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From: James Brennan <>
Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] My Day At the Wall by Jack LaChance
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 22:10:40 -0700
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Muriel, when travelling east bound on the 401 as I near Brampton which exit would I take to visit the Monument?

Jim Brennan, BHCD
Ex Ldg. Sto., Royal Canadian Navy. 1948-1955

"Muriel M. Davidson" wrote:

> To all readers of the LEGION magazine:
> Should one not be a member of the Royal Canadian Legion,
> and recipient of the LEGION magazine, it can be accessed
> at www.legionmagazine.com
> Canada's tribute to veterans of the Korean War is the
> Korean Veterans National Wall of Remembrance, dedicated
> on July 27, 1997. The photo of Jack LaChance is on the
> cover of the Legion magazine and an opening statement is
> by him -- "One of the most meaningful and solemn days of my
> life. Up until that day, (the dedication) I had -- for personal
> reasons -- not participated in any Korean War commemorations
> because I thought it best to bury my thoughts and feelings
> about the war.
> A reader may access this site and list of deceased veterans at
> http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~downhome/TRIBUTE.html
> There are three small panels at the top -- click on the POPPY
> in the centre panel -- all about the Korean Wall of Remembrance
> at Meadowvale Cemetery, two miles from my home.
> To read the list, in alphabetical order, click on HONOUR ROLL.
> Next fall, I hope to resume placing the names in provincial order,
> and do have much more information available than given at the site.
> My thanks to Bryan Keddy for "following my request".
> Muriel M. Davidson
> Brampton, Ontario
> Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee
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