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Tell be more about the Reeve connection. I have Reeve in my line,
including a Reeve connection that took the Oregon (Lassen) Trail from
Medford, thru Tennessee, on to California.

Just looked at my file and Ihave Susie Reeve and Edward Swartz married
in 1873.

Gotta hear more .... Thanks>>

I am trying to find facts, birth locations, dates and father, mother
grandparents of Susie Reeve and Edward Swartz. They are my g grandparents. My
grandmother Florence Swartz Brown b Americus KS 4-17-1883 m Frank Brown
6-12-1907 at Friendswood , TX.
I have a story (30 pages) by Oscar Winther published in the Rutgers
University Journal 06-1948 titled "From Tenn. to CA in 1849" Letters of the
Reeve Family of Medford, NJ. It was given to me by my grandmother as family
information, but I could never make the connection of the many Reeve people in
the story to Susie Reeve. The story includes actual letters from the CA bound
Reeves back to relatives in NJ. The story is interesting . The father Mark
Reeve had been an iron mfg in Medford NJ and at Pactolus and Union Forge Tenn.
He and 2 of his 3 sons Clayton, Caspar and daughter Rebecca first rafted down
the Tenn. river to Independence Mo., after which they went to CA by wagon
train. Clayton was killed by indians en route. etc. etc.
Are you interested in Book ?. Do you have facts on Susie Reeves parents? I
would appreciate anything you might have. I of course have all the facts about
my grandmother and rest of family in both directions. Would be pleased to
share anything I have which are of interest to you.

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