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Subject: [QUACKENBUSH-L] albany quackenbush reference
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 23:03:01 -0400

I ran a search in a database of obituraries for the Albany, NY area for
1998-99 and this listing came up. Does anyone know this living Quackenbush?
Is anyone related to him? I retyped the actual instance of reference in all


Times Union (Albany, New York), Obituaries, 1998-1999

Field Search Matches

Headline: $96,851.77 raised for Holiday Fund
Publication Date: December 22, 1998
Source: Times Union (Albany, NY)
Obituary: So far, 1,807 individuals and organizations have contributed a
total of $96,851.77 to the Times Union Fund for the Elderly in Need.
Recent contributors are:
$2,600.00 Albany: In loving memory of LaVerne and Dee by Anonymous.
$2,000.00 Albany: American Boiler Tank and Welding Co. Inc.
$500.00 Wynantskill: In memory of Helen C. Rockefeller and Warren W.
Rockefeller by Helen M. Campbell.
$300.00 Albany: In the name of Robert Paul by C.L. King & Associates, Inc;
Kinderhook: Robert and Marilyn Love.
$260.00 East Nassau: Bill and Ellen Jennings.
$250.00 Albany: Lillian and Richard Gerard; In lieu of holiday cards by
Lombardi, Reinhard, Walsh & Harrison; Troy: one Anonymous.
$230.00 Albany: The staff of Senate Research Service.
$200.00 Albany: Lisha Kill Senior Citizens Club; one Anonymous; Clifton
Park: one Anonymous; Latham: Ms. M. Patricia Murphy; Rensselaer: Arthur
Breedlove; Valley Falls: Richard Vadnais.
$175.00 Newtonville: In memory of Grandpa and Grandma Kane by Joyce and
Martin Kenosian.
$160.00 Delmar: The Educational Services Center of the Bethlehem School
$150.00 Albany: Employees of the Central Office of the New York State
Department of Labor's Bureau of Public Work; In the name of Lori Lent by
C.L. King & Associates, Inc.; Altamont: Bob and Molly Kelly; Clifton Park:
Louis and Patricia DelSignore; Rexford: Mr. and Mrs. James Livingstone;
Troy: Claire Margolis.
$110.00 Troy: Rodney Aldrich.
$100.00 Albany: Mr. and Mrs. James T. McManus; Edward Wong; John Burt; Rita
Toohey; Laverne Tubbs; In memory of the deceased members of the Charles
Rafferty family by Don and Anita Rafferty; Daniel Rappazzo; two Anonymous;
Averill Park: Cathie Stevens; Ballston Lake: Lynn A. Gretschel; Clifton
Park: the Finck family; two Anonymous; Cohoes: Paul Kennedy; Delmar: Deborah
Y. Kopp; Joseph and Jerry Teresi; Maureen McLeod and Fred Kitzrow; In memory
of her grandmother, Agnes Pizzigati by grandson, Joseph Christian
Gutman,lll; Gerald and Pauline Grippen; In honor of their nieces, nephews
and their children by Ed and Ginny Hayes; Latham: Ed Wood; Mary Ann and
Dennis Hilton; Loudonville: Risa and George Tanner; In memory of Charles
Koritski by Christine B. Hoffay; one Anonymous; Menands: David Teiger;
Rensselaer: In memory of James S. Miller, Sr. by Harriette Millea; In memory
of Angelo and Mary DeGiule and Earl V. Diehl by Bernhardt and Joan DeGiule;
Schenectady: Joan and Michael Wallis; one Anonymous; Troy: Hudson Valley
Faculty Association; Victoria Healy; Voorheesville: George Kleinberger; St.
Matthew's Church.
$90.00 Delmar: Valerie and John Thompson.
$86.00 Albany: New York State Thruway Authority-Toll Collectors at Exit 23.
$85.00 Altamont: Brian and Amer Wallace.
$80.00 Watervliet: Charles Fandl.
$76.50 Albany: New York State Department of Transportation- Employee
Relations Bureau.
$75.00 Albany: New York State Office of Employee Relations'
12th floor staff; CSEA Local 653, Civil Service Department; Cohoes: Harry W.
McDonald; Delmar: Lois Reidel; Guilderland: In honor of Shelly Lobel by
Anonymous; Latham: Jidie R. Barth; Saratoga Springs: T.W. Rydzewski, Jr. and
Christine E. Chariton; Selkirk: William Grimaldi; Westerlo: In memory of
Norma DeLuca by the family.
$70.00 Clifton Park: In memory of Irene and Stephen Shaughnessy of
Watervliet by Donna Smith.
$64.00 Albany: Eleanor Billmyer.
$60.00 Latham: In memory of their parents, Margaret and Andrew Ackenbrack by
Marlene Elacqua and Elizabeth Osganian; Loudonville: Edwin B. Dearstyne;
Rensselaer: In memory of the members of the deSimone and Murphy families by
Carol de Simone;
$51.00 Albany: Constance Jensen; Victory Mills: Black Shutter Antiques.
$50.50 Castleton: Meow Kitty.
$50.25 Latham: In memory of Sophia and John Rescott by Anonymous.
$50.00 Acra: Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith; Albany: In memory of their aunt,
Sara Glick by Karen and Allen Druckman; Robert Lynch; Scott Meyer; Mark and
Clara Wentland; Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins; In memory of Charles and Mary
Kallen by Gloria Ballien; Matthew O'Connell; Mary and Kevin McCarthy; In
memory of Kathleen Vandenerg by Anonymous; three Anonymous; Altamont: Peter
and Ellen Gilbert; Edward and Stella Pollard; Ballston Lake: William and
Lorraine Keis; one Anonymous; Castleton: Rosemary Fisher; Clifton Park:
Teresa M. Decrescente of the Merry Maids; William A. Sano; Joseph and
Colleen Killough; one Anonymous; Cropseyville: In loving memory of their
dad, Alexander Kaschak by Ed and Kathy Kaschak; Delmar: Michael Labate; Mr.
and Mrs. Edward C. Miles; Alice Turcotte; Joseph Pusatere; one Anonymous;
East Berne: Thomas L. and Denise DiGiovanni; Glenmont: Grace and Gus Franz;
Guilderland: Chris Bataille; Lansingburgh: Anne and Fred Ames; Latham:
Harvey Silverstein; Loudonville: Lynn Steiner; one Anonymous; Niskayuna: one
Anonymous; Pattersonville: In memory of Richard Taylor of Albany by Sharon
Keramati; Saratoga Springs: Marilyn A. Sandberg; Schenectady: Patricia Clow;
Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder Jr.; two Anonymous; Schodack Landing: Elizabeth
Breeze; Slingerlands: Sidney M. Kaplan; Basil and Karen Boyea; Warren S.
Quimby; Troy: Carolyn Delgiacco; Frances and Paul Sheeran; Kathleen C.
Grogan; Voorheesville: one Anonymous; Waterford: one Anonymous; Wynantskill:
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sokaris.
$45.00 Albany: In memory of Ernest L. Smith, Ernest W. Smith Sr., James and
Ellen Crump, Joseph Kappes and Mildred Tookhorn by Anonymous; Bradenton,
Fl.: In memory of her mother, Helen M. Fisher by Joan Rostron.
$40.00 Albany: Doris Olsiewski; Vangel George; Ballston Lake: Anne Mary
Patt; Glenmont: Ronald W. Mason; Niskayuna: In memory of Crisanzo Benaquisto
by Patrice Hiller; Troy: In the name of her daughter-in-law, Kim Meyer, as
part of her Christmas gift by Anne Meyer; Voorheesville: Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Belleville.
$39.95 Castleton: In memory of our brother, Truder by The Fur People: Duke,
Joch and Tipper.
$35.98 Albany: one Anonymous.
$35.00 Voorheesville: In memory of her husband, Gino Giacomini and her
parents and brothers, John, Rose, James and Orlando Ferraro by Catherine
$33.00 Clifton Park: Mr. and Mrs. V.F. Perrault.
$30.00 Albany: In memory of loved ones by Agnes; Joe and Lucille Egan;
Jeffrey K. Barnes; Delmar: Zoe I. Taylor; Esperance:
In memory of Victoria E. Belles by Eileen Kexel; Latham: Peter and Maryann
Strauss; Menands: John and Karen Forner; Rexford: Sidharth and Utsav Bansal;
Round Lake: Josette C. Snoden; Schenectady: one Anonymous; Schuylerville: In
memory of Edith Gleeson by Anonymous.
$25.00 Albany: Margaret Paulsen; In memory of her husband, George by Joan
Schupp; Mr. and Mrs. John Rochminski; John Shorter; In memory of their
parents, George Shupp and Jean Pike by Janice and Bob Olmstead; Ethel S.
Morrison; Esther C. Nast; Helen O. Stephens; Elijah Jones; David McGraw; In
loving memory of their parents, Joseph and Helen Kenyon by Betty and Dave
Roberts and Joe and Cindy Kenyon; DR. & MRS ROGER QUACKENBUSH; Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Nugent; Hart Social Center, Inc.; In memory of Mr. and Mrs. William
Kirk by M. Hutton; Nancy Gerstenberger; Ellen Haggerty; Susan C. Pero;
Eleanore H.
Swartz; Mrs. Anthony W. Nardacci; Mae Wilga; William and Karen Phillips;
William and Eileen Cameron; Paul Robert Dillon; Sunny Acres Home Bureau;
five Anonymous; Altamont: Don and Anne Snyder; Ballston Lake: Jane
Harrington; Joseph and Nora Ferrone; Berne: Barney Yuhas; Cairo: one
Anonymous; Castleton: In the name of John W. Valli by the family; Douglas
and Sandra McKnight; Ebby; one Anonymous; Chatham: Dr. Clarke and Shirley
Morgan; Clifton Park: David Kozlowski; In honor of Robert S. Dawson by Lucia
M. Ryan; Bill and Chris Beecher; Audrey Fairman; Margaret Cushman; Coeymans:
Lawrence and Carol Ruff; Coxsackie: Linda and William Bennett; Delmar: Janet
Maclean; Winifred N. Gibson; Kathryn and Michael Lowery; In memory of
Grandpa Meyer by Sara Fuller; William Wasserstrom; one Anonymous; East
Berne: Karen Conklin; East Greenbush: John and Eleanor Wolfe; Blossom and
Theodore Mayor; Glenmont: Marie Vadney; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bartlett; one
Glenville: John and Betty Ewing; Greenville: John Conlon Jr.; Johnsonville:
Edwin and Patricia King; Latham: Peter Cummings; Winifred C. Nicoll; Mr. and
Mrs. Anthony Cicchinelli; Charles J. and Doris Franklin; Donald and Paula
Perras; one Anonymous; Loudonville:
Bob and Nancy Collin; John and Sally Jack; Judith DeChiro; In memory of
Daniel S. Dwyer by Jean R. Dwyer; George and Mary Fallati; Malta:
one Anonymous; Mechanicville: Mary A. Opela; Niskayuna: Tom and Adele
Hutton; Pittsfield, Ma.: Patricia Krouson; Poestenkill: Sullivan-Jones Post
# 7466, Auxilary; Ravena: John and Mary Miller;
Rensselaer: Rajesh Teneja; In memory of Lois and Edward Krug by a friend; In
memory of her mother and father, Agnes and Raymond Lesch by Philomene
VanKampen; Margaret Gray; Round Lake: Rosemary and Edward Hurley;
Schenectady: Barbara Nidzgorski; Mr. and Mrs.
Anthony Perrino; Kenneth LaPenta; Scotia: one Anonymous; Selkirk: In the
names of Joanne Crosier and Jan Palmer by Marsha Doyle; Troy:
In the names of Doug Walker and Spencer Carter in lieu of a pizza party by
Theodore Marotta, Professor, Civil Engineering & Construction Techmology,
H.V.C.C.; Dane Liberty; In memory of Vernon Fiet by Carolyn A. Smith;
William Piazza; Wallace Renfrew; Emily Dodd; Alice S. Kirstein; two
Anonymous; Voorheesville: James A.
Preston; Roxanne Adams; In memory of his mother and brother, Bill and Vera
Schultz by William Schultz; Ruth Patterson; one Anonymous; West Coxsackie:
Unique Techniues, Inc; Westerlo: Philip and Delite Stewart; Wynantskill: Ida
Traschen; Mary Bearder.
$22.50 Latham: Carolyn and Joseph Toth; Troy: In memory of Jessie Roberts by
Edward and Janice Changa.
$20.00 Albany: Leslie Jones; In memory of Nancy Osterhout Coyne by Ivan and
Edith Osterhout; In memory of Rose Donato by William Donato; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles McTague; Rose Vigars; Derek and Beryl Booker; Betty and Ralph
DuPont; Helen Hall; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Smith; Marjorie Frieberg; five
Anonymous; Altamont: Catherine Anderson; Ballston Lake: Charles and Carole
Harris; Clifton Park: Linda Herlick; Robert and Sharon Reider; Cohoes:
Winifred Nazarko; one Anonymous; Delmar: Barbara Stoddard; Fred Forester;
Glenmont: one Anonymous; Gloversville: one Anonymous; Latham: Robert G.
Tengeler; two Anonymous; Loudonville: Luke Tetreault; Mechanicville: Kathryn
M. Ford; Menands: John and Mildred Noonan; Edward R. Jones; Nassau: one
Anonymous; Troy: Kevin Glasheen; two Anonymous; Valatie: Jeffrey and Sally
Miller; Watervliet: Mary A.
$15.00 Albany: Sally Rapp and Family; Frank Printsky; Altamont: one
Anonymous; Clifton Park: Ronald and Kim Sigsbee; one Anonymous; Guilderland:
Erma L. Hemmett; Kinderhook: Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Schermerhorn; Latham: Eleanor Quinn; Martha P. Farrell; Nassau: David
and Carol Siver; Rensselaer: Mr. and Mrs. Albert DuBois; Daniel and Roberta
Bradley; Scotia: Gary Buksa; Stottville: In memory of Greg by Margaret
Poucher; Troy: Margaret J. Halloran; Voorheesville: Charles and Susan
$10.00 Albany: In memory of Florence Bartlett by Anonymous; Virginia
Tramback; Ralph E. Fowler; Catherine M. Hurley; Ernest and Marion Matelitz;
Rita Hooley; In memory of John R. Stevens by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Cyr
Jr.; Gerard and Virginia Gavin; Lucretia Bowie; Mary McDermott; Joan Schuff;
Warren and Patricia Eldridge; In memory of Richard and Joanne by Frances
Flatters; Patricia Hilton; Florence M. Nolan; In memory of Michael and Alice
Alvaney by Jean McWaters; Louis W. Franklin; five Anonymous; Burnt Hills:
Vera Robinson; Cohoes: Marjorie Marois; Colonie: one Anonymous; Delmar:
Betty A. Krug; Floyd and Coleen Brewer; East Durham: Sonja Demakos; East
Greenbush: Kelly and David Layton; Feura Bush: Elsie B.
Guildersleeve; Glenmont: Edgar and Ruth Weber; Guilderland: Isaelle Klein;
Latham: Joanne Z. Fitzgibbon; Jane Kelly; Ellen Gradoni; Loudonville: Mary
T. Costello; Ravena: In memory of George Stangle by Mary Crowley; Olive
Frese; Rensselaer: In memory of her parents, William and Gladys Miller by
Diana Weir; Edward and Alberta McGlynn; two Anonymous; Saratoga Springs: one
Anonymous; Schenectady: Norma Perugi; Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kuzma; Selkirk:
Carrie Wickham; Slingerlands: Anita Fennell; Troy: Carl and Marjorie
O'Brien; Gertrude Bickweat; Watervliet: John Naberzny; West Coxsackie: In
memory of loved ones by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P.
Young; Valatie: J.R. and P.E. Dybas.
$7.50 Mechanicville: Carmine J. Fusco.
$6.00 Castleton: In memory of family loved ones by Corinne Peter.
$5.00 Albany: Vito Pantusco; John Brooks; two Anonymous; Ballston Lake:
Richard H. Cole; Loudonville: Margaret Danes; Voorheesville: Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Relya.
$2.00 Ganesvoort: Adirondack Tree Surgeons, Phil Viger.
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