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Subject: Re: Oblong MM, Dutchess Co, NY
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 09:59:20, -0500

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A word about "Oblong" - the name refers to the shape of a strip of land
about a mile wide that ran the length of Dutchess County and further
south along the border between New York and Connecticut, the result of a
trade of land between the two colonies. It attracted settlers because
you could buy land there, as opposed to Beekman/Pawling Precinct which
had originally been granted as a patent, and whose owners preferred to
rent, not sell.

Beekman Precinct was an original precinct of Dutchess County in 1737,
covering the same area as Beekman Patent plus part of the Oblong (towns
of Beekman, Union Vale, Dover, Pawling, and roughly half of LaGrange,
the southeast quarter of present Dutchess County). The precinct was
divided in 1768 and Pawling Precinct (covering the present towns of
Pawling and Dover) taken off. Under state legislation of 1788, civil
division terminology was standardized, and precincts became towns. The
town of Pawling reached its present limits when the town of Dover was
taken off in 1807.

Oblong PM, Quaker Hill, town of Pawling.
Quakers were the earliest settlers in the Oblong area of Beekman
Precinct. Most of the Friends were from New England, some from Long
Island and Westchester County. Settlement at Quaker Hill began in 1728
and a meeting for worship was probably well established there by the
time it was first mentioned in the minutes of Purchase MM. At that time
, 1742, they were building a meeting house in the Oblong and Overseers
were appointed to visit Oblong and the meeting at New Milford,
Litchfield County, CT.

The original Quaker Hill meeting house was sold and moved when the
second church was built in 1764 nearly opposite the site of the first
meeting house. This second church was occupied as a hospital for
Revolutionary soldiers in 1779.

At the Separation of 1828 the Hicksites retained control of the 1764
meeting house. The Hicksite meeting was laid down in 1884 or 1885; the
building still stands. According to Hasbrouck's county history, the
Orthodox branch built a new meeting house on Ridge Road not far from the
old meeting house. In 1919, the few members left in this Orthodox
meeting were transferred to Poughkeepsie MM and Oblong was laid down.
There is no burying ground associated with the meeting house except
where Revolutionary soldiers who died at the hospital lie in unmarked
graves on the opposite side of the road (the south side, where the
original building stood).

Oblong Monthly Meeting; org. 1744 - 1919.
Oblong MM was set off by Purchase MM of Westchester County in 1744. Two
of the three Preparative Meetings that were put under care of Oblong
Monthly Meeting when it was formed were located in Dutchess County:
Oblong Meeting at Quaker Hill and Nine Partners Meeting at Mechanic.
Early monthly meetings for business were generally held alternately at
Quaker Hill and at Nine Partners.

Oblong MM "allowed" eleven meetings for worship, four of which were
located within Dutchess County: Oswego in Beekman Precinct in 1750;
Poughquag in Beekman Precinct in 1771; Branch in Pawling Precinct in
1783; and West Branch in now LaGrange in 1792. Oblong Monthly Meeting
in its turn was parent to Nine Partners Monthly Meeting, set off in 1769

At the 1828 Separation, of the four Preparative Meetings under the care
of this Monthly Meeting, two were located in Dutchess County: Oblong
Meeting on Quaker Hill, and Branch Meeting in Dover. At the Separation,
a Hicksite and an Orthodox MM continued. The Hicksites continued
meetings at Branch and Oblong; the Orthodox faction continued a meeting
only at Oblong. Oblong MM shrank and eventually became extinct as the
Preparative Meetings dwindled away and were laid down: Branch (H) in
1854 and Oblong (H) in 1884. Oblong (O) MM was finally laid down about
1919 and its last members absorbed into the Poughkeepsie MM.

Oblong MM outside Dutchess County - also a part of Oblong MM when it was
set up: New Milford meeting for worship in present Litchfield County,
Connecticut, a PM 1777-1895 (Orthodox only after 1828). Additional
meetings for worship allowed by Oblong MM include: Peach Pond in
Westchester County 1760-1792; Salisbury in Massachusetts in 1766;
Queensbury, vicinity of Glens Falls, Warren County in 1767 (later part
of Easton MM, I think); Valley, in now town of Patterson, Putnam County
but then part of Dutchess County 1776-1866; Cornwall allowed as part of
Valley PM laid down 1801; West Hartford, Connecticut from 1800 till West
Hartford [CT] MM established in 1805.

RECORDS: LDS film# 0873511 is a transcript by Josephine Frost of Oblong
MM vital records - births, deaths, marriage intentions, and heads of
The Men's Minutes of 1744-1757 are lost; they had probably been kept on
loose papers.
Original records of the Society of Friends Oblong Monthly Meeting
(Quaker Hill, NY) filmed by LDS:
#0017312 Orthodox Men's Monthly Meetings Minutes 1829-1896.
#0017313 Orthodox Marriage Certificates 1830-1874, Orthodox Removal
Certificates 1828-1911, [Hicksite] Removal Certificates 1781-1884,
Hicksite births and deaths 1828-1893, [Hicksite] Marriage Certificates
1786-1866, Births, marriages, and deaths 1745-1783.
#0017314 [Hicksite] Women's Monthly Meeting Minutes 1796-1873.
#0017315 Men's Monthly Meeting Minutes 1757-1788.
#0017316 Men's Monthly Meeting Minutes 1788-1815.
#0017317 [Hicksite] Men's Monthly Meeting Minutes 1815-1884.

There are other original MM records that have not been microfilmed, but
it is my understanding that Swarthmore Library, which just received the
original records from the NY Yearly Meeting archives, is planning at
some point to film any records not previously done.

Well, I got a little carried away here, but I had the info available so
you can file it away until you need it. Linda in NY

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