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From: "Ann Belmont" <>
Subject: Re: [PULLEN] Pullen/Pullin Family in Bristol England
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 08:05:08 +1030
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Hi Rosemary,

Do you think you are possibly related to the Pullens of Marshfield,
Gloucestershire? All of the names seem to be quite similar, espcially
William, Ann, Sarah, Thomas and Robert. If you think so, I can give you
quite a bit of information about that family.

Ann Belmont
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(Ireland and Tasmania); Hollow (Cornwall); Olsen (Norway) AKA Hall (South

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From: Rosemary Cave [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, 24 January 2009 12:18 AM
Subject: [PULLEN] Pullen/Pullin Family in Bristol England

Hello everyone

I have just joined this list as my Pullen/in family in BRISTOL goes back to,
AARON PULLEN/IN Vintner who married MARY COMBS at St Nicholas Church,
Bristol in 1759 on the 16th of September.

They had several children:/
THOMAS SEYMOUR PULLIN bap 6 Dec 1761 St James
JENNY JONES PULLIN bap 8 Jan aged 5.5 in 1766 at St Philip and St Jacob
ANN PULLIN bap 8 Jan 1766 Pip n Jay/EN
WILLIAM PULLIN bapt 27 March 1767 St George
SARAH PERKS PULLIN bapt 2 Oct 1774 St James
AND ROBERT PULLIN mt 3 x Gt Grandfather who started off life as a Rope
Maker and then becme a Pork Butcher
baptised on 10 Feb 1771 at St George

ROBERT married Mary nee Higgins c 1796 and she left a very detailed will on
her death in 1832. Richard died first.

They also had several children
James bapt 14 Jan 1798 P n J
Robt bapt 1 June 1800 P n J aged 4 mths
Eliza - cannot locat baptism but mention in Will
Aaron bapt 9 Aug 1801 P n J
John bapt 8 May 1803 St James might have later been a Pork Butcher in
Mary bapt 26 Jan 1806 St James
Thomas bapt 10 Jan 1808 St James
Mary Ann bapt 11 Oct 1812 St James
RICHARD HIGGINS PULLIN my 2 x Gt Grandfather Pork Butcher who married
Esther/Hester James on 1 Sept 1816 at St Stephen

Again many children -
Richard b c1818 infant death
George b 1822
Eliza b c 1824
Richard b c 1825
Joseph b c1828
Mary Ann bc 1831
Charlotte Annie b c 1840
FREDERICK CHARLES PULLIN my Gt Grandfather born 10 May 1835 died 24 June
1914 Bristol Pork Butcher of Broadmead married ELIZABETH BOND 10 known
children 2 infant deaths and 1 young adult death

I would love to link up with anybody researaching both my direct line and
direct line siblings of each generation.

Aaron is as far as I have got so if you can help or are related to his wife,
Mary Combs, please get in touch ditto for Mary Ann Higgins.

I do hope someone out there can link in with these Bristol Pullin/en family
members. Wth many thanks,
Rosemary Cave

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