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Subject: Pritchett/Inge of VA, 1750
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:42:40 -0600

Since you mentioned Eliza M. Inge, and the Pritchetts and Inges
intermarried, I'm going to do something different and put what I was
given on the Inges. I'm descended from Eliza's sister, who married
Major John James Pritchett, brother of Joshua.

James Inge was born Abt. 1750.

Children of James Inge are:
+ 2 i. George Jennings Inge.
3 ii. Sally Burras Inge.
+ 4 iii. Chesley Lambert Inge, born September 05, 1796 in Charlotte Co.,
VA; died October 19, 1870 in Neosho Falls, Kansas.
5 iv. Susannah Inge.
6 v. Amey Overley Inge.
7 vi. William Inge.
8 vii. James Inge.
9 viii. Elizabeth Inge.
10 ix. Mary R. Inge.
11 x. Vincent Inge.
+ 12 xi. John Inge.
13 xii. Elijah Smith Inge.
14 xiii. Samuel Crawley Inge.
15 xiv. Nancy Burwell Inge.
12. John Inge (James1). He married (1) Frances Dance, daughter of
Matthew Dance and Sarah Hill. He married (2) Nancy.

Children of John Inge and Frances Dance are:
35 i. Sarah "Sallie" Hill Inge, born March 22, 1795 in Pittsylvania
Co., Virginia; died October 25, 1881 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. She
married John "Major Jack" James Pritchett October 20, 1813.
36 ii. Elizabeth "Eliza" M. Inge, born 1798; died May 11, 1876. She
married Joshua D. Pritchett November 8, 1817.
37 iii. Rebecca M. Inge.
38 iv. John M. Inge.
39 v. Edward H. Inge.

Sarah "Sallie" Hill Inge (JohnA, JamesB) was born March 22, 1795 in
Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, and died October 25, 1881 in Pittsylvania
Co., Virginia. She married John "Major Jack" James Pritchett October
20, 1813, son of Joshua Pritchett and Elizabeth Cousins.

Children of Sarah Inge and John James Pritchett are:
2 i. Frances E. C.2 Pritchett, born June 13, 1815; died March 24,
1851. She married William H. Payne.
3 ii. Lucy A. Pritchett. She married William H. Payne August 1852.
4 iii. Albert Gallatin Pritchett, born January 17, 1819 in Pittsylvania
Co., Virginia; died May 06, 1900 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. He
married Lucy Lawson Carter December 12, 1843.
5 iv. Edward Hill Pritchett, born Abt. 1821. He married Bettie M.
Swanson February 03, 1869 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.
6 v. Narcissa Ann Pritchett, died August 08, 1854 in Pittsylvania Co.,
7 vi. John James Pritchett, Jr., born November 01, 1824 in Pittsylvania
Co., Virginia; died February 26, 1908 in Fannin Co., Texas. He married
Anna Carol Martin December 17, 1856 in Halifax Co., Virginia.
8 vii. Sarah B. Pritchett.
9 viii. Susan D. Pritchett, born March 23, 1828; died March 12, 1865.
She married John A. Hunter.
10 ix. Claudius Augustus Pritchett, born Abt. 1831. He married Pattie
M. Beavers May 26, 1869 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.
11 x. Catherine Rebecca Pritchett. She married John Muse Swanson.
12 xi. Peter Pritchett.

Following my line, John James Pritchett, Jr., his beloved Anna Carol
having died in 1869, left his children with relatives in Pittsylvania
about 1878 and moved to Forsyth Co. GA for a number of years. He arrived
in Fannin Co., TX by 1888 with his children (as near as I can
determine), joining the other Pritchetts in the area. Would welcome any
information or corrections.
Linda James Ali

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