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From: Gary F. Presson< >
Subject: Re: Henry Jones, b 1738; George Jones, b 1770
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:53:16 CST

Cross-posting a (mostly personal) msg to Bill Denney, to Quaker-Roots-L
as well, just for general information....

Save any flames for personal reply...your indulgence is appreciated...

Gary and Mary Lee.

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:57:51, -0500 (MR WILLIAM L
DENNEY) writes:
>-- [ From: Bill Denney * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> I'm way behind on my e-mails, and generally answer them in the order

That happens. :-)

> Am wondering if it's more than coincidence
>that we share both Dennys and Jones, Stubbs, etc.?

I think when we get that far back, then it is no "coincidence"...it is
strictly our common heritage has merged. (The theory that every 6th
person you encounter is related to you, comes into play, and when you
factor in something like the Quaker background, it becomes even more
likely to share several families.)

> Do you have any more info on the book _JONES and Related Families_?
>I'd like to order a copy if it's available, or at least get it on
>Interlibrary Loan. Thanks.

That is really a sad thing. We only have a copy of this book because an
aunt (in Mpls) went out searching for it about 25 yrs ago. Goodspeed's
Book Sellers found her a copy, and she paid $35 for it then. She had
written to the author and he had told her there were none in print. If
you have seen one of my msgs (To Sarah Shaw in the Czech Republic) you
may know that we will be in your area the last of June. We can bring our
copy and leave it with you. Of course we know you will return it.

I seriously doubt that you will be able to find a library that has this
available for inter-library loan, but possibly somewhere like Guilford
(for instance) MAY have a copy. It was privately published "for family
use", in 1951, by Carrol Brewster Jones, an atty in Marcellus, MI. I am
sure he is likely now deceased. He notes in the preface that he got much
of his material from Hinshaw, and also he was in close contact with Roger
Avery Stubbs (deceased) of Long Lake Minnesota. They appear to have been
sharing data.

The full title of the book is: _Jones and Related Families_ ("A
genealogical compilation and a history depicting the times in which our
forefathers lived. Included herein are the families of STUBBS, GIFFORD,
JOHNSON, HAWKINS, SMALL, HOBSON, GREEN and many others. Compiled and
published by CARROLL BREWSTER JONES, Marcellus, Michigan. Privately
published for family use only.")

"Copyright 1951 by Carroll Brewster Jones. All rights
"Printed by The Cabinet Press, Milford, N.H. 1951"

This copy is nicely bound, 9.5 x 6 ", and is over 400 pages, with a very
comprehesive index of names, tied to their common ancestors and/or

The first line in the preface says: "They laughed when I said `I will
compile a Jones genealogy.'.....My grandfather (was) George W.
Jones...one of 12 children in one of the first families to come to Cass
County, Michigan, in 1830...."

He follows the line of JONES that descend from Henry and Kezia (Hickson)
Jones, and Henry's heritage, going back to Francis Jones, b. ca: 1660,
likely near Jamestown, South Wales. This being within the Friends MM, at
Pembroke, SW.
Other meetings include: Redstone and Haversford, in the same vicinity.

That's about all I have for you at the moment. The rest will be in
private e-mail, as I get a chart prepared for you soon.


Gary and Mary Lee Presson
Wichita, KS USA
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