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From: "Paul Redden" <>
Subject: Re: HUSSEY Quaker Genealogy
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:40:22 -0400

Hi Roy,

I'm glad you decided to make your information available on the web. I
noticed though that there is no indication of your name or how to get in
touch with you on your Web site. It might help to add your email address
or a guestbook to give people a way to ask questions and provide feedback.

Some time ago you sent me a portion of your files pertaining to my line of
Christopher, John, John,John, Jedidiah, Christopher, Curtis Grubb,
Christopher Curtis to my great grandmother Mabel Gordon Hussey, then John
Turnbull, Suzannah Turnbull and myself, Paul Redden, Jr.. When I imported
it into FTM though I neglected to include the notes which I see are
extremely informative. I learned my lesson on that one.

I have since found another related line through Christopher, John, John,
Nathan, Susannah, Nathan Updegraff, James Updegraff, Rebecca Updegraff (who
married the above Curtis Grubb Hussey). The above Nathan Hussey's first
wife was Ann Garretson's mother and Susannah was their child.

It appears from some of your notes that you may be the submitter of Hussey
data on one of the early FTM WFT disks. If you are, I thank you very much
as this information is what really got me interested in genealogy. I
bought the program just to transcribe a series of hand written notes my
great grandmother Mabel (Hussey) Turnbull wrote as a favor to my mother so
they could be preserved for future generations. Your information was
inspiring, thank you.

Paul Redden

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> From: Roy C. Leggitt <>
> To:
> Subject: HUSSEY Quaker Genealogy
> Date: Sunday, September 28, 1997 4:39 PM
> I have been following the discussion of the various Christopher Husseys
with great interest. Over the past decade I have gathered considerable
information on this line. My line is from the immigrant Christopher to
John, John, John, John, John, Jediah,
> Thomas, Jediah Clark, to my grandmother Margaret Inez Hussey (1886
-1980). I have it all recorded at Gene Stark's GENDEX site:
http://www.gendex.com/users/royc/hussey/PERSONS.html There is a
significant amount of text associated with my files. It might
> give you a lead in your research.
> Roy Leggitt, full time RVer, currently parked about fifty yards from the
Atlantic shore at Myrtle Beach, SC, working my way back to the Colorado
River for the winter.

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