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From: Thomas Hamm <>
Subject: Re: Quakers and Slaves
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 08:46:32 -0500 (EST)

>Hi everyone,
>Yesterday I sent a note showing the taxing of Quakers, and I got quit a few
>responses. Thanks for all of those.
>Now here is one for all those who do no think that Quakers had slaves...
>This one is a little different... It is a receipt..
>Received of Mr Josiah Peelle twelve dollars for the hire of negro girl
>Tempy for the present year 1815 March 18. John Eaves.
>This is the same Josiah being taxed in the previous e-mail.
A couple of possibilities here. The Discipline of Friends was very
clear--Friends were not to own slaves. Owning or even hiring one brought

One possibility is that Tempy is one of the slaves who had been turned over
to North Carolina Yearly Meeting by owners who wished to free them but
could not under the laws of the state. North Carolina Yearly Meeting
became legal owners of a number of slaves in this way before 1820. The
yearly meeting may have placed her under Josiah Peele's care.

Another possibility is that Tempy is a free orphan who had been bound to
Josiah Peele. He, in turn, could have hired her to someone else.

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