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Info from FTM Online Genealogy Library - book referenced below

Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey Vol 1

The Sharp family, of which Mrs. Daniel Parry Forst was a representative,
traced its ancestry to Anthony Sharp, who resided in Gloucestershire, England,
from whence he removed to Dublin, Ireland, in 1659. He connected himself with
the Society of Friends and became a preacher in that sect. He wrote and left
several manuscripts, viz.: "Against Priests," "On Immediate Revelation," "Call
of Gospel Ministers," "The Preaching of Women," "Baptism and the Lord's
Supper." As a public Friend he traveled through Ireland and England, and in
1695 visited Denmark, Holland, Germany and Scotland. He was the father of four
children, three sons, Anthony, Isaac and Joseph, and one daughter, Mary
Rachel. Anthony inherited his father's estate in England; Isaac and Joseph
inherited by will his land in the province of New Jersey. The family came over
in the ship "Pink," which arrived in Elsinboro, Salem county, New Jersey,
November 19, 1682. The insolence and persecution offered by Bishop Nichols, of
Gloucestershire, to Anthony Sharp and other Quakers is supposed to have
induced him to seek an asylum for his family on the distant shores of America.

Joseph Sharp, third son of Anthony Sharp, came with his brother Isaac to New
Jersey, 1682. He married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Piles Smith, and
had two children: Isaac and Margaret. Joseph Sharp married (second) Grace
Smith, daughter of Thomas Piles, and had children: Joseph, Abraham, Thomas,
William, Anthony, Ann. Grace (Smith) Sharp, born October 5, 1732, died
September 19, 1828, aged ninety-six years.

Thomas Sharp, son of Joseph and Grace (Smith) Sharp, was born in Salem county,
New Jersey, October 5, 1763. He married, October 5, 1786, Rebecca Foster, born
November 26, 1767, in Cape May county, New Jersey. Their children were: Anna
Isabella, born December 22, 1787, married Elijah Griffiths, M. D.; Margaret
Mr., see forward; Mary Ann, born August 7, 1795, in Salem county, died October
19, 1807; buried in Presbyterian churchyard, Pine street, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. Thomas Sharp died March 16, 1808, and his widow passed away May
12, 1822.

Margaret M. Sharp, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Foster) Sharp, was born
October 21, 1793, died November 30, 1885, and was buried at Lambertville, New
Jersey. She married, November 7, 1788, Joseph Dawson Murray, as
aforementioned, and their children were: Mary Ann, William Henry, Thomas
Sharp, Rebecca Sharp, Margaret Grace, Frances Holcombe, Emeline Rosamond, Anna
Griffiths, Joseph G. Wilkinson and Elizabeth Smith, twins, Joseph Dawson, Jr.,
John Howard.

Arthur Daniel Forst, son of Daniel Parry and Emeline Rosamond (Murray) Forst,
was born in Trenton, New Jersey, May 21, 1866. He attended the schools of his
native city until eleven years of age, and from that time until 1884 attended
schools in New York City (Columbia Grammar School). He then entered Princeton
University and was graduated from there in 1888. The following year he engaged
in the pottery business in Tiffin, Ohio, remaining there until 1890, when he
engaged in the manufacture of wall and floor tile, and is now (1907) president
and treasurer of the Robertson Art Tile Company of Trenton, New Jersey, with
factory located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Mr. Forst is prominent and
influential in the affairs of his native city, and is respected by all with
whom he is brought in contact. He has displayed marked energy and enterprise
in his business career, making the most of his opportunities, and winning for
himself an honorable name by reason of what he has accomplished and because of
his unfaltering perseverance. He is a director in the First National Bank of
Trenton, member of the board of managers of the Trenton Saving Fund Society,
vice-president of the Board of Trade, secretary and treasurer of the Forst-
Richey Building (Incorporated), director in the Young Men's Christion
Association, one of the board of managers of the McKinley Memorial Hospital,
and park commissioner. He served five years in the National Guard of New
Jersey. He is a member of the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church, in
which he holds the office of trustee, member of Nassau Club of Princeton,
Princeton Club of New Jersey, Princeton Club of New York City and Republican
Club of Trenton. Mr. Forst is a Republican in politics.

Mr. Forst Married, in Trenton, New Jersey, March 27, 1889, Ella Mason,
daughter of William Collins and Catherine (Clark) Thorne, and their children
are: Daniel Parry, born in Tiffin, Ohio, June 16, 1890, being educated at
Mercersburg Academy, Pennsylvania, preparatory to entering Princeton
University. Dorothy, born at Trenton, New Jersey, October 15, 1894, being
educated at State Model School. Arthur Daniel, Jr., born at Trenton, New
Jersey, January 4, 1900, being educated at State Model School. Mr. Thorne was
a descendant of William and Sarah Thorne, members of the religious society of
Friends. They came from Dorsetshire, England, 1634, and took up their
residence in Lynn, Massachusetts, 1638.

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