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Subject: Somers, James Jr.
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 20:47:33 EDT

In the Atlantic County Historical Society's yearbook for Oct 1961, on pp60-69
are the Men's Minutess of the Egg Harbor - Cape May Monthly Meeting of Friends
1726-1843 as transcribed by Olive C. Rundstrom. A paragraph I found

"At a Monthly Meeting held at Cape May for Egg Harbour and Cape May this 4th
day of the 2nd month 1760. Joseph Mapes reports that Whereas JAMES SOMERS
JUNR hath sometime ago married his first cousin contrary to the good order
Established in our Society and Friends have waited some time for his
repentance, But instead thereof he hath repeated his fault by keeping Company
and marriage with a person not of our Society which we apprehend to be a
reproach on our Society wherefore Joseph Mapes and Noah Smith are appointed to
Draw a Testification against him (page 133) and produce it to next Monthly
Meeting. At this meeting it appears by settlement that Elevn shillings is due
to John Willets for Friends Ferriages..."

At the Monthly Meeting held at Egg Harbour for Egg Harbour and Cape May the
3rd day of the 3rd month 1750: "At this meeting the Friends appointed
produced a Testification against JAMES SOMERS JUNR which was read and approved
and Gideon Scull is appointed to read it at the close of a publick meeting on
a first day at the lower end Meeting House..."

I'm trying to figure out (a) which James Somers is this, and (b) what cousin
did he marry? I've got a James Somers b 1/15/1695 d 2/22/1761 who married
Abigail Adams before 11/1/1720. Would the culprit (?) be his son?

(Also what might be ferriages?)

Jan T

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