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From: "Malcolm Paterson" <>
Subject: Obituaries in the Montreal Gazettes of May 27 & 28, 2006
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 11:35:58 -0400

Details: http://www.legacy.com/can-montreal/LegacyHome.asp
* - indicates that the obituary is accompanied by a photo
e - year of birth estimated from age

May 27, 2006

BACHAND, Germain (1924)

BARBEAU, Richard (e1955)*

CANTIN, J. Andre (1934)

CATALANO, Giovanni (1922)

DANKNER, Philip (e1911)

FISHER, Helen (nee Greenfield) (e1913)

GOLDBERG, Molly (nee Rothberg) (e1911)

GOMES, Isaura Maria Correia (1925)*

HALE, Thomas Reid

HENDRY, Joyce (e1929)

HOOD, Graeme Arthur "Tiny" (e1925)

LEIGHTON, Evangeline (nee Carr) (e1918)

MALLORY, Joan E. (e1911)

McARDLE, Alice Hope (e1931)

MOUHTEROS, Panagiotis (Peter) (1928)

NAGY, Mary (nee Podolak) (e1911)

NEILSON, Gail A. (1928)

NIKORIAK, Jolan (e1921)

PEREZ-Gomez, Isabel (nee Curiel) (1945)*

PHILLIPS, George Leo (e1925)

POPADIUK, Roman Alexander (e1953)

REID, Mary (nee Theobald) (e1914)

RYAN, Kenneth (e1935)

STECKLEY, Howard (e1914)

May 28, 2006

GOLDSTEIN, Ruth (nee Bashefsky)

HERSHON, Amy (nee Singer)

HINKS, Viola (nee Gauthier) (e1923)

PICKERING, Grace (nee Miller) (e1911)

SCHACTER, Robert (Bob)


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