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From: "bhterrell" <>
Subject: [PBS] Pawlikowski & Gallen
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 21:23:23 -0600

Hello Everyone,

I am seeking information on two of my ancestors as follows.

First, we have found no ancestors for Dr. (Teofil?) Carl Gottlieb Gallen, born about 1774 probably in East Prussia, died July 5, 1846 in Angerburg, East Prussia. His 1821 marriage announcement was as follows:
"Mr. Carl Gottlieb Gallen, regimental doctor in the Royal Prussian most worthy 3rd Defense Regiment, knight of the Royal Polish Military Order second class, and the maiden Johanna Carolina v. Toltzig, the surviving older daughter of the late Ignatius von Toltzig, heir to Dlugikont, were married in K├╝tten."
The 3rd was stationed at Rastenburg, near Angerburg. The Royal Polish Military Order refers to the Order of Virtuti Militari, which Teofil Gallen received in 1809 and which has been passed down to our current possession (the medal we have is correct for the year 1809, but is 4th class, which we believe is correct - Gallen would not have received a 2nd class), so we believe Teofil Gallen is the same person as Carl Gottlieb Gallen. We have been trying to get a possible connection back to Heinrich von Gallen, Magister of the Livonian Order in 1551-1557 in Reval, but so far without success. Any help anyone might be able to give as to Gallen's full name, his lineage or his military career would be greatly appreciated.

Second, Gallen's daughter, Anna Christina Louise Gallen, married Julius Alexander Pawlikowski, born December 1818 probably Frauenburg, East Prussia. The family story is that he supposedly killed someone from the Prussian Court in a duel and had to leave the country in a hurry, so emigrated to the USA with his family in 1858 under the assumed name of Reinhold von Pfennighausen. He was in the Royal Prussian Guard 11th Regiment (previously the 3rd Regiment) at Angerburg. We think that his father may have also been in the Royal Guard 3rd Regiment with Gallen. Again, any help on Pawlikowski's lineage or his military career would be appreciated.

Bill Terrell
McKinney, TX

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