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From: Dessaulles <>
Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] addresses in Montreal
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 21:50:48 -0400
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Hi you all,
Summer is taking a break, so I am adding my grain of salt,
As a former resident of St-Laurent.
The Décarie address (4598) is closer to the Snowdown-Queen-Mary Road
as the Blue Bonnets Race Treck is allready at 7440,
The apt was also on the west side of Décarie( same as Blue Bonnets).
When Décarie crosses into Ville St-Laurent, the number restart at 100
( Robert Mitchel Inc is 350 Décarie, V- St-Laurent)
I also believe that the Northern Electric plant was in St-Laurent right
beside Robert Mitchel.
For those who can remember the little yellow tramway(#17), running on a
private siding alongside the then very small Décarie road, I just loved
the speed it got in between the stops, (Certainly faster than the
present day morning jams).

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