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From: David McJonathan <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 18:07:20

My great aunt Louise (MacArthur) Clarkson was very interested in geneology and fortunately for me both piqued my interest and passed on many notes that she took on visits with the "cousins" in England. My grandmother and Aunt Louise made several trips in the early part of this century as adults before their marriages to visit the Misses Mary and Laura Badley, first cousins of their mother, Sarah "Sally" Jameson (Badley) Richards MacArthur. John Haden Badley (1865-1967) founder of Bedales School (the first co-educational school in England) Petersfield, HANTS was a brother to the Misses Badley.

To that end, I grew up with a sampler made by Phebe Payton in 1723. From Aunt Louise's notes I knew that Henry BADLEY (1722-1783) had married a Phoebe PAYTON only surviving child of John and Mary Payton, Quakers who owned all of the land from the High Street to Cawney Hill in Dudley, WORCS. There are records of paying fines in oxen and money for failure to attend the Churh of England. Henry PAYTON brother of John had a daughter Catherine who was a Quaker leader and became Mrs. Phillips in middle life. The Badleys were related to the Foxes of Falmouth through the Paytons. This was all that I knew, but with these clues in the 1960's I found in the New York Public Library, two books by Catherine (Payton) Phillips published in the 18th century. One in which she describes her sea voyage to America and her visits with William Penn. In the genealogy room I found a book entitled THE NON-PAROCHIAL REGISTER OF DUDLEY which was a gold mine. It gave Phoebe's birth as 25 Feb 1715 !
ughter of John and Mary Payton. The marriage of her parents John Payton and Mary ffidoe their births and some information back to Phoebe's great grandparents. This led to copies of wills the administration of Mary's father's (John ffidoe of Wednesbury) estate in 1685, with original signature of Jane ffidoe. John and Henry Payton's mother was a Parkes from Wednesbury, so Ede's book HISTORY OF WEDNESBURY became invaluable.

Would be interested to communicate with anyone working on these families.

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