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From: Charles Neal <>
Subject: Fwd from Sarah re John Lewis Poythress
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 23:47:06 -0500

Sarah tried to send this message almost 24 hrs ago, and it hasn't shown up
yet, so she sent it to me & I'm forwarding it on. She is now joining the

This is FULL of EXCELLENT info about what turns out to be a huge line of NC
Poythress folks, which line we have needed a sizeable intro into. Since
these folks were in the same general vicinity as a lot of our others, just
on the south side of a river and an artificial VA/NC dividing line, this
may be just what we need.

My own footnote (because even though Sarah's message does not indicate any
parents for [JLP]John Lewis Poythress, it had been speculated that his
father was James Edward Poythress [JEP] who married Catherine Preston): IF
JLP's father was indeed my gggfather, [JEP], and IF JLP's birthdate is
correct below (which I see no reason why it wouldn't be correct), then JLP
was born 9.5 months after JEP's eldest son, Joshua Lewis Poythress was born
on 10 Nov 1828, which of course is certainly possible, and 14 months before
JEP's next child Nathan Francis Poythress was born 18 Oct 1830. What
disturbs me is that JLP was not listed amongst the 8 children on JEP's
Family Bible-type format listing of the entire family. So we should keep
an open mind about who JLP's father and mother were.

Sarah - Can you possibly get photocopies of the obituaries you mention in
your message? If so, I would LOVE to get photocopies of them, and would be
GLAD to reimburse for copying cost & postage & even mileage to go to
Braxton (or whoever) to get the copies made.

From Sarah:
To BPN, Lyn, Kathy, Craig, Everyone

First of all, thanks for all the help you have given me. I hope I can add
something that you, all of you, can use.

Information I have confirmed by talking to John & Tabitha "Ann" Poythress'
great grandaughter. She lives in Oxford, NC which is about 12 miles from
where I live in Henderson, NC. She was very helpful. She didn't know dates,
so I got them from other sources.

John Lewis Poythress, b. 29 Aug. 1829, d. 27 Feb. 1905, m. Tabitha Ann
Nunn, b. Oct. 1834. They were married 12 Dec. 1888 in Franklin County. Both
of them are buried at Epsom, NC in New Bethal Church Cemetery off Hwy #39
between Henderson & Louisburg. I understand there are no markers, just
rocks. Braxton Poythress, son of Phillip Bruce Poythress, brother of Joseph
Ashton Poythress, my husband's father married my sister Rachel. Whee!!! Did
you get all of that??
Anyway he has both of their obituaries. They do not give dates or parents.
Sad but true---- Their children 8 boys & 3 girls are as follows:
1) John William Poythress, b. 17 Dec. 1866, d.?, m. Eva A. Joyner, b.
Oct. 1834
in Franklin County, 25 Dec. 1888. I do not have the names of any
2) Joshua E. Poythress, b. 22 Feb. 1856, d.?, m. Betty Ann Wester, b.
in Franklin County, 25 Feb. 1888. Children later.
3) Joseph Sidney Poythress (my husband, Dale's grandfather), b.19
d. 8 Dec. 1911, m. Lucy Eva Malvina Stainback, b. 19 Sept. 1869, d.
8 Dec. 1911
They married 7 May 1890 in Franklin County. They are buried between
Henderson &
Epsom Epsom in the Stainback Family Cemetery. He has a marker but
she doesn't.
Their children later.
4) Fanny Courtney Poythress, b. 1864, m. Doc Gupton
5) Alice Oliver Poythress, b. 1875, m. Paul Guoton
6) Pattie G. Poythress, b. June 1881, m. Eugene Stainback
7) Anna Poythress, m. Richard Charles Bartholomew
8) Virginia Louise Poythress, m. Ambrose Cooper Gupton "Pompey"
9) Molly Poythress, m. George Carrol
10) Artellia "Tealy" Poythress, b. 1872, m. J.B. Poythress (Orange
her cousin. I don't know connection.
11) Mary G. Poythress, b. 1877 Don't know anything else.

Joseph Sidney Poythress & Lucy Stainback Poythress' children:
1) William Oliver Poythress "Willie" , b. 17 March 1892, m. Lessie
Maude Hoyle (1898)
a) John William Poythress "Buck", b.1915, d. 1985

b) Dora Virginia Poythress, b. 1821
c) George Madison Poythress, b. 1923
d) Vivian Hoyle Poythress, b. 1926
e) Bruce Allen Poythress, b. 1928
f) John Clinton Poythress, b. 1931, d.1989
2) Lewis Bunyon "Bunnie" Poythress, b. 27 Dec. 1894, d. 1976 m. Rosa
b. 15 Sept. 1917, d. 6 Feb. 1992 Buried Elmwood Cemetery by her
Lewis Bunyon Poythress, Jr. "L.B.", b. 2 Dec. 1917, d. 6 Feb. 1995
married). Two girls Mildred Thomas P. & Evelyn P. are still
living. Bunnie
married Ruby Field Callis, b. 1905, d. 1987 after seperation from
first wife.
They didn't have any children.
3) George Clinton Poythress, b. 24 May 1897, d. 1923, m. Lucy
Elizabeth, (1899-1962)
a) John Lewis Poythress, b, 14 Nov. 1917, d. 3 June 1942, War-
Air F.
b) Lucy Eva Poythress, b. 1919
c) Elizabeth Poythress, b. 1921
d) Clara Evelyn Poythress, b. 1922
e) George Clinton Poythress, b. 1924
4) Arthur Henry Poythress, b. 10 Dec.1898, d, 1947 m. Annie M.
Rogers, (1895-1931)
a) Arthur Henry Poythress, Jr. "Jimmy" (1920-1989)
b) Joseph Cecil Poythress (1922-1923)
c) Ralph Lee Poythress (1923-1991)
Married Louise Spencer Duke, b. 1899, d. 23 Feb. 1945
d) Ann Elizabeth Poythress, b. 1937
e) Arthur Thomas Poythress "Buster", b. 1940, d. 1986
5) Cyrus Thomas Poythress, b. 30 Aug. 1900, d. 1 Sept. 1936, m. Ola
b. 17 Sept. 1903, d. 20 Dec. 1986
a) Zera Poythress,(adopted), b, 7 March 1918, d. 21 March
b) Marian Thomas Poythress, b.1823, d. ? Wilmington, NC
c) Irene Poythress, b. 1925, d. ? Vance County
d) George Madison Poythress, (1927-living) Henderson
e) Alice Hyacinth Poythress, b.?. d. 25 Nov. 1928
f) William Young Poythress "Bill", b. 1930, living in Great
Falls, Montana
g) Edwin Braxton Poythress, b. 1931, living in Rocky Mount,
6) Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Poythress, b. 3 Dec. 1903, d. 1984, m. Marion
Oliver Parham
b.1898, d. 1968
a) Joseph Jackson Parham
b) Mildred Lucille Parham - living in Henderson
c) Marion Oliver "Mayland" Parham, Jr.
d) Thomas Edger Parham - living
7) Clyde Lee Poythress, b. 9 Aug. 1905, d. 19 Feb. 1951 m. Mamie
Newton (1906-1970)
No children.
8) Alma Poythress, b. 9 May 1909, d. 1992, m. Alpheus Warren Duke,
Jr. (1904-1982)
a) Maxwell Warren "Max" Duke (1932-1981)
9) Doris Dean Poythress, b. 15 June 1911, d. 22 Jan. 1912
10) Phillip Bruce Poythress, b. 1 April 1907, d, 1973, m. Magnolia
Gupton (1906-1982)
a) Clarence Wilber Poythress (1930-1969) Divorced - No
b) Morris Dean Poythress - died as baby
c) Elwood "Braxton" Poythress, b. 30 Dec. 1933 m. my sister
d) Maggie Ferebee Poythress, b. 1939 living
e) Anthony Thomas "Tony" Poythress, b. 1941 living
f) Joseph Sidney Poythress, b. ?, d. 4 Sept. 1932
11) Joseph Ashton Poythress, b. 21 Feb. 1902, d. 30 March 1974, m.
Verla Jacobs, b. 13 Dec1906
d. 8 Sept. 1985
a) Verla Lucille "Dixie" Poythress, 1925 living in Henderson

b) Joseph Carlton Poythress, 1926 living in Henderson
c) Edna Earl Poythress, 1929 living in Middleburg, NC
d) Elwood "Dale" Poythress, 22 Aug. 1930 my husband
e) Tiny Joyce Poythress, 1935 Her husband is the one
working in Saudi Arabia
f) Jerry Clinton Poythress, 1940 living near Middleburg, NC

Hope this will clear up a lot of things for all you Poythresses out there.
It has made one thing clear to me----the reason there is such a puzzle----
they used the same names over & over.

If there are all kinds of errors in my typing & spelling, first of all & am
no good at either & second it is 1:30 AM, so I am beat.

Sarah Poythress

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