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From: "Rachel Meyer" <>
Subject: RE: [PYLE] William Pile-Mary Jones/Zachariah Piles
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 23:31:23 -0400

Hi Bill,

Bill, I thought perhaps you had found some new information lately, but in
looking back through old email, I find you have repeated here what you
said in January 1997. :)

But in 1997, you had no information on the parents of William Pyle (b. ca
1776). What is the source for the marriage of Zachariah Pyle and Hannah
Mitchell? From your recent email, it seems to me you are saying this
Zachariah Pyle and Hannah Mitchell are the parents of this William. Is
that true? If the Hannah Piles, age 64 in the 1850 census living with a
Comfort Poling is this Zachariah's wife, she would have been born in
1786...too young to be the mother of our William b. 1776.

Do you know what the source is for the reference to William Pyle (b. ca
1776) and Mary Jones having a son named Francis? I think we've covered
this before, but I was wondering if you had uncovered new info?

William Pyle and Mary Jones had a daughter named Maria, b. 11 Jan 1805 who
md. Gabriel Dresbach:
From The History of Piatt Co., IL, pg. 890, biography of John P.
son of Gabriel: "Gabriel, the father of our subject, was born in
Pennsylvania in
1805, went to Ohio when a small boy, and after living there until 1841,
came to this
State, making his first home in Edgar County. In 1849 he came to Piatt
and in 1863 took his place among the early settlers of Allen Co., Kansas.
breathed his last in 1871, strong in the faith of the United Brethren
Church, to which
his wife had also belonged. That good lady bore the name of Maria Piles,
was born
in Ohio in 1805, and died in Edgar County, IL, in 1848. The family
comprised 9
children, five of whom are now living."

They also had a daughter named Elizabeth, b. ca 1814, who married Daniel
Creechbaum on 10 May 1831 in Ross Co., OH.

This is a list of possible daughters of William & Mary from the Ross Co.
Marriage records:
Piles, Mariah 12-30-1830 to John P. Reynolds.
Piles, Mariah 4-18-1838 to John Davis.
Pyle, Elizabeth 5-10-1831 to Daniel Critchbaum
Pyle, Mariah 12-8-1826 to Gabriel Dresback
Pile, Mary 1-19-1834 to Stephen R. Doll
Pile, Nancy 11-8-1838 to Andrew Quigg

Actually, Bill, here is a GREAT summary of a timeline on Zachariah and
Francis in Hampshire Co., VA/WV that you did in 1997:
You know I don't think the Zachariah Piles in Monongalia County is the
as the one in Hampshire County. I think they were related. Also, we had
Francis Piles in Hampshire Co that I will provide some info:
At age 68, in the 1850 census, Francis lived near Kirby, Hampshire
County, VA, now West Virginia, with Samuel Ruckman. Samuel was probably
his son-in-law. Census said he was a laborer.
Ref: 1850VA-Hamp Co., Dist 24, #19-19. John Piles married Elizabeth
Ruckman, March 13, 1824. Elizabeth's parents were Samuel and Susannah
Ruckman. (Deed Bk 29/333-40 Hamp. Co.) shows a deed dated 22 Feb
1834...between John H Piles and Elizabeth, his wife, Solomon Tharp and
Hannah, his wife and Gibson Ruckman and Mary, his wife. The said
Elizabeth, Hannah and Gibson being children of heirs and legal
representatives of Samuel Ruckman, deceased of one part and Thomas Ruckman
of the other part.
Francis Pyles, who was born in Maryland in November, 1782, is probably
related to the Francis Piles, born in 1635, who came to America and
first in Chester Co, PA, and later worked their way south on the Great
Wagon Trail to, first, Maryland, and second, Virginia, now West Virginia.
From Historical Records of Old Frederick County... by Dr. Wilmer
Francis Piles died on March 16, 1872 in the Hampshire Co. Poor House, aged
89 years, 4 months. He was born in Nov 1782. Source: The South Branch

Jul 15, 1758 Zachariah Piles born in Frederick Co., MD
1776 Zachariah enlisted in army/marched in South Branch Valley
Nov 1782 Francis Piles born in Maryland
1782 William Piles on Hampshire Co Tax List
June 1810 No Piles in Hamp Co Census
June 1820 Zachariah Piles listed in census in Hampshire Co.
Mar 13, 1824 John Piles married Elizabeth Ruckman
June 1830 John H. Piles (b1790-1800) and Zachariah(b 1770-1780)in census
Feb 22, 1834, Deed between John H & Elizabeth, Tharp's and Gibson
Ruckman, ch of Samuel and Sussaanah Ruckman.
Aug 26, 1837 John W. Piles born in Hamp. Co
June 1840 Zachariah Piles, b 1780, in census of Hamp. co.
June 1850 census: Benjamin, b. 1817, Thomas b 1825; Zachariah b 1822;
John b 1833; Rector b 1833; John b 1837; Hannah b MD 1786;
Joseph b 1835.
June 1850 Francis Piles, 68 living with Samuel Ruckman
Jan 17, 1856, Capt. John H. Piles, CSA, married Jane Roberson
June 1860 census Hamp. Co., Hannah; Frank b MD 1787; Rector b 1832;
Benjamin b 1818, John H. Jr. b 1837, Capt John H b 1832.
Sep 1870, Capt John H and Jane moved to MO.
March 16, 1872, Francis Died in Hamp. Co. Poor House

According to 1850 census of Hamp. Co., Dist 24, Dwelling 10, Hannah Piles,
age 64, lived with Comfort Poling, a female, age 74. As noted by census
she could not read or write. Was she the widow of ...? Also in the
household was Sarah Piles, age 43 and Malinda, age 13. This apprears to
a widow, daughter in law and granddaughter.

This Zachariah Piles seems to have spent much time in Hampshire Co. The
other Zachariah was in Mongaglia Co from age 11. He seems to have stayed


Gosh...I've read through email for over 2 hours and see nothing more
definitive than I've seen in the past 6 years!

Has anyone ever gone to Hampshire County to do research in their records
to try to find more on Zachariah or William?

Oh...Bill, you stated, "A "Mary Jones" is buried next to William." That
is not true. The stones say (confirmed in cemetery enumeration done
before William's stone broke, markers side by side):
PYLE, William d Apr 23, 1859 ag 82y 10mos
PYLE,Mary, his wife, d Oct 3, 1859 ag 81 years
William's is actually broken off, and if he hadn't been buried beside
Mary I wouldn't have thought it was his. But the first three letters, WIL
are visible
and a death year of 1859 is visible.

Rachel Woolever Meyer

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Subject:[PYLE] William Pile-Mary Jones/Zachariah Piles

This was the first Pyle/Piles in Hampshire County, Virginia. For many
years we thought he was not related because he spelled his name Pyle and
our ancestors spelled in Piles in those days. However, William married
Mary Jones, in Virginia. and they had 13 children. The first son,
Zachariah Pyle, was born in Virginia in 1799. We believe he was born in
Hampshire County. The third son was Thomas. They also had a son, Francis.
Between the birth of Thomas in 1802 and Sarah in 1808, they had moved to
Ohio. In the 1820 census of Ross County, Ohio, we find William Pyle with 5
boys and 6 girls. Zachariah , the first son, was married in 1818 and did
not show at home. The second son, Robert, was probably working away from
home as he married in 1822.

Of the six girls, we know Sarah stayed home and took care of her parents
and after they died she lived with her brother, Harrison, and we find her
there in the 1860 census. It was her fathers wishes that she be taken care
of by Harrison. She is buried beside her parents in the Salem Reform
Cemetery in Ross County.

Many of William's children went down the Ohio River and were never heard
of again. Since the Ohio River was the main means of transportation in
those times, we feel this is the way the family moved into Indiana and
farther west.

The history books of Ross County was that William Pyle came from Virginia.
Dan Pyle said in a letter dated June, 1980, that William's wife was
Elizabeth Jones and later called her Mary Jones. A "Mary Jones" is buried
next to William. "The Early Ohio Tax Records," by Esther Powell, on page
346, in the 1810 Tax Record, is an Abraham Jones, in Green Township, Ross
County. Also, a Peter and Sam Jones in Green Township. Green Township is
the same township that William settled in. In the "History of Ross and
Highland Counties," printed in 1880, page 238, it says "Abraham Jones came
to Ross County from Hampshire County, VA. His wife was Pheraby Entrekin,
dau. of John Entrekin." Abraham had 5 children, and all were died when the
book was written in 1880. Beginning on Page 483 of the Pyle/Piles families
of America, there is a very good story on William and his family.

The first land patent granted to William Pyle, Sr., was not granted until
all the money was paid, so our feeling was the was a squatter on the land
he finally bought, for Sarah says she was born in Ohio in 1808 and William
first patent was not until 1819 in Green Township. This patent was not
recorded until 28 August, 1848.

According to Dan Pyle's letter William Pyle and wife, according to
tradition, came through the Cumberland Pass out of Virginia, into Ohio,
settling in Chillicothe, Ohio.

William Pyle's first land patent was 4-24-1819 in Green Twp, Ross Co., OH,

Our ancestor was Zachariah Piles, born about 1775 in Prince George Co., MD
and came to Hampshire County. He was married to Hannah Mitchell. They
were not a land owner, so left few records to go by. There was a Francis,
born 1781, Prince Geo. Co, MD who came to Hamp. Co. from Maryland. He
died in the Poor HOuse on March 16, 1872. So we have some familiar names
in both families.
Bill Pyles
Titusville Fl

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