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From: L Badger J <>
Subject: THORNTON, LEWIS, ???
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 20:26:20 EDT

Hello everyone! I have just recently came across a Quaker connection through
my personal genealogy research, and have since found this mailing list. I have
no knowledge to speak of concerning the religion, but seeing as I am showing
at least 3 generations of them, I guess its time to learn.

I am researching a family, who to my understanding, took part in a migration
of a group of Quakers. Beginning in NC (Kane? Creek), through OH (I know
including Montgomaery CO.), on to Vermilion Co., ILL, and then settling in
Iowa, my family in Polk Co. primarily.

The parent family consists of:
Nathan THORNTON, b. 1799 in NC
d.7 Sep 1878 in Polk Co., IA, buried in Greenwood Cem. there.

wife: Charity ??????
b. 15 Mar 1803 in SC I think, could be NC too
d. 23 Oct 1853 also in Polk Co., IA, buried in Greenwood Cem.

Children included:
Isaac, b. 1820 in Montgomery Co., OH, m. Rebecca STANFIELD
Mariah, b abt 1824 in Montgomery Co., OH, m. W.G. MADDEN
Riley H., b. 1 Nov 1824 in Montgomery Co., OH, m. Rachel HAYWORTH
d. Polk Co., IA
John S.<Spencer>, b. 11 Oct 1827 in Vermilion Co., IL, m. Ester LEWIS
Calvin, b. 1830 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Aramintia HARRIS
Newton, b. 1832 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Susannah LEWIS
Cyrus, b. 31 May 1836 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Elizabeth Jane DAVIS
Anne, b. 1837 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Henry C. LEWIS
Manerva Jane, b. 1839 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Peter SUMSTINE
William, b. 1842 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Martha F. BONDURANT
Thomas T., b. 1845 in Verm. Co., IL, m. Almarina ELLIOTT

I come through the line of:
John S.<Spencer> THORNTON
b. 11 Oct 1827 in Vermilion Co., IL
d. 18 Nov 1891 in Douglas Twp., Polk, IA
m. 4 Apr 1850 in Douglas Twp., Polk, IA to

b. Vermilion Co., IL (possibly in Veremillion Co., IND)
d. 28 Feb 1879 in Douglas Twp., Polk, IA

Their Children include: (All born in Douglas Twp., Polk Co., IA unless noted)
Samantha J.
Thomas Corwin
**Mary Frances "Fannie", b. 24 Mar 1862, m. George Clinton RABER
Ambrose, b. abt 1864
William H., b. 1866
Nathan, b. 1868
Charity E., b. 1871 in Jasper Co., MO
Mary Etta, b. 1873 in Jasper Co., MO
John, b. 1876
Emma, B. 26 Oct 1878
And at least 1 child that died young, no name or dates.
This family moved to Jasper Co., MO in 1869, and then returned to Polk Co., IA
in 1874, no clue as to why.

As information shows, they started sometime in NC, migrated to Ohio sometime
before 1824. Between 1824 to 1827 they migrated to Vermillion Co., ILL. I know
that Riley H. came to IA in 1845, and he is listed as the first settler of
Douglas Twp., Polk Co., IA. I also know that his brother John S.<Spencer> (my
line) came to Douglas Twp. just 2 years later in 1847. I believe the father
Nathan and family came at the same time as one of these boys.I know that both
sets of parents, and at least the brother Riley H. are all buried in Polk Co.,
IA as well.

I am looking for any information that could take me through this migration
with better detail, including more info concerning where these people were
before the move. And I am especially interested in anything I can get on the
LEWIS family. Not only does my GG-Grandfather marry a LEWIS (Ester), but so do
2 more of his siblings, and I am at a loss with her.

Also a pat on the back, this Quaker site looks fabulous. Someone is doing a
terrific job. I thank everyone for their time in looking for a connection.

Letha G. John

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