Topic) Welsh DNA Testing?

> Do you know of any websites that share DNA testing
> information and are based on people of Welsh ancestry?

Family Tree DNA (at http://www.ftdna.com/<http://www.ftdna.com/>;) has two British Isles projects, the
second of which is for people who "have good grounds to believe that their
paternal or maternal lineages originated in the British Isles but have not
identified a county of origin and/or a most distant ancestor in the British
Isles. If you have a family tradition of British Isles origins (e.g., an
English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh surname), but you do not have the name, date,
and county of origin of your most distant British Isles ancestor, you should
join this project. "

There is a web page for the project itself (at http://www.britishislesdna.com/<http://www.britishislesdna.com/>;)
but it doesn't seem to display properly in my browser (overlapping text).

The ftdna page for the project is at

There are some results per county from the other British Isles project (ie those
who know their earliest ancestor) at
which might be of use for comparison.

I hope that's a start - it might be worth him asking on one of the specifically
dna mailing lists. I know there are some general sites that people upload
results to, so perhaps someone on one of those lists would be able to identify
any Welsh groupings for him.

Barbara Griffiths
Coventry UK

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