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Subject: Re: [PRINCE-L] William Prince father of Dulla Berry Prince
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 01:34:42 EDT

Hello Sammie:
I strongly urge you to obtain a copy of the book "Long, Long Ago, 1776-1996,
Book II" by Harriett Farris Boozer of Sandy Springs, Georgia. She had done
extensive research on your Prince and Berry families. I obtained excerpts
from this book by writing the Greenville, SC County Library. I have checked
Ms. Boozer's references to court records pertaining to the Prince and Berry
families and found them to be accurate. Her research shows that John Prince,
Esq., father of your Capt. William Prince, first married Sarah Berry Kerr
(1718-1748). She was the widow of Peter Kerr. She had no children by Kerr,
but had six children by John Prince, Esq. After Sarah's death in 1748, John
Prince married Mary Berry, a cousin to his first wife Sarah. They had six
children. The six children by Sarah Berry were Francis, John, Sarah, Mary,
Thomasine, and Henry. The six children by Mary Berry were William,
Catherine, Margaret, Thomas, Robert and Martha "Patty."

Ms. Boozer offers convincing evidence that John Prince, Esq. (1718-1782) was
the natural son of the Rev. John Prince (c.1690-1726), native of England,
graduate of Oxford University, and a Seminary in London, came to America in
1717, served as minister of the Hanover Parish in King George Co., VA. He
soon met Margaret Prou Rymer, the widow of Mark Rymer. She was the daughter
of Cyprian Pou and his wife Margaret Vensanden, both French Huguenots. Rev.
John Prince and Margaret Prou Rymer had two children: John Prince (1718-1782)
and Thomasine (1721-?).

Rev. John Prince died in 1726. His Will mentions his two children, John and
Thomasine, by Margaret Rymer and he provides handsomely for them. He had
property in Virginia and England. When he attended the Seminary in London,
his bond was signed by Francis Prince (Seal of Arms) and John Prince (Seal of
Arms). The Seal of Arms indicate John's family was armigerous. The
relationship of Francis Prince to Rev. John Prince has not been established,
but the most reasonable assumption is that Francis was his father. Perhaps
it wasn't coincidental that John Prince, Esq. named his eldest son Francis
Prince. Another interesting part of Rev. John Prince's Will is his bequest
of a Negro named "London" to "John Prince, son of Margaret Rimer." Fifty six
years later, in 1782, when John Prince, Esq. made his Will, he bequeathed to
his wife Mary a Negro named "London." Could this be the same Negro "London"
given him by his father's Will in 1726? Its significant that John Prince,
Esq. had a sister named Thomasine and that John named a daughter Thomasine.
John Prince and his eldest son Francis Prince appear in several court records
of Frederick Co., VA. In 1755 John Prince, Esq. operated a boarding school
in Frederick Co., VA. John Prince was still residing in Frederick Co., VA as
late as June 1763. His son Francis Prince was sued by a merchant in June
1765, but the suit was dismissed "the defendant being no inhabitant of this
county." Since Francis Prince served on a jury in Frederick Co., VA in June
1763 and was no longer and inhabitant of the county in June 1765, we can
establish that Francis (and probably his father John Prince) left for the
Carolinas sometime between 1763 and 1765.

Again, I encourage you to obtain a copy of Harriett Boozer's book. It
contains an extensive write-up on the Berry and Prince families. I hope this
information helps you in your research. Regards, Ron Prince

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