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Subject: [PRUSSIA-ROOTS-L] Re: Asch-bei-Hof Answer
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:03:30 EST

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> Hi Patty,
> I just got it: Asch (pronounced: Ah-sh) bei Hof is the town As (pronounced:
> Ah-sh, too; the "s" of As has an accent on it's top which looks like a
> "v", this Slavic character is pronounced "sh") in the northwesternmost
> corner of
> the today's Czech Republic. Asch is situated 20 miles southeast of Hof,
> Bavaria,
> very close to the German border, at which nearest part is situated the
> famous town of Selb where since centuries they produce finest porcellain.
> Remark: as the map shows, this area NEVER belonged to Prussia nor to
> either (it was Bohemian territory since centuries), whereas Hof belonged to
> the
> Fuerstentum Bayreuth (Principality of Bayreuth) which at several times
> (1420-1440, 1470-1486, 1791-1806) was a Prussian territory (the Bayreuth
> princes
> were relatives of the Brandenburg House of Hohenzollern) within the German
> Empire.
> Glad I could help you again!
> Jurgen

Jurgen -

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have solved my mystery and I am now
hopeful of finding parents and siblings now that I at least have a starting
place. It sure would have been nice if when they asked the question of place
of birth on the census reports, if they had been more specific than "Prussia"
or "Germany". I guess back then they didn't know how many problems they would
cause their descendants when we tried to find out more about them!

This is more of a historical/background question, rather than straight
genealogy: Jurgen, or anyone else, do you know: if her husband, Julius
Valentine PAUBEL, was from Suhl, in Thüringen (he was born in 1838 and she in
1850), would they have spoken in the same dialect of the German language. I
am wondering how all of these people ever understood each other if they all
came from so many different parts of Germany with different words having
different meanings. Or would it have been more like in the U.S. where people
from Minnesota would have a different accent than people from Texas?

And, again, Jurgen, I cannot thank you enough for solving my mystery!


Patty Frazer

St. Louis, MO, USA

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