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Subject: [PRICE] Thomas Price 1730-1792 Son of Rice
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Hi All,

I don't remember if I have sent this information to this list. I have bracketed my comments. And, yes Cathy Harmon, some children migrated south and west. Lucille Payne is a Price historian and has compiled a book spanning a century with information of the Prices in the Piedmont of NC/VA. Specifically, Pittsylvania and Henry Counties in VA and Rockingham Co in NC. I believe more information is posted on the Pittsylvania County website.


Thomas Price was born in the 1730's, probably in Virginia. He died on the 10th
April, 1792, in Pittsylvania County, Va., leaving a will recorded in Death and
Will Book 9, Page 258, dated 3 Mar. 1792.

The first land recorded for Thomas Price in Pittsylvania County was dated 25
April, 1779, when he purchased 400 acres of land from John Walter. At the time,
Thomas was of Charlotte County, Va. he probably moved soon thereafter to
Pittsylvania County. In 1786 he purchased an additional 410 acre tract from
Jesse Roberson, and in 1797, a 150 acre tract from James, Alexander, Elizabeth,
and William Sneed of the same county.

Thomas Price was living in Pittsylvania County during the American Revolution
and provided supplies for the Continental troops. This information can be found
in a book entitled "Pittsylvania County, Va. Claims for Supplies, Revolutionary
War Soldier 1782."

We are fortunate that a family record for this family has survived that lists
the birth dates of all of his 19 children and the death dates for Thomas and his
first wife. He was married first on September 25, 1752, to Sarah Baldwin. She
died on the 30th of July, 1777. By his first wife he had ten children. He had
married a second time by 1779 when his next child was born. We only know that
his second wife was named Mary (Polly)[SEVERAL RESEARCHERS BELIEVE HER SURNAME WAS WALLER}, as recorded in his will. By this marriage, he fathered nine children. Notice, Thomas had two children named Thomas, one by each wife. Of the 19 children, three are known to have come to Rockingham County, N.C.:Thomas Price, Jr. (born 1765), Reece Price, and Elizabeth Price, wife of Frances Grogan, Thomas Price and Sarah Baldwin had the following children:

1. Easter,[ALSO REFERRED TO AS ESTHER IN OTHER SOURCES} born 3 Nov., 1753, married first a Robinson, and second a Stow.
2. Reece, {LINE OF SUSAN PRICE-PARRIS} born 25 Nov. 1755. See a related article on his family.
3. Martha, born 14 Apr., 1758, married first a Crain, and second a Dolan.
4. Sarah, born 7 Apr., 1760.
5. John, born 9 June, 1762, deceased by Oct. 1842 in Henry Co., Va. He was
married first to Lucy (last name unknown), second to Lucy Pratt on 9 May, 1825, and
6. Thomas, Jr., born 12 Mar., 1765. See related article on his family. {WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS ARTICLE IF ANY ONE HAS IT}
7. David, born 28 Sept., 1768.
8. Isaac, born 22 Jan., 1771.
9. William Baldwin, born 29 Apr., 1773.
10. Elizabeth Baker, born 22 June, 1775, deceased by 1844 in Rockingham County.
She married Francis Grogan (born 1760-1770).

Children of Thomas Price and his second
11. Fontain, born 7 Jan., 1779, married to Judith Hubbard in Pittsylvania
12. Phillip B., born 29 June, 1780, deceased by Sept. 1841 in Pittsylvania
County. He married Mary (last name unknown) and/or Rachael Crain.
13. Dicey, born 15 Mar., 1782, married Stephen Myers.
14. Abel, born 15 Oct., 1784, married firstin 1810 to Sarah Hubbard or Hutchins,
and second to Polly Morris in 1815.
15. Booker, born 30 Nov., 1785, deceased by 16 Apr., 1838, married in 1814 to
Pllly Barker.
16. Radley, born 2 Apr., 1787.
17. Stephen, born 26 Sep., 1788, died 27 Sep., 1877, married Rebecca Parrish.
18. Nathaniel, born 5 Sep., 1790, died 26 Oct., 1856, married in 1817 to Martha
(Fatsy) Thacker or Thatcher.
19. Thomas, Jr., born 20 Apr., 1792.

Sources: Newspaper The Messenger, Feb. 4,
1981, article by Hassel Gann and Linda Vernon.
-- Jon Eric Thomas


Reece Price, son of Thomas Price and Sarah Baldwin, was born on the 25 Nov.,
1755, probably in Charlotte County, Virginia. There is some evidence that his parents
were living there at that time. By 1785, Reece had already moved to Rockingham
County, N.C., where he purchased a tract of land from Peter Perkins, which
adjoined John Leak and the Farley lands. The next year he purchased another
tract of land on Matrimony Creek and was at that time a resident of Surry
County, N.C. We do not know how long he resided in Surry County, but he was back in
Rockingham County by 1793, when he acquired land on the middle fork of Buffalo Island Creek.
Reece Price was married at least twice. The name of his first wife is unknown {HER NAME WAS LUCY YEOMAN DAUGHTER OF DREWRY YEOMAN AND THEY MAY HAVE HAD AT LEAST THREE CHILDREN TOGETHER. INFORMATION IS FROM THE WILL OF DREWRY YEOMAN}, but we know from existing records that his second wifes name was Nancy Parrish. A will for Reece Price is recorded in Rockingham County in Will Book B, page 92, dated 9 Apr., 1812. {WOULD LOVE TO SEE A COPY OF THIS WILL} However, it appears that he did not die until 1830, the year his will was probated. This would also explain why some of his youngest children were not named in the will. It has been written that there was only one child from the first marriage, and that it was Drury. The children of Reece Price:
1. Drury,(1782-1856). (see related article on his family.) {IF ANYONE HAS THIS ARTICLE, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT}
2. Samuel ;
3. Elizabeth married Bartholomew Grogan, Jr.
4. Sally, married George Purcell;
5. Polly, married James Roberts, Jr.;
6. William L., married Elizabeth Wool;
7. John Parrish, born 1792, married Fannie Alexander and was living in
Greenville Co., South Carolina by 1833;
8. Gorden or Goodwin;
9. Anna, married Joseph Odle;
10. Harden, born 1799, married Elizabeth Alexander and was living in Greenville
Co., S.C., by 1833;
11. Reece;
12. Jeremiah, married Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Adam Thomas and Martha J.
Chandler, and granddaughter of Michael and Barbara Thomas. Their children: Sarah
married P. Martin Carter; Harden married Sally Joyce; Minerva A. married Henry Roberts; Marian married James H. Floyd, Elizabeth B. married Gustavas Smith; Frances married William Roberts; Joseph H. married Elizabeth Price; Kena Roberts, and Betty Price; John A. married Elizabeth Hampton; and Nancy J. married Benjamin Jones;
13. Lucy, married Pleasant Norman.
14. Thomas D., married Mary Hopper. Their children: Alien, Elizabeth, John, Martha,
Pleasant, Anna, and J. Whitt married Sarah D. Snead.
15. Quinton, married Mathilda Thomas. Their children: Lucy Jane married
Greenville Craddock; Irene married a Stone; John R. married Elizabeth Kallam;
Thomas D., Quinton, Robert L., Harden; Minnie married George Kallam; Annie married Thomas H. Price; Elizabeth married a Wallace; and Beatrice married John Chandler.
16. Granville, married Elizabeth Thomas:
17. Judy and
18. Isaac

Sources: Newspaper, The Messenger, 18 Feb. 1981, article by Hassel Gann and
Linda Vernon: and personal Knowledge.
--Jon Eric Thomas

If folks have more questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

vr/sue price parris

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> Booker Price but he is the son of Thomas Price, 1730-1792

That was a great post Sue! Do you by any chance have any further info on
some of the sons, like Nathaniel Price b. Sept 5, 1790? Do you know if any of
them migrated down to NC & SC?

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