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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: Re: [POYTHRESS] Poythress in Oxford
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 21:57:22 -0600
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Teresa, re your 1st question, "Any of you with kin in the Oxford
area...can any of you claim a man going by the name "babe" or "baby" in
the late 1800's early 1900's. He also would have been know to make
"moonshine" I believe he may have been Peter or Jack."

While I don't have any known kin in the Oxford area, your question rang
a distant bell. I found some of the same characters in this old message
that I found by searching our List archives. I'll copy it below, in case
any of Lyn's comments back in 1999 help now. I know that sometimes when
I take a 2nd look at something I saw years ago, I see more on the 2nd time.

Note: to anyone wanting to search our Poythress List archives by any
key-word, go to:
http://www.rootsweb.com and there, in the "Mailing List" section, click
on "Interactive Search" and there, type in "Poythress" Then you can
search on any key-word, such as "Jack" for any year, and get a list of
all the messages that included that word.

From the archives, searching on the word "moonshine" I found the below
message, from 4 Feb 1999. It is one that Lyn Poythress Baird posted,
quoting some of your message of 31 Jan 1999. Lyn's comments are inside
square brackets [like this] and he put your comments in quotes.
Cheers, Barbara
= = =

Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 09:42:59 -0600
From: <>
Subject: Re: Poythress tid-bits

Teresa and all, some comments on Teresa's message of 1/31:

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999 16:59:00 -0500 "Teresa Willis" <>
"I have talked to my uncle in Raleigh NC, and confirmed that Jack and
Peter were brothers. My uncle is Delzie Theodoric Poythress born 1933.
He said that Jack and Peter were both nick names for these two. And he
believes that at one time they lived in the Brunswick area, but when he
was little they had moved to Oxford NC this is in Granville Co near
Henderson. He was not sure what their given names were, so this may be
the Richard from your 1888 records. My uncle remembers them to live off
of 158, down a long dirt road back in the woods. They did a little
moonshine business together."
[This is an interesting story, but one I fail to connect with. Jack (
A. J.) the brother of James D. Poythress died in Brunswick County in
1936. You can read his will at Lawrenceville; the first Poythress will
recorded in the county since 1760, as I recall. Peter, born in 1865,
would have been quite old for your uncle to remember. However, it would
be worth investigation.]

"That's why I asked about the moonshine kettle story you had about a
Jack, but I assume that is about your Uncle Jack from Brodnax,( is that
Frank's brother?)"
[Frank had a son named Jack who resided in Brodnax all his life. But my
moonshine story is about Frank and Lynn, not about the son Jack. The
story goes that at one time Frank was a deputy sheriff. He learned
about a moonshining operation and asked his brother, Lynn (my
grandfather) to help him with the bust. Lynn agreed, feeling obligated
to help his brother. However, Lynn was also acquainted and sympathetic
with the moonshiners, so he also felt compelled to tip them off that
there would be a raid. So when Frank and Lynn appeared on the scene,
Frank was surprised and Lynn was not that the perpetrators had escaped.]

"Uncle Theodoric says he remembers that my Grand-father Delzie did
associate with some of them because he was a good old soul and liked
everybody for themselves. The one he visited the most was a Benjamin
Poythress(Bennie). My grand-mother always fussed at him for going to
see him, but grand-daddy said that Bennie was a good man and he liked him."
[Teresa, at the risk of being prosaic, could this have been Benjamin J.
Poythress (1914-1994), your grandfather's first cousin? My records
indicate he died in Gaston. I believe he went by Bennie. His father
was Benjamin (Buddy), his grandfather James David, his great-grandfather
Thomas M., his great-great-grandfather Lewis. If so, I do not see an
obvious family connection into the genuine Portugese community about
which Jean has educated us.]

Best regards,
Lyn Poythress Baird

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