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Subject: Price of Deerfield MA; Glastonbury CT; Sussex NJ Part 3
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26. Marie Elizabeth Fourneau b. 5 Nov 1706 m. 4 July 1725 at Terrebonne,
Quebec, Noel Migneron bpt 22 July 1705 St. Foy, Quebec son of Pierre
Migneron and Marie Anne Charron. Daughter Marie Ann was baptised on 1 June
1726 and again on 29 June 1726, Marie Elizabeth in the first record and
Louise in the second with the name Louise given in all other baptisms of
their children.

47. Marie Ann Migneron bpt 1 June 1726 Terrebonne, Quebec.
48. Jean Baptiste Migneron bpt 1 July 1728 Terrebonne.
49. Michel Migneron bpt 2 Apr 1730 Terrebonne.
50. Jean Noel Mignergon bpt 9 Aug 1731 L'Assomption, Quebec.
51. Antoine Migneron bpt 19 Feb 1734 L'Assomption.
52. Marie Joseph Migneron bpt 18 Oct 1735 Terrebonne.
53. Antoine Migneron bpt 21 Aug 1737 Terrebonne.
54. Marie Louise Migneron bpt 7 Sept 1739 Terrebonne.
55. Pierre Mignergon bpt 21 Aug 1741 Terrebonne.
56. Joseph Mignergon bpt 11 Mar 1745 Terrebonne.
57. Marie Louise Migneron bpt 29 Mar 1748 Terrebonne.
58. Charles Francois Migneron bpt 22 May 1749 Terrebonne.

27. Jeanne Fourneau bpt 6 Feb 1708 m. 1 Dec 1730 at Montreal, Pierre Paul
Bourgeat dit Provencal. Later, Jeanne known as Jane and Pierre as Peter.

59. Mary Angelica Bourgeat b. 1 Oct 1743 Montreal.
60. Peter Bourgeat b. 16 Mar 1746 Montreal.
61. Nicholas Bourgeat b. c. 1748.
62. Charles Bourgeat dit Proven b. c. 1750.

29. Marguerite Fourneau b. 18 Sept 1711 m. 14 Feb 1735 at Montreal, Pierre
Casse dit St. Aubin. Removed to Detroit, Michigan where Marguerite was
buried 12 July 1791.

63. Margaret Catherine Casse b. 15 June 1735 Montreal.
64. Louis Casse b. 6 July 1742 Montreal.
65. Peter Casse b. 9 Apr 1745 Montreal.
66. Louisa Margaret Casse b. 13 Aug 1747 Montreal.
67. Margaret Casse b. 1 Nov 1749 Montreal.
68. Mary Ann Casse b. 1751 Montreal.

30. Anne Fourneau b. 31 July 1713 m. 18 July 1733 at Montreal, Antonie Nus
dit Laventure b. c. 1704 St. Paul, France son of Andre Nus and Catherine

69. Marie Jeanne Nus b. 25 July 1733 Montreal.
70. Marie Marguerite Nus b. 11 Dec 1734 Montreal.
71. Marie Judith Nus b. 26 Aug 1736 Montreal.
72. Marie Judith Nus b. 1738 Montreal.
73. Pierre Laurent Nus b. 5 July 1750.

33. Samuel Price b. 19 June 1715 m. perhaps c. 1734 Lucy Blinn b. 6 Sept
1713 Wethersfield, Connecticut daughter of Jonathan Blinn and Hannah Clark.
Samuel m. 24 Jan 1771 (2)Esther Fox and 12 Aug 1781 (3)Mrs. Mary Wheeler.
Inventory of his estate dated 5 June 1788.

74. Rachel Price b. c. 1735/37 Glastonbury, Connecticut.
75. Hannah Price.
76. Jerusha Price.
77. Dorothy Price.
78. Samuel Price.
79. Mercy Price.

34. John Price b. 24 Oct 1716. Wife, Rachel d. before 12 Feb 1737
Glastonbury, Connecticut. John drowned 31 Mar 1737 Glastonbury. Inventory
of John's estate dated 25 Apr 1737. Administration granted 3 May 1737 to
Samuel Price and Jeduthan Smith, both of Glastonbury.

80. Eleazer Price b. 31 July 1736 Glastonbury, Connecticut. On 5 July
1737, Elizer Price, minor, one year old, son of John Price, court appointed
Samuel Price, grandfather, as guardian. Eleazer was living 4 Feb 1745 in
distribution of uncle Zachariah Price's estate.

35. Dorothy Price b. 31 May 1718 m. Jabez Coult.

37. Sarah Price b. 25 Sept 1722 m. William Hollister. She was living 4 Feb
1745/6 when her brother, Zachariah's estate was distributed. One would
assume she was deceased before 27 Oct 1748 when her half sister Sarah was
born, but this does not seem to be the case. The Diary of Joshua Hempstead,
1901, p. 598, states under date of 21 Nov 1752, regarding deaths of seamen
at New London from smallpox. "One man more buryed to day. Died out of a
vessel. Hollister ye Mate of Glassenbury, aged above 30 years. Jno Colefax
is his Uncle." Administration on the estate of William Hollister, a sea
captain, of Glastonbury, granted 26 Dec 1752 to Sarah Hollister of
Glastonbury with Samuel Price of Hartford as bondsman. Inventory dated
17/18 Jan 1753. On 28 Mar 1755 Samuel Price and Sarah Hollister of
Glastonbury and Ebenezer Price of Wethersfield conveyed part of two tracts
which "descends to us from our mother Dorothy Price, dec'd." Sarah
Hollister acknowledged 10 Mar 1761 and Sarah Hollister, Jr., witnessed. On
25 Mar 1760 Hezekiah Wright of Windsor deeded to "the heirs of William
Hollister, dec'd, of Glastonbury" about three acres. On 19 May 1772 George
Hollister of Blandford, Massachusetts; Giles Hollister, Sarah Hollister,
Sarah Hollister 2d, and Ezra and Hannah Covel, all of Glastonbury, sold to
John Gains of Glastonbury, 2 acres and 136 rods with the house where "said
Sarah and children" now dwell.

81. George Hollister.
82. Giles Hollister.
83. Sarah Hollister.
84. Hannah Hollister m. 12 Jan 1767 Ezra Covell of Glastonbury.
85. perhaps William Hollister who d. 15 Sept 1762 during French and Indian
War. On 1 May 1763 Joseph Smith, administrator, and Jonathan House, surety,
gave bond on the estate of William Hollister of Glastonbury.

38. Ebenezer Price b. 20 Apr 1726 m. at Wethersfield, Connecticut, Sarah
Ensign daughter of David Ensign and Sarah Moody. Sarah d. 21 Sept 1748
Hartford (vr). Ebenezer m. (2)Ann. Ebenezer d. 17 Apr 1791 67y Rocky Hill
(vr) and Ann d. 28 Aug 1789 66y (vr) Rocky Hill.

Child of Ebenezer and Sarah:
86. Ebenzer Price b. 13 Sept 1748 Hartford (vr).

Children of Ebenezer and Ann:
87. James Price b. 21 Nov 1750 Wethersfield (vr).
88. Jonathan Price b. 24 Dec 1752 bpt 21 Jan 1753 Wethersfield (vr).
89. Richard Price b. 4 Aug 1756 Wethersfield (vr).
90. Roger Price b. 6 Dec 1758 Wethersfield (vr), a prisoner in Jamaica,
West Indies, d. 8 Sept 1782 (church record) 1783 (Rocky Hill vr).
91. George Price b. 13 May 1762 Wethersfield (vr).
92. John Price b. 19 May 1768 bpt 10 Apr 1768 Rocky Hill (vr).

Benjamin Price who had daughters Eunice bpt 8 Apr 1781 and Jemima 20 Apr
1783 at Rocky Hill was perhaps a son of Ebenezer.

39. Robert Price b. 10 Feb 1730/31 removed to Frankford township, Sussex
County, New Jersey with his parents, m. Abigail Coult b. c. 1738 daughter
of Isaac Coult and Hannah Hill. Abigail d. 3 Dec 1773 35y (ts) buried
Frankford Plains Cemetery, Frankford township. Robert m. after her death
and referenced a wife in his Will, but unnamed. He appeared in the 1773
Newton tax rateables as Robard Prise with 140 acres, 22 horses and cattle.
He appeared in the 1774 Newton tax rateables with 140 acres, 22 horned
cattle. He was a member of the Sussex County Committee of Safety, Aug 1775.
Robert d. 15 Jan 1782 50y 11m 5d (ts) Frankford Plains Cemetery.

Will dated 29 Aug 1779 Newton. Wife to have 1/3 of moveable estate. Son,
Samuel land I bought of Job Curzad of 80 acres which joins line of Francis
Price. Sons, Robert, John, and Zachariah, remainder of lands when 21.
Daughters, Mary, Abigail, and Lucy, rest of moveable estate. Executors,
brothers Francis and Zachariah and eldest son, Samuel. Witnesses, Dougald
Smith, Christopher Case, Samuel Kennedy Jr. Inventory, 24 Jan 1782 by James
Stott, Christopher Case, James Morrow. Proved 28 Jan 1782 (Liber M:83).

Partition of estate recorded 23 Jan 1797, witnessed by John Gustin, James
Hamilton, and John DeWitt. Five sons were named: Robert Price, John Price,
Francis Price, Samuel Price, and Zachariah Price. Francis was not named in
the Will, either born after the date of the Will to the second wife,
omitted from the Will, or not abstracted from the Will. The original Will
should be consulted.

Samuel was cited as the eldest son in the Will and it is known from his
cemetery marker that he was born in 1756. This would make Abigail about
eighteen years of age at his birth and perhaps Samuel was also the eldest
child. This would indicate most of the other sons were under 21 as the
above Will states and it would be unlikely that Robert would have omitted a
minor child from his Will, so perhaps Francis was a child of his second

93. Samuel Price b. 1756.
94. Mary Price b. perhaps c. 1758/60.
95. Abigail Price b. c. 1762.
96. Robert Price Jr., b. c. 1764 d. 12 Aug 1793 30y (ts) Frankford Plains
Cemetery. Inventory of estate dated 14 Sept 1793 made by Francis Price and
John Gustin. On 17 Sept 1793 administration granted to Samuel Price and
Joseph Northrup. If he m. and had children they are unknown. The Mary Price
who m. 24 Dec 1793 (justice docket of Daniel Predmore Genealogical Magazine
of New Jersey 1931, p. 67) John Bell was perhaps his widow and not his
sister Mary (no. 67 above), since from the order of children in the Will of
Robert Sr., Mary (no. 67) was perhaps b. c. 1758/60 and would have been in
her thirties if she m. in 1793. In a deed (O-255) dated 4 Apr 1798 John
Price of Frankford township conveyed to Samuel Price of Frankford township
the "whole of the lands of Robert Price, Jr., owned at his decease below
the center of the great road through Pepocotting" and bounded by Samuel
Price and Robert Price. Most of the tract assigned to Robert Price, Jr., in
the division of his father's estate (Division A-24) was included in the
parcel sold by John Price to Jacob Cary on 1 June 1815 (M2-362). In that
deed John claims title as a result of conveyances to him from the heirs of
Robert Price, but it would appear, most of those deeds were never recorded.
97. John Price b. 25 May 1766.
98. Lucy Price.
99. Zachariah Price b. 1773.
100. Francis Price.

40. Elizabeth Price b. 18 Mar 1733 is believed to be the Lisabeth Prys
whose marriage appears in the Machackemeck Church Records in 1753, which
would place the arrival of the Price family in Sussex County at this date
or prior. "Jacobus (James) Devoor, widower of Evje Dingenman and Lisabeth
Prys, young woman, born in N. Engellant (New England) and both dwelling at
Palingskill (Paulinskill) were married 5 July 1753."

The Paulinskill River traverses through Frankford township in Sussex County
where the Price family resided.

Jacobus (James) Devoor and Evje (Eva) Dingenman had four children baptised
in the Walpack church records, Abram 12 July 1741, Adam 19 Oct 1743,
Andries 2 Feb 1746, and Hendrick 21 Aug 1748.

42. John Price b. 16 June 1739 m. Esther Smith b. 16 Jan 1746 daughter of
Hezekiah Smith and his wife Mary. Hezekiah Smith was residing in Sussex
County, New Jersey in 1753 when he joined the First Baptist Church of
Wantage and "Hezekiah Smith and wife" were baptised in the Walkill River.
Hezekiah was assessor for Sussex County, 4 Oct 1755; board of freeholders,
1769/73 for Newton and paid tax in 1774 on 75 acres and 22 horses and/or
cattle. Member of Sussex County grand jury. He often practiced medicine. On
24 Mar 1779, Hezekiah Smith of Newton, Sussex County, purchased 233 1/2
acres of land in Piscataway, New Jersey where he removed to and died 6 Oct
1801 88y (ts) First Baptist Church Cemetery, Piscataway.

In 1782 Hezekiah Smith prepared a Will in his own hand, apparently
unrecorded, which was found in 1949 by a descendant, Mrs. Margaret Stelle
Pool, in a hidden compartment of an old chest, believed to have been
Hezekiah's, which she inherited. Along with the Will was found a receipt
(in Hezekiah's handwriting) from Phebe Ogden, dated 9 Nov 1770, with an
acknowledgement 13 Nov by Robert Ogden in payment of Hezekiah's mortgage of
44 78/100 acres recorded in Newton in 1766. One provision of the unrecorded
Will reads "to my daughter Esther Price 1/6 part of my land, mortgages,
investments, and salt meadows while she continues to be the widow of John

John Price was thus deceased before 7 Jan 1782, the date of Hezekiah's
unrecorded Will. Esther d. 9 May 1799. One son named in later Will of
Hezekiah Smith, dated 22 June 1799, proved 7 Nov 1801.

101. Hezekiah Price b. 14 May/6 June 1761.

43. Francis Price b. 13 Sept 1741 m. Esther Dunn b. 19 Dec 1743 Enfield,
Connecticut daughter of William and Esther Dunn who settled in Sussex
County, New Jersey. Esther's family was involved in the Wyoming massacre in
Pennsylvania during the American Revolution and she had brothers who died
in the massacre. Francis acquired 48.87 acres (S6:118) in 1770 from the
Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey. He was taxed in Newton,
Sussex County in 1773 with 50 acres and 9 horses and/or cattle. In 1774,
same acreage and 11 cattle. Esther d. 12 July 1774 30y (ts) Frankford
Plains Cemetery. Francis served in the American Revolution in the capacity
of captain. After the war he was a justice of the peace and became a
prominent figure in the county when appointed County judge, 20 Nov 1789 and
26 Nov 1794. In 1790 he acquired 33.93 acres (S8:433) from the Proprietors
of the Eastern Division of New Jersey and in 1795 he acquired 19.87 acres
(S10:403) from the Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey.

Francis m. (2)Anna _________ . They were married before 28 Apr 1778 when
her name appears on a deed. Since Anna named slaves in her Will she is
perhaps the Anna Price who recorded the birth of a child to a slave owned
by her, which New Jersey law required, "Tamir, female child, b. 31 May 1807
to negro woman, slave, owned by Anna Price." Anna signed by mark.

Will of Francis Price of Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey,
late Justice of the Peace and Judge of the Court, dated 3 June 1802. Wife,
Anna, profits from homestead place during her life. Also, clock, yoke of
oxen, riding mare, two cows, chest and table she brought me, £200 and the
service of my colored boy, Ambrose Shureman, until he is 21, when he is to
be set free. To John Lesh, profit from 15 acres of meadow bought of John
Price, during his life. Grandchildren, Francis Gustin, son of John Gustin
and my daughter, Ester, dec'd; Francis Hamilton, son of James Hamilton and
my daughter, Sarah; Francis Stull, son of daughter, Elizabeth; Francis
Goble, son of daughter, Azubah; also to Francis Price, son of Zachariah
Price; Francis Southwort, son of William Southwort; and Francis Ackers, son
of Albert Ackers, each a quarto family bible at $3 a piece. Remainder of
estate to my daughters and grandchildren. Daughter, Sarah Hamilton, wife of
James Hamilton, 1/4 of real and personal estate; daughter, Elizabeth
Bowman, 3/4 of 1/4 part of real estate and 1/4 of personal estate; daughter
Azubah Goble, 1/4 part of real and personal estate; my three grandsons,
Francis Gustin, Thomas Gustin, and John Gustin, Jr., sons of daughter,
Esther, dec'd, had by John Gustin, 1/4 part of lands. To John Stull and
Abraham Stull, sons of daughter, Elizabeth, residue of lands to be divided
between them. One acre of ground to be laid off homestead as a burying
ground. Homestead after wife's decease and the 15 acres of meadow, after
decease of John Lesh, to be divided in 1/4 parts as above between my
daughters and grandchildren. Executors, friends, William A. Ryerson and
Peter DeWitt and brother, Zachariah Price. Witnesses, George Gustin, Esther
Stull, Isaac Price. Codicil named sister Jerusah DeWitt, wife of Isaac
DeWitt, income of house and garden where William Booth now lives; also
profits from 10 acres of land on south side of road leading from James
Hamilton's to Zachariah Price, during her life, then same to several heirs.
Witnesses, Ebenezer Jayne, William Chardavoyne, and Henry Price. Proved 28
Apr 1804.

Will of Anna Price, widow, dated 26 July 1821 Frankford township. Sister,
Cathrine Hermmer, $100. Cousin, Mary, wife of Ebenezer Janes, $100. Mary,
Elizabeth, and Sarah, daughters of cousin Mary, each $20. Catherine and
Anna, deceased daughters of cousin Mary, both died each leaving two
children, $10 each. John Lest, whom I raised and is now living with me, one
feather bed and bedding. Joanna Price, sister of Henry Price, eight day
clock. Stepdaughter, Azuba, wife of Nathan Goble, milch cow. Ambrose
Scurman, freeman of color who I raised from infancy and residing with me,
two horses, wagon harness, one cow, two calves, grain and potatoes. Sarah,
wife of Ambrose Scurman, butter. Residue to cousin Mary, wife of Ebenezer
Janes. Executors, Henry Price and William A. Ryerson. Witnesses, Nathan
Goble, William Cox, John Hoppough. Proved 20 Apr 1822.

Markers for Francis and Esther are in the Frankford Plains Cemetery.

InIn Memory of Ester
Memory ofWife of Frances Price
FRANCIS PRICE Esq.who Departed this
A Judge and Justicelife July 12th 1774
upward of 20 yearsAged 30 Years
a friend to the poor the
widows comfort. He depar-
ted this life the 8th day of
April 1804 aged 62 years
6 months & 26 days.
My time on earth is done you see,
For the Great Judge hath sent for me,
Whose call I'm ready to obey,
And launch into eternal day.

Estate of Francis Price (County Clerk CA 65)
Location: Frankford and Wantage townships
Sarah Hamilton - lot 1, adjoining John Price, Peter DeWitt et al, where
Jacob Compton now lives, 34 acres, deed from Martin Ryerson to Francis
Price, 1801; also land on south side of Sarah Road from Peppocolten Road,
conrer of lot sold by Francis Price to Henry Snook.
Azubah Goble - lot 2, all that farm where Gershom Bowman now lives in
Wantage township, 130 acres, deed from Joseph Gaston, 1790, agent of
forfeited estates.
Elizabeth Bowman and her sons by Stoll - lot 3, farm where John Boss now
lives in Frankford, known as Spandenberg Farm.
Esther, sons by John Gustin, Esq. - Lot 4, farm where Richard Dillison
lives in Frankford, deeded from Fred Spandenberg and Susannah his wife to
Francis Price, 1788 and from Martin Ryerson, 1793.

102. Sarah Price b. 18 Mar 1762.
103. Hannah Price b. 17 Sept 1763.
104. Elizabeth Price b. 17 Nov 1764.
105. Esther Price b. 10 Sept 1766.
106. Zachariah Price b. 3 Aug 1768.
107. Azubah Price b. 15 May 1770.
108. Francis Price b. 15 Apr 1772 d. 18 Dec 1785 13y (ts) Frankford Plains

44. Zachariah Price b. 22 Sept 1744 m. 20 Oct 1772 Mary DePuy b. 20 Oct
1754 daughter of Henry DePuy and Sarah Meddaugh. He acquired 48.87 acres
in 1770 (S6:118) from the Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New
Jersey. Taxed in Newton township, Sussex County, New Jersy in 1773 with 50
acres and 3 horses/cattle; 1774, 60 acres, 7 horses/cattle. Zachariah
served as a private in Captain Jacob Stoll's Company, Colonel Aaron
Hankinson's Second Regiment of Sussex County militia, state troops, 1780
(raised under Act of 7 June 1780 to serve until 1 Jan 1781) and Major
Westbrook. Resided Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey.

Will of Zachariah Price, Sr., farmer of Frankford township, Sussex County,
New Jersey, dated 8 Dec 1806. Wife, Mary, use of one room, kitchen, other
privileges of house, choice of furniture, riding mare, saddle, bridle, two
cows, $100 annually during life. Grandchildren, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah,
children of son, Samuel, dec'd, each $125 when 18. Daughter, Rachel,
interest of $500 to be placed in hands of son, Henry, during her life, as
said daughter through infirmity may not be able to care for herself. Son,
Henry, $375. Daughter, Mary, $125. Residue divided among sons, Henry,
Zachariah, Francis, and John, each two shares, and daughters, Sarah, Mary,
Elizabeth, Jerusha, and Joanna, each one share. The share of such children
as may be minors to be put out at interest until said children are of age.
Executors, sons, Henry and Zachariah Price, Martin Ryerson, William A.
Ryerson. Witnesses, Sarah Hamilton, Jacob Compton, Fanna Compton. Proved 12
Jan 1807. Inventory dated 12 Jan 1807, $4,967.89.

Estate of Zachariah Price (Sussex County Clerk CA 117)
Location: Frankford township
Heirs: Zachariah Price (Pochuck farm on Wawayanda Creek, Vernon township),
Francis Price (mill lot), John Price (part of Pochuck farm), Henry, Sarah,
Elizabeth, Joanna, Mary, Jerusha.
Dated: 8 Dec 1806.
Remarks: Land conveyed to Zachariah Price in many transactions, the
earliest was returned to Oliver Delancey and Henry Cuyler, 1759, Perth
Amboy (S:181), south side of Papacotting (Papakating), Henry's share.

Inventory of Mary Price, dec'd, of Frankford township, dated 27 May 1824,
$100 to be paid annually from 1 Jan 1807 to 22 Aug 1822, the time of her

Zachariah, Mary, and two children are buried in a family burial plot in
Frankford township. No other known persons buried there.

Our blessed FatherIn Memory of
Zachariah PriceMary
born Sept 22, 1743wife of
died Dec 9, 1806Zachariah Price
born Oct 20, 1754
died Aug 20, 1822
Her children arise up and call her

In Memory of In Memory of
John PriceRachel Price
born Feb 11, 1793born Oct 7, 1796
died June 30, 1822died Oct 20, 1824

Zachariah's date of birth of 1744 is taken from a family bible record of
his parent's. His older brother Zachariah died 31 May 1744 and it would be
more likely that the second Zachariah was born 22 Sept 1744 and that his
marker is incorrectly inscribed with 1743 as a date of birth. Below are
dates of birth for the children of Zachariah and Mary Price, evidently
taken from a family bible or similar record and printed in Genealogical and
Memorial History of the State of New Jersey. These dates do not agree with
some other records, including the cemetery markers above, but they are here

109. Samuel Price b. 1 July 1773.
110. Henry Price b. 20 Mar 1775.
111. Sarah Price b. 15 Feb 1777.
112. Mary Price b. 4 Dec 1779 (27 Dec 1779 in Hill bible record).
113. Zachariah Price b. 1 Jan 1781.
114. Elizabeth Price b. 26 July 1783.
115. Jerusha Price b. 26 July 1785.
116. Francis Price b. 18 Aug 1787.
117. Rachel Price b. 26 Aug 1789.
118. Joanna Price b. 10 Sept 1791.
119. John Price b. 10 Feb 1794 d. 30 June 1822 (ts) buried family burying
ground. Will dated 23 June 1822 Frankford township. Elizabeth Lanterman,
Sarah Lanterman, and Mary Goble, heirs of dec'd brother, Samuel Price, each
$100. John P. Coult, namesake, $500 when 21. Brother, Zachariah, money he
owes me and $200 more. Sister, Sarah Price, $600. Remainder of real and
personal property divided among brothers, Henry and Francis Price and
sisters, Sarah Price, Mary Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Jerusha Coult, and Joanna
Price, her share to others if dec'd with no heir. Sister, Rachel, $5.
Mother, $400. Executors, brother, Henry and nephew, Samuel Price. Proved 9
Aug 1822.
120. Robert Price b. 7 Oct 1796 d. 1 July 1798.

46. Jerusha Price b. 25 May 1751 m. Isaac DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1741. Isaac
was taxed in Newton township (that portion that is now Frankford), Sussex
County in 1773 with 10 acres, 4 horses/cattle; 1774, 21 acres and 4
horses/cattle. He is perhaps the Isaac DeWitt, Sr., in the 1793 Sussex
County light horse militia, third company. The name of Jerushey DeWitt
appears on the 1797 membership list of the First Baptist Church of Wantage.
Will of Isaac dated 28 July 1811 Frankford township named wife "Gerusha"
to have 1/3 of moveable and real estate and house we now live in. Residue
of estate divided among children, John, Isaac, Ann, Caty, Elizabeth, heirs
of Gerusha, Jemiah, Sarah, Lucy, and Subah. Daughter, Mary, now Janes, $1.
Inventory dated 25 Jan 1813 and Will proved 9 Feb 1813. Jerusha signed by
mark. Perhaps buried in Frankford Plains Cemetery, no marker. At his death,
Isaac left about 175 acres of land, which was all sold by his estate
(L2:108, N2:140, S2:356). Jerusha removed with some of her children to Knox
County, Ohio, perhaps c. 1818.

Jerusha purchased property 29 Apr 1820 (D:595-6) in Knox County, Ohio from
John P. Lindley and his wife, Susannah, being in Section 2, Township 7,
Range 14. Jerusha DeWitt of Chester township deeded (O:60) 32 acres of this
purchase on 13 Dec 1828 to Benjamin Pitman for $1 for "love and affection
which I bear towards my daughter Jemima wife of the said Benjamin Pitman of
Franklin township, in said County of Knox," containing 32 acres and 132
perches known as lot no. 3. On this same date Jerusha deeded (H:138-9) to
"my daughter Susannah Dalrymple" of Marion County for $1 the southeast
corner of her 1820 purchase, containing 32 acres and 137 perches known as
lot 4. Also, on this same date, Jerusha deeded (M:324-5) the northeast
corner of her 1820 purchase to Charles Mann for $1 for "love and affection
which I bear towards my daughter Asuba Mann wife of the said Charles Mann
of Marion County" containing 32 acres and 137 perches known as lot 1.
Jerusha signed by mark on all land transfers. After selling these three
parcels there remained 32 acres and 137 perches in the northwest corner of
her 1820 purchase, which she sold (O:61) 23 Aug 1831 while a resident of
Knox County to Benjamin Pitman for $120.00 and known as lot 2 (present
Wayne township) in Section 2, Township 7, Range 14. Jerusha is not
enumerated with any of her known children (John DeWitt, Azuba Mann,
Elizabeth Hazen, Susannah Dalrymple, Isaac DeWitt, or Catherine Struble)
living in Ohio in 1830. Perhaps living with Jemima Pittman or another
daughter whose residence has not been located in 1830. Jerusha was living
23 Aug 1831 when she deeded the last of her land, but at what date she died
we are uninformed.

Microfilm 0373543 - Deeds for Marion County, Ohio - page 333 - Joshua
(perhaps Jerusha) Dewitt deeded land to Susannah Dalrymple dated 19 Sept

121. Mary DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1767.
122. Ann DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1769/71.
123. Catherine DeWitt b. 1 Aug 1773 (bible).
124. Elizabeth DeWitt b. 18 Mar 1775.
125. Jerusha DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1777.
126. Jemima DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1779.
127. John DeWitt b. 8 Feb 1782 (bible).
128. Sarah DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1784.
129. Lucy DeWitt b. 2 Apr 1786.
130. Susannah DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1788.
131. Azuba DeWitt b. perhaps c. 1792.
132. Isaac DeWitt b. 9 Mar 1794.

Further information on descendants.

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