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From: Thomas Hamm <>
Subject: Re: Peden
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 08:47:14 -0500 (EST)

>I have just begun doing research and know very little about it. I have info
>that Samuel and Lydia Peden requested membership in "Society of Friends". They
>lived in York Co. in the Manahan Township. Is this the Quakers? They were
>accepted in Oct. 13, 1770. Lydia was quite active but Samuel had
>difficulties. He was "charges by a single woman" which he denied. His was
>disowned on November 1771. How can I find out any info on whether his wife
>and children continued with the Society of Friends? Also where do I look for
>any info on the Society of Friends? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
>I have been watching and reading a lot of e-mail to get an idea of how this
>all goes. I guess it is time to get my feet wet.
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Any Quakers in York County at this time would have been members of
Warrington MM. Some Warrington records (although unfortunately not
including the minutes) were abstracted and published in 1989 by Margaret B.
Walmer as 100 YEARS AT WARRINGTON. Publisher is Heritage Books. Even the
husband was disowned, the wife and her children could have remained Friends.

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