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Subject: Re: [POWYS] (Off Topic) Welsh DNA Testing?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:57:22 -0500
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Hi again Julie, please forgive me, looks like Katherine might have really covered this DNA Project question, but if you still want some of the USA DNA Information, I will send you the sites. The Y-Search Katherine mentioned, is really helpful to compare DNA of Surnames with other Surnames or just with your own Surname. So will wait to hear from you as to what to do. Am thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,
Pat (Powell) Springer
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Subject: Re: [POWYS] (Off Topic) Welsh DNA Testing?

Julie, I am the administrator of the Benbow/Bembow surname project at Family
Tree DNA, so I checked their list of projects. There is not a project
limited to Wales, but then I would find that rather artificial, considering the
migration of people back and forth across the borders. Benbow is a Middle
English surname, but our branch of the family found their way into
Montgomeryshire, apparently from Shropshire/Salop, sometime in the 1500's. I have tested
several men of Welsh ancestry, and found the results as varied as the results
of the men from the British Isles as a whole. Focusing in on just Welsh
links does not increase the odds of finding a genetic match. Benbow is an
occupational surname, and so it is to be expected that we'd find several unrelated
groups within the surname, which is what we have found. I would imagine that
results for Welsh patronymic names would be even more varied.

The benefit to others, in testing in a surname project or geographic
project, is finding those who are genetic matches, and helping those who come from
the same area (say, Llandinam for one person as opposed to Trefeglwys or
Llawryglyn for another) and finding a complete match across 37 markers. Then that
person knows they are related in some way, and that can be very beneficial
in focusing future research. We have an instance of that in our own Benbow
surname project. The man from Llandinam doesn't know yet how he connects to
our family tree, but his relationship to us is demonstrated by the DNA results.

Now, Family Tree DNA:
_http://www.familytreedna.com/_ (http://www.familytreedna.com/<http://www.familytreedna.com/>;)
does have a British Isles project:
which is also described on the main page:

The results by county are posted here:
You may have to play with this a bit, as the counties may not pop up until
you click on the choice in the left-hand column.

There are two men posted so far for Montgomeryshire, one of whom descends
from Joseph Davies (b. 1836) of Llanfyllin.

With Family Tree DNA, you can join one surname project and one geographic
project. You would not have access to the contact information associated with
the results posted unless you also joined the project, and those people were
shown on your list of matches, once your results are posted. I have shipped
a number of kits to the UK, and continental Europe, and I've had only one kit
go missing in the postal service. FTDNA sent out another kit free of
charge, and that one returned to the lab safely.

I will emphasize that, for Y-DNA testing, a man must be a straight-line male
descendant, with no breaks in that male line. Also, testing may reveal a
"non-paternity event" - such as adoption, etc. - that can be a surprise. It
happens in a few cases out of a hundred.

I am not involved in the British Isle project, but the staff at Family Tree
DNA (see "contact" information at the bottom of their webpage) can assist
someone in deciding whether that project is the right one for them.

I'd also advise anyone doing testing to do the Y-DNA12 if that is all they
can afford, as you can order further testing on the original sample in the
future. However, for the results and matches to be definitive, you had best
order 25 or 37 markers at some point, and it's somewhat cheaper to do that at
the same time. I've seen some promising 25-marker matches prove not so
promising at 37 markers, so I usually advise people to do the 37-marker test.

FTDNA also sponsors the Y-Search project:
_http://www.ysearch.org/_ (http://www.ysearch.org/<http://www.ysearch.org/>;)
This allows one to post the first 12 markers and access others who have
posted their first 12 markers and their contact information.

Needless to say, if there is a UK Benbow or Bembow on this mailing list who
would like to discuss that surname project with me further, I'd be delighted
to hear from him. Females can find a willing male relative to submit a
sample, such as a brother, uncle, grandfather, etc. As long as he meets the same
criterion of being a straight-line male descendant, he should be eligible.

Katherine Benbow
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