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From: Charles Neal <>
Subject: John Lewis/Louis Poythress, buried in Vance Co, NC
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 00:08:26 -0400

Hi Kevin,

I am curious to find out if the handwritten chart that your family has
passed along is another copy of one I have seen before. The reason I want
to know is because the one I've seen (& I've described below) is the only
item that has shown a "John Lewis Poythress" as being related to my
great-great-grandparents, James Edward Poythress & Catherine Preston.

The 8 children of James E. Poythress (born 13 Aug 1803) & his wife
Catherine Preston who were listed in various Census records (which you can
see transcribed at our Poythress genealogy website) did not include a "John
Lewis Poythress." Our website is: ,
and the Census info can be seen by clicking on "Census Records" down on the
left side of the webpage.

These same 8 children were also listed in the old family Bible-style record
passed down in my branch of the Poythress family since it was copied with a
quill on the 9th of August 1938 by my Dad's cousin Ben Poythress, on the
day before Ben's 18th birthday. Ben copied it from an older, fragile family
record then held by his uncle, Nathan Hamet Poythress, who had gotten it
from his father, Algernon Edward Poythress (a son of James E. Poythress).
Copies of the old Poythress-Preston family Bible-style record that Ben
Poythress copied in 1938 can be seen in the Bible records at the Library of
Virginia's website, as Accession #34866.

The oldest son on the Census records (& on the old Poythress-Preston family
Bible-style record that Ben Poythress copied in 1938) is Joshua Lewis
Poythress, who was born 10 Nov 1828 per the family record. He is not
identical to your John Lewis/Louis Poythress. Joshua Lewis Poythress
married Elizabeth J. Crowder in the fall of 1852 before he & his parents &
younger siblings all moved to Sumter County, Alabama. Per the same family
record, Joshua Lewis Poythress & his wife Elizabeth had one son, William
Huel Poythress (named for Joshua's next-younger brother). Sadly Joshua
Lewis died 12 Jun 1854 & this son died a few weeks later, on 21 July 1854.

Kevin, if the handwritten chart that your family has passed along looks
different from the one I've described below, I sure would greatly
appreciate the opportunity to get a photocopy of the one your family has.
The one I have seen before that shows JLP as the son of James Edward
Poythress (JEP), who was married to Catherine Preston, is filed at home so
I'm not looking at it right now, but I've previously described it in my
genealogy database as follows:

- It has no title across the top of the sheet, and no indication of when
the chart was written out or who compiled it. Across the top of it is
printed by hand:
"Louis Poythress, Born 1775?"

- It lists only one purported line of descent from "Louis Poythress",
specifying descent from one grandson "John Lewis Poythress," [I understand
that he was said to have been born in Mecklenburg Co, VA on 29 Aug 1829, &
to have died 27 Feb 1905], who married Tabitha Ann Nunn (no date or place
given for their marriage).

- The sheet gives the name of their son "Joseph S. Poythress" (born 19 Sep
1869), who married "Lucy Stainback" (born 21 Sep 1873). The date and place
of their marriage is not given on the sheet.

- The sheet lists their 11 children, with only their names and birthdates
-- no places of birth & no other info about the 11 children.

- The printing by hand on the sheet is done in current-day-style of
hand-printing (By this I mean it is not in old script).

In my years of research, I learned back in June 1994 from Claude Raymond
Poythress of Zebulon, NC (near Henderson, NC) that he had obtained his
photocopy of this same handwritten sheet as a handout (giving no compiler's
name) on an unattended table at a Poythress Family Reunion held on a Sunday
afternoon in about Spring or Summer 1978 in a tobacco warehouse in
Henderson, NC.

Claude Raymond Poythress and his wife had just moved back to NC in April of
1978. He attempted, in vain, to determine who had made the sheet

He noted that this was the only handout available at the Reunion. In June
of 1994, he described that 1978 Reunion as being attended by 100 or more
people; as having no host, no registry, and no refreshments; and being
"nothing more involved than people displaying pictures of their families,

I'm glad to know you tracked down the grave of John Lewis/Louis Poythress
in Vance County, NC. I would appreciate knowing which cemetery?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this question re the handwritten
Barbara (BPN)
= = = = = = =

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 20:00:56 EDT
Subject: Re: Edward Poythress, Mecklenburg Co., Va.

Lyn and Others,

I am a twice great grandson of John Lewis Poythress (JLP). My family has
passed along a handwritten chart that shows JLP as the son of James Edward
Poythress (JEP), who was married to Catherine Preston. Is this Possibly the
Edward mentioned in this previous e-mail? They also show JEP as the son of
Lewis Poythress and his second wife, Rebecca Taylor.

Sarah, if you are still out there, I know that you were searching for proof
of JLP's father. Have you had any luck? Any ideas on any areas that you
haven't searched?

I recently found the grave marker for JLP in Vance County, and it spelled
his middle name as 'Louis'. It also looked like a new marker. Did someone
recently have this placed?

Any info on John Lewis Poythress would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin N. Poythress

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