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Subject: The Valiant Sixty
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 20:12:39 PST

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996 01:35:31 -0500 (CDT) (lynn Perkins) asks:

>Does anyone know about the early ministers in the early Quaker movement
>England and Wales other than George FOX?

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996 13:14:39 PST I attempted to answer this question in
part following the lengthy five-page overview of the usage of the
recording of ministers in the RSoF. Today I have just gotten my hands on
a copy of Elfirda Vipont's _George Fox and the Valiant Sixty_ whereupon I
am here below transmitting a list given in Appendix 1, pp 128-129 with the complete list of the names, occupation and (what I take to be their
places of residences, rather than their Meeting's name) of these
missionaries of Quakerism.

At the bottom of the list I give below is this paragraph:

The Yearly Meeting of Quakers in Great Britain in 1676
agreed 'That friends of the Monthly and Quarterly meetings of
County be reminded to keep an exact account among themselves
of those that first brough the message of glad tydeings (sic)
them.' Over the next two generations efforts were made to secure
plies and those received are now in the Library of the Society of
Friends, London. They were printed by Norman Penney as _The First
Publishers of Truth_ (1907) and the material was extensively used
by William Charles Braithwaite in _The Beginnings of Quakerism_
Ernest E. Taylor in _The Valiant Sixty_ (1947; rev. ed. 1951)
the list in tabulated form and the list here given is, with slight amend-
ment, based on the one which he prepared.

Ayrey, Thomas, Yeoman (Husbandman), Birkfield.
Aldam, Thomas, Yeoman, Warmsworth.
Atkinson, Christopher, Kendal.
Audland, Ann, Wife of Shopkeeper, Preston Patrick.
Audland, John, Linen Draper (Farmer), Preston Patrick.
Banks, John, Glove Maker (Fell-monger and Husbandman).
Bateman, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Bensen, Dorothy, Wife of Yeoman, Sedbergh.
Benson, Gervase, Yeoman (Husbandman), Sedbergh.
Bewley, George, Yeoman (Gentleman), Haltcliffe Hall.
Birkett, Miles, Miller, underbarrow.
Blaykling, Anne, Sister of Yeoman, Draw-well.
Blaykling, John, Yeoman (Husbandman), Draw-well.
Braithwaite, John, Shorthand Writer, Newton-in-Cartmel.
Briggs, Thomas, Husbandman, Bolton-le-Sands.
Burnyeat, John, Husbandman, Crabtree Beck.
Burrough, Edward, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Camm, John, Yeoman (Husbandman), Preston Patrick.
Camm, Mabel, Wife of yeoman, Preston Patrick.
Caton, William, Secretary, Swarthmoor Hall.
Clayton, Richard, Yeoman, Gleaston-in-Furness.
Dewsbury, William, Shepherd (Clotheir), Allerthorpe.
Farnsworth, Richard, Yeoman, Tickhill.
Fell, Leonard, Husbandman, Baycliffe.
Fell, Margaret, Gentlewoman, Swarthmoor Hall.
Fisher, Mary, Servant, Selby.
Fletcher, Elizabeth, Gentlewoman, Kendal.
Fox, George, Shoemaker (Shepherd), Drayton.
Goodaire, Thomas, Yeoman, Selby.
Halhead, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Harrison, George, Gentleman, Sedbergh.
Hebden, Roger, Tailor, New Malton.
Holme, Thomas, Weaver, Kendal.
Hooten, Elizabeth, Wife of Yeoman, Skegsby.
Howgill, Francis, Farmer (Tailor), Grayrigg.
Howgill, Mary, Sister of Tailor, Grayrigg.
Hubbersty, Miles, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Hubbersty, Stephen, Husbandman, Underbarrow.
Hubberthorne, Richard, Yeoman (Soldier), Yealand Redmayne.
Kilham, Thomas, Gentleman, Balby.
Lancaster, James, Husbandman, Walney Isle.
Lawson, John, Shopkeeper, Lancaster.
Lawson, Thomas, Gentleman (Schoolmaster), Lancaster.
Parker, Alexander, Husbandman (Soldier), Ardsley.
Nayler, James, Butcher, Bolton Forest.
Rawlinson, Thomas, Gentleman, Graythwaite.
Rigge, Ambrose, Schoolmaster, Grayrigg.
Robertson, Thomas, Yeoman, Grayrigg.
Robinson, Richard, Yeoman, Countersett.--distinguished from R.B. of
Salthouse, Thomas, Husbandman, Dragglebeck.
Scaife, John, Day-Labouer, Hutton.
Simpson, William, Busbandman, Sunbricke.
Slee, John, Husbandman, Mosedale.
Stacey, Thomas, Yeoman, Cinder Hill.
Story, John, Husbandman, Preston Patrick.
Stubbs, John, Husbandman (Schoolmaster and Soldier), Co. Durham
(convinced at Carlisle).
Stubbs, Thomas, Soldier, Pardshaw.
Taylor, Christopher, Schoolmaster, Carlton.
Taylor, Thomas, Schoolmaster (Beneficed minster), Carlton.
Waugh, Dorothy, Servant, Preston Patrick.
Waugh, Jane, Servant, Preston Patrick.
Whitehead, George, Schoolmaster (Grocer), Orton.
Whitehead, John, Soldier, Holderness.
Widders or Withers, Robert, Husbandman, Over Kellett.
Wilkinson, John, Husbandman, Preston Patrick.

In her preface, Elfrida begins,

'The Valiant Sicty' was a name coined by the late John Handley of
Brigflatts, near Sedberg, for the first Quaker missionaries, the
men and women of the north country who were convinced by George
Fox in or about the year 1652 and who thereafter took the
message of Quakerism
out into the world.

So, Friends, please do not confuse these early Quaker missionaries with Friends that were later known as recorded ministers in the 18th and 19th


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