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Subject: Re: Taxes on Quakers
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Horace and Seth,

First off to answer Horace's question. The high taxes were charged because
the local officials were corrupt. They would "campaign" to get appointed to
as many positions as possible, and with no regulation from the British (who
gave them their power), they found they could charge any fee or tax and the
people had no choice but to pay it. The officials would levy a high tax,
then demand payment in cash, when the people were used to being able to pay
taxes by trading goods. When the people couldn't pay the taxes in cash, the
officials took their property. Then when the property was put up for sale,
the officials had an inside track in getting the jump on others to buy it
(plus the people couldn't afford to buy it), then he'd buy the property for
a fraction of it's worth. Thus they got rich, very rich.

I don't think you can remove the British from this issue since all the
corrupt officials were put into office by the British, then they would not
regulate fees and taxes; hence the name Regulators. When the people began
to demand an accounting of their monies paid, the officials turned them
away. Then the people began signing petitions to the British, including the
Gov. of NC (I have copies of a few of them). They never acknowledged
receiving them. That sealed the fate, as things only could get worse.

Royal Gov. Tryon received a transfer to become the Gov. of PA. He decided
that it would harm his reputation if he left NC in the middle of a turmoil,
so he decided to send his troops (British) to Alamance Co. to find the
Regulators and take care of them. When he brought such a large force with
him, many of the less serious complainers ran. Even the leader of the
Regulators, Herman Husband, saw there was no way the battle could be won, so
he also left, leaving the Regulators with no leader. The rest of the
Regulators fought with all they had, and did kill or wound a total of 15 of
the British.

The Battle of Alamance is often called "The First Battle of the
Revolutionary War" (I quote a monument onsite at Alamance Battleground,
which was erected in 1880.). That is a debatable statement, but
nevertheless, the British were definately involved and at the root of the
problem. The Battle of Alamance happened in 1771, so it wasn't long before
the Revolutionary War began.

After the Battle of Alamance and the hangings of those who refused to pledge
alliegance to the British Crown, the local people were afraid to try
anything again. They just put their faith in the new govenor and hoped he
would make a difference. Just a few short years later, they found
themselves being asked to fight the British again. After their first
experience, I think they'd be very reluctant to do it again. Even so, a few
of them did decide to fight the British again, and local Quaker records make
it seem as if the church turned their heads and just pretended they didn't
know about it. That may just be how things appear though, as it could have
been considered by the churches as the people just left the area and the
faith all together.

Seth - Thanks for the kind remarks about the Quakers. I agree that they
were indeed a group of very wise people.

This has turned out to be much longer than I intended, but I think it covers
the questions raised.

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Subject: Taxes on Quakers

the high rate of taxes please? War Tax?
>No wonder they moved to other areas...
>Thank you, Horace. (Over 27,250 Descendents)
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