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From: "H. Cervar" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 05:19:59 +0000

Hello Thomas,

Check out Uwe Krickhahn's database at You'll find
the following info on SCHLAUPHOF:

German Name Schlauphof
Today's Name Slup
Kreis/County Liegnitz
German Province Schlesien
Today's Province Legnickie
Location East 1605'
North 5106'

Location Description This village/town is located 0.9km and 164 degrees from
Weinberg, which is known today as Winnica
Lutheran Parish Seichau 1913
Catholic Parish Schlaup 1913
Remarks Standesamt: Schlauphof 1913 Also a Gut shown.

Hope this helps you. Good luck,

Heike Cervar
(bitt' schoen)
Searching for the surname WEESE in SILESIA / SCHLESIEN

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Subject : [PRUSSIA] Liegnitz (Legnica) - Silesia
Date : Sun, 19 Aug 2001 19:38:39 EDT

Hello List Members:

Possibly, someone on the list, who is much more familiar with Silesia, could
tell me, is there a village near Liegnitz (Legnica) by the name of
Schlauphof? This possible place was mentioned as part of an old family
(METHNER) document.

Any help and direction is appreciated.


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