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Subject: Redstone MM and other sw PA Quakers, part 2
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 18:04:07 PDT

part 2 of the "Quakers of Fayette County" (PA), author unknown, date
written unknown
"Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Virginia was formed in 1735. The
immigration southward from Eastern Pennsylvania continued to grow for
many years until there were twenty local meetings and five monthly
meetings formed there under a Quarterly meeting called Warrington and
"The ever increasing settlers in the Redstone country (note: so named
because of the Redstone Creek which flowed through the whole area and
eventually into the Monongahela River) requested of Hopewell Monthly
Meeting in 1782, the privilege of having a Preparative meeting set up in
the new country, and in 1785 Westland Monthly Meeting was established to
be held alternately on the east and west side of the Monongahela River.
This was the first Quaker meeting to be organized west of the Allegheny
mountains at Westland, a well kept cemetery still marks the spot.
(Note: I'll check into this fact. Remember, that this article was
probably written 50 years ago or more.) It lies about two miles from
Centerville, Washington county on the Ridge Road about a mile off the
national highway.(Note: this refers to Route 40, the National Road)
This is a beautiful spot commanding a view for many miles around. The
Summit Hotel (Note: which is at the summit of the Allegheny Mountains
overlooking Uniontown, Fayette County, PA) can be plainly seen on a
clear day, and the hills above Brownsville.
"The meeting house was of stone and had long wooden sheds beside it
where the horses were sheltered from the weather. There was also a log
school house, later replaced by a frame one, still standing and over 75
years old. Directly back of the church, long past torn away are the
graves of more than 850 Quakers. A few years ago these graves could be
plainly seen, as the old walnut caskets gave away, one by one, and left
a depression in the ground. Now they are leveled over and this plot
forms the center of the Westland Cemetery.
"Recently, the Monthly Minutes of the Society of Friends at Westland
were brought to light by Mr. W. H. Farqulvar of West Brownsville.
Extracts from these minutes (1791) were published in the Western
Pennsylvania Historical Magazine (year 1926)."
Next time, I'll continue with the first Quaker church in Fayette
Hope this information can help some of you whose ancestors lived, even
for a while, in southwestern PA.

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