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Subject: [Q-B-I] John Reynolds
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:42:17 +0000
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Hi againThanks so much to Ben, Eira and Shirley for your replies. By finding his death date for me Ben, I was able to confirm that one of the Death Certs that I already have is the correct one, although it has him as an Upholster! His cause of death was Dyspepsia Gout and Acute Angina Pectoris. He certainly had a varied career, starting as Watch and clock maker, then a Silversmith, an Ironmonger at 2nd marriage(thanks Shirley) and an upholsterer on Death cert. I wonder if the Registrar misheard what his occupation was at death? it seems a rather strange series of jobs, perhaps he proved an inept apprentice, I rather think that if he had completed his apprenticeship he would not then have had these other jobs.
I think that I can finally draw a line under his name, I already have several generations before him thanks to the Friends library so will move on to another branch of my tree. I do wish that they had all been Quakers! Shirley I will reply to you off list soon. I already had the cert. that you mentioned and finally managed to prove that it was him, thanks to Ben.
Very best wishes to all
Liz in Dorset > > Hello everyone> > I am seeking help please with John's apprenticeship and his date of death.> > JOHN REYNOLDS was born in Whitechapel, London, (father James a > Winemerchant,) John, a clock and watchmaker, married Susannah Neave (Of > Fordingbridge) in Spalding 1839, they had 3 children, Walter1840, Susan Jane > 1842, EMMA, my Gt Gran 1847. On the children's birth certificates (Spalding > and Wainfleet meeting) he was a Watchmaker or Silversmith, different for > each child. I have not found to whom he was apprenticed. How would I find > that out?> > Susannah died Dec 1849 in Old Swinford, Stourbridge. Any ideas why she would > be there?> > He married Hannah Beardmore 1853 in Maclesfield,Cheshire.> > John aged 53 died 1858 in Sittingbourne, Kent, according to Quaker records . > He was on page 147 in the 1859 vol.> I have sent off for 3 Death certs for John Reynolds for the right place and > time. One was an Ag Lab, one was an Upholsterer, the other a shoemaker.> I am assuming that the John recorded was mine as he was the only John in the > records, was the right age and had a brother living in Sittingbourne,also > Emma was at Ackworth with home place named as Sittingbourne.> > Does anyone have access to the meeting records which would give me his > actual date of death, I could then hopefully get the correct certificate, or > could you tell me where I would find the records so I could go over there > to look for myself.> > Ever hopeful> Liz in Dorset> > > > Dear Liz in Dorset,> > I have just read your email with great interest. My gt. grandmother's sister> Hannah Beardmore married John Reynolds. I have very little information on> this couple.> > The marriage of John & Hannah is recorded in the Quaker Digests for> Stockport, Cheshire (Hannah Beardmore, spinster, of Stockport, d/o William,> Potter, married 1853.x.27 John Reynolds, widower, ironmonger, of> Sittingborne, Kent, s/o James Reynolds, winemerchant).> > They appear to have had a daughter, Mary Hannah also recorded in the Quaker> Digests (Mary Hannah Reynold b. 1855.1.31 d/o John & Hannah Reynolds of> Sittingbourne, Kent).> > I did find an entry in the 1861 Census.(> 1861 Census. West End, Sittingbourne, Kent. Hannah Reynolds, head, 35, w.> Broker employing 4 men & 1 boy, b. Newcastle, Northamp (sic); Mary Hannah> Reynolds, daur., 6, b. Sittingbourne, Kent and a servant Betsy Hughes.> > This ties in with John having died in 1858. I could not find another census> with Hannah or Mary Hannah, nor could I find a marriage or death for either> Hannah or Mary Hannah. I wonder if Hannah remarried. Do you have access to> directories for Kent?> > I look forward to hearing from you,> > Best wishes,> Shirley Lancaster> Markham, Ontario, Canada
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