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Subject: Re: Gen Sterling PRICE 1809 VA
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 20:30:35 -0500

JOHN PRICE 1 came to Virginia in the ship "Starr", which
sailed from England 27 Mar 1611, and landed off Point
Comfort, 22 May 1611. He was granted 150 acs in the Corp.
of Henrico, 20 Feb 1619/20. His 2nd wife, Ann, had come in
he Francis Bonaventure in Aug 1620 and they were living at
Neck of Land in Charles City 1623/24 and 24 Jan 624/25, when
he was listed as aged 40 and she as aged 21. John 1 Price
apeared as a witness before the General Court, 23 May 1625,
and was a member of the Assembly which convened 10 May 1625 and
drew up a protest to be sent to the King against any change in
government. He died in 1628 and his widow married (2) Robert
Hallom and (3) Daniel Llewellyn; Ann died before 1666.
Issue: Mary Price b abt 1623/24 Neck of Land, VA.
Matthew Price. Living in 1638, died w/o issue.


JOHN 2 PRICE (John 1), married a daughter of John Wall and had
Issue: Daniel 3 Price, born abt 1654


JOHN 3 PRICE (John 2; John 1); born about 1650/56, died June 1711.
Married Jane Pew/PUGH, daughter of Jane Milner and Henry Pew/Pugh,
(1634-1711, son of Henry and Jane Womack Pew/Pugh). John 3 and
Jane Pugh Price had at least five known children:
Issue: Mary. Notes indicate dob as bef 2 Feb 1690/1,
when her father gave her a mare. She married
before Dec 1710 John Cannon, who left Will
dated 5 Jun 1732;proved Feb 1734/5.

John 4 Price. Married Goochland VA to Hannah
Williamson, d/o Thomas, had son William to
whom he deeded land in Goochland 23 Sep 1749.
Recs indicate that John 4 Price was heir-at-law
of his brother, Daniel, and that he is the John 4
Price sued by PUGH PRICE, his brother AND OUR

Daniel Price. Not much on Daniel. Since John 4
was his "heir-at-law", one might assume he
never married and that he had no children of
his own. However, this recorder feels more
research is needed before a definite conclusion
is drawn; although it does seem that if Daniel
had a son John he would have been a John 5 Price.

PUGH PRICE. OUR ANCESTOR. Made suit against
John 4 Price, see above. Suit dismissed 4 Apr
1720, Henrico Co., Minute Book, p23.

Elizabeth Price. No information on Elizabeth.


PUGH 4 PRICE (John 3; John 2; John 1). Born abt 1700 Henrico VA;
died about 17 April, 1775 Prince Edward Co., VA. A suit of Pugh
PRICE against John 4 PRICE "heir-at-law" of Daniel Price was
dismissed 4 Apr 1720 (Henrico Co. Minute Book 1719-1724, p23). PUGH
deeded 120 acres on Four Mile Creek by his father on 1 Sep 1710,
lived in Henrico, Amelia and Prince Edward Counties. Left Will
20 Nov 1774-17 Apr 1775 (Pr Edward Co. Will Book 1, p173). He
married 1: Sarah Thornton, 2: Mical ______, 3: Jerusha Penick
Issue of PUGH 4 PRICE and #1, Sarah Thornton:
Sarah Price m. Milner Radford d bef 1789
William Price, b 1725
Mary Ann Price b Aug 1732
Jane Price m. Thomas Polling.

Issue of PUGH 4 PRICE and #2 Mical ___________.
Pugh Price II, b 3 Jun 1734
Daniel Price, b 9 Jan 1736
Michal Price b 17 Jun 1738
Phebe Price b 17 Jan 1742
John Price b 26 Aug 1746
Tabitha Price b 26 Feb 1751
Elizabeth additional data.

Issue of PUGH 4 PRICE and #3 JERUSHA PENICK (our ancestors):

Charles Price b 12 Nov 1756.
Frances Price b 26 Nov ?, m. George Pulliam
JUDITH PRICE b. 12 Feb 1758. Married George
FOSTER and they were MY ancestors.
Nane Price, b 26 Jan 1760 (wonder whether this
*might* be "Nanny", for "Nancy"??).
Martha (Patsy) Price 2 Jul 1761
John Price 10 July 1763
Daniel Price b 22 Feb 1766; dsp Pr Edw Co Va
1788. (dsp=died without issue)
Josiah Price b 2 Mar 1768
Williamson Price 4 Apr 1770
James Price 17 Mar 1772


4 January 1775 in Prince Edward County, VA. His father PUGH 4
PRICE died before his birth but he willed PUGH WILLIAMSON PRICE
the plantation whereon he lived, along with other land and
slaves. PUGH 5 married 1794 Elizabeth Williamson, d/o Robert
and Mary (Marshall) Williamson. Pugh and his family remained
in Prince Edward County VA until 1831; their six children were
born there He was a successful farmer as had been his father
and those before him. However he couldn't resist the fertile
unsettled lands to the west and in 1831 he sld his lands and
moved with his entire family westward through the Cumberland
Gap, crossed over the Mississippi and continued west into the
Missouri Valley near Fayette (Howard Co). He died in Missouri
in 1848.

Issue of PUGH 5 WILLIAMSON and Elizabeth (Marshall) PRICE:

Edwin Price b 1795
Pamela Williamson Price b 1800
Robert Pugh Price b 1803
John Randolph Price, b 1811


STERLING 6 PRICE (Pugh Williamson Price5; Pugh 4; John3; John2;
John1) was born 11 September 1809 in Prince Edward Co. VA. He
attended Hampden Sydney College 1826/27, a small Presby. School
near his home. He studied law under Creed Taylor, and served as
deputy court clerk in Pr Edward Co.

Although the Prices had been farmers for many generations, STERLING
PRICE (not content to be a farmer) worked in the tobacco commission
business at Fayette, then operated an inn at Salisbury, but by 1833
he operated a small mercantile business in Keytesville. He married
Martha Head, d/o John and Nancy (Burton) Head, in Randolph Co., MO.
14 May, 1833. They lived on a large farm 8 miles south of
Keytesville, where he engaged -- among other things -- in agricultural
pursuits until 1861.

STERLING PRICE was an outstanding statesman and soldier during his
lifetime. He was 31 years old when he tok his seat in the 11th
Gen'l Assembly of MO in 1840 and was unanimously elected Speaker of
the House; reelected to both positions in 1842.

General STERLING PRICE was commissioned in the Confederate Army as
Major General in March 1862. General Price's mst distinguished
characteristics were said to be sound, cautious judgment, and energy
in action. He was over six feet tall, described thusly: "His manners
extremely polished, gentle and dignified; but his heroic personal
curage and iron firmness were disclosed by his eyes and a massive
chin.....strongly temperate.....exempary in all his relations of
life....excellent judge of men......."

Issue of Sterling and Martha Head Price:

Edwin Waller Price, b 10 Jun 1835
Amanda Williamson Price, Aug 1837-Nov 1838
Celsus Price 1 Mar 1841-5 Sep 1909. Celsus married
2 Jan 1867 Celeste Price, d/o General Thomas
L. Price of Jefferson City, MO
Heber Price 31 Jan 1844-1 Jun 1868
Martha Sterling Price b 23 April 1846
Quintus Price 21 Sep 1851, d.unmarried ca 1943 in
St. Louis MO; he lived with bro. Celsus.
Athol Price, 5 Dec 1856-2 Nov 1860.

Ancestors and Descendants of John Price, Immigrant to Virginia,
1610-1611, may be ordered from the compiler:

Vina Chandler Price
P. O. Box 607
Hamilton,AL 35570

Hardbound, 545 pages, plus every name index and plus a slave
index. It names the descendants of John Price 1 through the
11th generation and also names ancestors of John Price 1, the 1610
immigrant. Price of this well-documented book, including P&H,

This information is meant only as a help to you; I hope I have
given you some clues with which to pursue your own research.

Please note that the only sister PUGH WILLIAMSON PRICE (Sterling's
father) had who bore the name "Mary" was his half sister by his
father's first wife Sarah (Thornton?). This Mary Ann was born
in August 1732. This Mary Price (Pugh4, John3, John 2, John1)
was born in August 1732 was listed as ANN PRICE in the Jerusha
Price Bible record but was found as MARY ANN PRICE in other
records. She married Jeremiah Penick (I have no idea what his
relationship..if any..he was to her stepmother, Jerusha). Mary
Ann and Jeremiah Penick were both deceased by 1789 when William
Price made a deposition in the Chancery Court Case [Chancery
Court, Pr., Edw., Co., Va., 1789-94]. Jeremiah and Mary Ann (Price)
Penick had issue:
John Penick

Vol 8, pp 237-45; vol.13, pp53-55; w(2)XXII, pp305-12;
Benjamin Luther Price, "John Price, the Emigrant, Jamestown
Colony 1620, With Some of His Descendants" (Alexandria, La,
1910), pp7-13; Adventures of Purse and Person Virginia
1607-1624/5, 3d Ed.,pp492-499; "Ancestors and Descendants of
John Price, Immigrant to Virginia, 1610-11", compiled by Vina
Chandler Price, CG.

Hopes this helps,

LaDoris Doughty Weber

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>I have recently found that my Mary PRICE c.1782 may have been the sister of
>Gen. Sterling PRICE's father. Sterling PRICE was born 1809-d.1867. He was
>born in Prince Edward County, VA, was governor of MO 1853-1857 and was a
>Confederate general.
>Does anyone know about his father or perhaps even have a Mary PRICE in their
>Thanks, Jean

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