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From: Patty Brown <>
Subject: [MONTREAL] Pat Brown in Quebec
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:06:33 -0500

To all of you who have tried to reach Pat (aka Patricia) Brown - not to be
confused with me - Patty Brown in Toronto (Yes we are 2 different
people!),and had your messages bounce back, I just heard from her. She's
alive and well but she also had a computer crash and lost all her e-mail
messages and addresses. I just sent her the info about re-subscribing to
the lists so she should be back soon. For those who have been trying to get
in touch with her she has a temporary e-mail address of

Strange that Pat and I both had computer crashes at the same time - wonder
if our mutal name was Y2K jinxed! Whose into numerology?!<grin>

Patty Brown
The Toronto one!

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