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From: (by way of JTR <>
Subject: Where is Oblong MM ?
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 17:23:39 -0700

wrote to Joanne,

I found the information you have presented on the "Quaker Corner" webpage
very informative - especially since I am new to researching Quakers. On your
list of Quaker meetings, I found the one for which I was searching for my
ancestors, Reuben and Isaac Chase. The meeting was in the Oblong, Dutchess
County, NY.
However, Dutchess County is now Putnam County, and the Oblong, which was
part of Fredericksburgh, NY, was split into the Towns of Carmel, Kent,
and Southeast. The area once known as the Oblong is now Southeast, NY. I am
trying to find out who may know where the original Oblong Quaker meeting
moved to, or if it still exisits in the Town of Southeast. Can you guide me
to the proper place for such a query? I thank you. Warmest Regards, Lisa

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