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From: Malcolm Paterson <>
Subject: [MONTREAL] Obituaries in Montreal Gazette of April 13, 2012
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 15:44:21 -0400

* indicates that the obituary is accompanied by a photo
e – Year of birth estimated from age
For details of recent obituaries, go to http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/montrealgazette/

ALARIE, Jean-Émile (1922)*

DOYLE, Myrtle Anita (e1917)

FISHER, Maurice W. (1928)

FRIMMEL, Karol (1924)*

HAYDEN, Peter (1936)

HOBBS, Margaret Maud Stapleton (1914)

HOLLAND, Mary Catherine (e1907)

KOFMAN, Willie Ze’ev “Malone” (e1924)

MACDONALD, Charles W. (1923)

MASLANKA, John (1941)*

MALDOFF, Charles (e1911)

MILLMAN, Gary (1950)

NURZYNSKI, Karol (1956)

PERUGINI, Francesco (1927)

PICHER, Carol Ann (nee Michell) (1956)

RUDMAN, George

SCRIMGEOUR, Patricia (Pat) (e1930)

SEIDENSPINNER, Nancy (Nee Moore) (e1946)

VEINOT, Judith (nee Stokes) (1935)*

WILLIAMS, Shirley Mary (1934)



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