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From: DRDowell <>
Subject: Re: [PYLE-L] PYLE, Robert 1660 Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire, ENG
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 00:51:46 EST


Here are a couple of generations. I descended through Robert, John & Jacob
who married Jane SHARPLES.

Dave in Morro Bay, CA

1. Robert PYLE was born on Dec 29 1660 in Horton, Parish of Bishops Cannings,
Wiltshire, England. He immigrated on Aug 1 1683 to , Chester, PA.1 Robert,
Ann and daughter arrived on "The Bristol Comfort." He died on Jan 17 1730 in
Bethel Twp., Chester, PA.
He was married to Ann STOVEY (daughter of William STOVEY and Sarah) on Nov 16
1681 in Bishop's Canning, Wilts, England. Ann STOVEY was born in 1665 in
Hilperton, Wiltshire, England.2 She died in 1705. Robert PYLE and Ann STOVEY
had the following children:
+2i.Sarah PYLE.
+3ii.Robert PYLE III.
+4iii.William PYLE.
+5iv.John PYLE.

2. Sarah PYLE was born on Nov 27 1682 in Bethel, Chester, England.3 She was
born on Nov 29 1682 in , , England. She died on Dec 16 1706.
Sarah PYLE and John VERNON had the following children:
6i.Aaron VERNON.
+7ii.Rachel VERNON.
3. Robert PYLE III was born on Jul 17 1684 in Bethel, Chester, England.3 He
died in 1717.
4. William PYLE was born on Nov 26 1685. He died in 1734.
He was married to Olive BENNETT (daughter of John BENNETT and Ann BRINTON) in
5. John PYLE was born on Jun 8 1687. He died in 1752.
He was married to Lydia THOMAS (daughter of Peter THOMAS and Sarah STEDMAN) in
1710. John PYLE and Lydia THOMAS had the following children:
+8i.Moses PYLE.
9ii.Sarah PYLE was born in 1711.
He was married to Susanna CHAMBERLIN (daughter of Robert CHAMBERLAIN and Mary
SHARPLES) in 1740. Susanna CHAMBERLIN was born on Jul 13 1691. John PYLE and
Susanna CHAMBERLIN had the following children:
+10i.William PYLE.
11ii.Ebenezer PYLE died about 1752.
+12iii.Stephen PYLE.
+13iv.Jacob PYLE.

7. Rachel VERNON was born in 1704. She died in 1751.
8. Moses PYLE died in 1784 in , Lancaster, PA.4 Will filed 1784 in book D,
v. 1, p. 415
He was married to Mary DARLINGTON (daughter of Abraham DARLINGTON and
Elizabeth) on Feb 29 1736 in , , MD.5 29 day, 2 mo.(O.S.) 1736
10. William PYLE.
William PYLE and Mary BOOTH had the following children:
+14i.Hannah PYLE.
12. Stephen PYLE was born in 1720 in Thornbury, Chester, PA.6 He died in
He was married to Elizabeth (ASH) on Feb 3 1750 in Old Swedes Church,
Wilmington, DE. Stephen PYLE and Elizabeth (ASH) had the following children:
15i.Isr 1 PYLE.
+16ii.Mary PYLE.
17iii.Ebenezer PYLE was born in 1760.
+18iv.Stephen PYLE.
13. Jacob PYLE7 was born in 1717 in Thornbury, Chester, PA.8 He was a weaver
in 1764 in Thornbury Twp., Chester, PA.9,7 He died in 1785 in Thornbury Twp.,
Delaware, PA.9 a weaver owning 15 acres, 1 mare and 1 cow (1764)
He was married to Jane SHARPLES (daughter of Joseph SHARPLES and Lydia LEWIS)
on Aug 22 1740 in Corcord Meeting, Chester, PA.9 Jane SHARPLES was born on
Dec 4 1718 in Middletown Twp., PA. She died in 1775. Jacob PYLE and Jane
SHARPLES had the following children:
+19i.Benjamin PYLE.
+20ii.Lydia PYLE.
+21iii.Caleb PYLE.
+22iv.Levi PYLE.
+23v.Hannah PYLE.
+24vi.Jacob PYLE.
+25vii.John PYLE.
+26viii.Esther PYLE.

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