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From: rah williams <>
Subject: Ellicott
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 23:51:05 +0100

The following is a draft of my Ellicott ancestors. I live in England and
am unable
to research the American "end". Would appreciate any comment,
corrections or additions
from anyone in America connected with this family. My interest is
limited to the
persons mentioned, their brothers and sisters and the dates of birth of
siblings children. Also I would appreciate any details of their wills
(if made).
Richard Williams


Robert Ellicott of ? Cullompton, Devon c1585-
chn: Robert Ellicott b c1615 below
John Ellicott Will of Cullompton (.......) ?1677 left considerable
property in
houses, goods & money

Robert Ellicott of Cullompton, Devon merchant c1615-1712
m Mary .....
d 1712 aged 97; Will (.....) c1712 devised his house to his daughter and
Thomas Lake, with reversion to his son Andrew
(member, Society of Friends); (as of Cullompton merchant, imprisoned)
temp. Charles II
chn: Andrew Ellicott b c1645; c1712 fw below
..[dau].. Ellicott; m Thomas Lake: She c1712 fw

Andrew Ellicott of Cullompton, Devon c1645-?1711
m 11 Jun 1677 .....: Elizabeth Hodge of Zealmanacord [? dau of William
c 13 Mar 1643 Zeal]
d 13 Feb 1710[ù1?]; ? Will (Exeter)
(member, Society of Friends, last mentioned in their records in 1711)
1662-1711; (imprisoned in Exeter Gaol) c1683-1685; c1712 fw; (appears to
have granted a reversion of his property in Cullompton to his son Andrew
which eventually was claimed by his great grandson Joseph Ellicott in
1767); (this property appears to have consisted of "ten small tenements,
build with mud and thatched with straw" with an annual rental value of
œ22 in 1767)
chn: Mary Ellicott b 26 Oct 1670; d 1681
Elizabeth Ellicott b 28 Jul 1680
Agnes Ellicott b 28 Apr 1682; m 1706 Samuel Godfrey
Andrew Ellicott b 3 Jan 1683 below
Joseph Ellicott b 13 Apr 1686; d 13 Feb 1710

Andrew Ellicott of Cullompton, Devon woollen-manufacturer 1683-1766
b 3 Jan 1683
m 10 Feb 1706ù7 Liskyeard FM: Mary Fox dau of Francis Fox of St Germans,
1647-1704 QV and Tabitha (Croker); b c1687; d 19 Mar 1759 Cornwall; i
21 Mar 1759
East Looe
d 1766 Bucks Co
(member, Society of Friends); (having been unsuccesful in business, with
his son Andrew, visited Buckingham, Bucks Co, PA) c1730; (on his son's
marriage decided to remain in USA and lived with his son; his wife and
other children remained in England) 1731; (appears to have acquired the
reversion on his father's property in Cullompton, but probably died
before the news reached him, his grandson Joseph below eventually
chn: Andrew Ellicott b 4 OR 11 Jul 1708 below
Mary Ellicott b 9 Nov 1709; m 20 Jan 1732ù3 Tregangreves FM,
Cornwall: Nicholas
Emett of Endillon, Cornwall (son of William Emett and Dorothy):
She d 1742
Joseph Ellicott b 8 Nov 1710; unm; d 12 Jun 1751
Elizabeth Ellicott b 25 May 1712; d in infancy
Francis Ellicott b 11 Jul 1713; d in infancy
Elizabeth Ellicott b 28 Sep 1714; d in infancy
Francis Ellicott b 18 Apr 1716; d in infancy

Andrew Ellicott of Buckingham, Bucks Co, PA wool-carder 1708-1741
b 4 OR 11 Jul 1708
m 17 Jun 1731 ..... FM: Ann Bye dau of Nathaniel Bye of PA 1677-.... QV
and Martha
(Pearson); b c1709; m2 aged 35 Jun 1744 George Wall; d 21 Aug 1786
Bucks Co aged
d of pleurisy Jun 1741; Will 20 Dec 1740/....... devised nearly all his
estate, valued at less than $700, to his wife Ann; and his farm of
50a. to her for
life and then to his children
(with his father Andrew, visited Buckingham) c1730; (on his marriage
decided to remain in USA) 1731; (said to have been very poor and lived
in a little log house, followed the business of wool-carding and
combing); (his children placed in the guardianship of Samuel Armitage)
chn: Joseph Ellicott b 8 Oct 1732; m 1753 Judith Bleaker dau of Samuel
Bleaker and
Sarah; (and had chn: Andrew b 24 Jan 1754, Sarah b 19 Jul 1755,
David b 26 Dec
1756, Ann b 3 Dec 1758, Joseph b 1 Nov 1760, Letitia b 19 Nov
1762, Benjamin
[twin] b 17 Apr 1765, Rachel [twin] b 17 Apr 1765, Mary b 10 May
1769): She b
c1730 Bucks Co; d 1809 aged 79: He ; d 1780 aged 48; (placed with
a wool
comber) c1741; (worked with his future father-in-law Samuel
Bleaker on mill
repairs); (built Ellicott Mill) c1753; (constructed a repeating
watch, which he
later took to England); (sailed to England in the "Hibernia" to
receive the
reversion of his great grandfather's estate) 24 Dec 1766; (sold
the Cullompton
estate reputedly for œ1,500) 3 Jun 1767; (High Sheriff, Bucks Co)
(maker of a celebrated musical clock) 1769; (with others,
purchased Ellicott's
Upper Mills, Howard Co, Maryland and subsequently built the family
mansion) 31
Dec 1774; (moved to Maryland) Dec 1775
Andrew Ellicott b 22 Jan 1734 Buckingham below
Nathaniel Ellicott b 17 Feb 1736; m Letitia Harvey; (but had no
chn); (placed
with a blacksmith) 1741;
Thomas Ellicott b 16 Mar 1738; m1 26 Oct 1763 Anne Ely; (and had
chn: Ruth,
John, Sarah, Anne, Pamelia, Thomas, Joseph, Letitia): She m1
Wilkinson); (and had chn: George, Rachel): He m2 Rebecca .....; He
m3 16 Nov
1791 Jane Kinsey; (and had chn: Hannah): She m2 William Brown of
He d 1799; (of Bucks Co)
John Ellicott b 28 Dec 1739; m1 Leah Brown; (and had chn: Martha b
7 Nov 1761,
Mary b 10 Apr 1763, Elizabeth b 30 Dec 1764, Hannah b 20 Jul 1767,
John b 10
Sep 1769): He m2 Cassandra Hopkins; (but had no chn)

Andrew Ellicott of Buckingham, Bucks Co, PA 1734-1809
b 22 Jan 1734 Buckingham
m1 31 Dec 1755 Buckingham FM: Elizabeth Brown dau of Thomas Brown of PA
1696-1757 QV
and Elizabeth (Davidson); b c1721; d c1766; (a cousin of his second
m2 9 Sep 1767 Buckingham FM: Esther Brown QV; (a cousin of his first
d 28 Jun 1809
(placed with a house carpenter) 1741; (founder of Ellicott's Mills) 1774
(with his wife Esther and son John, certificated to move from Buckingham
FM to Baltimore FM, MD) 5 Nov 1797
chn: Jonathan Ellicott b 9 Nov 1756; m Sarah Harvey; (and had chn:
Elizabeth m 26
Oct 1803 Elk Ridge FM, near Ellicott's Mills, MD: William Tyson
of Baltimore 1782-.... QV)
Elias Ellicott b c1757; d in infancy
Elias Ellicott b 4 Jan 1759
George Ellicott b 28 Mar 1760 Bucks Co below
Benjamin Ellicott b 16 Oct 1761; unm; d 1838
Nathaniel Ellicott b 10 Jan 1763
Andrew Ellicott b c1764; d in infancy
Elizabeth Ellicott b c1765; d in infancy
[2] Joseph Ellicott b c1768; d in infancy
Tacy Ellicott b 3 May 1770; m Isaac McPherson; (and had chn:
Esther, Mary,
Ann, Hannah, Martha, William, Sarah, Isaac); She d 1829
James Ellicott b 24 Aug 1772; m Henrietta Thomas; (and had chn:
Charles): He d
Andrew Ellicott b 2 Oct 1775; m Hannah Tunis; (and had chn: Jane,
Eliza, Maria,
Andrew); He d 1823
Thomas Ellicott b 10 Nov 1777; m 11 Dec 1806 Mary Miller dau of
William Miller
of Avondale, Chester Co, PA and Ann; (and had chn: William M. b 30
1807, Sarah Ann b 21 Jan 1809, Hannah b 21 Aug 1810, Lydia b 11
Feb 1812, Mary
b 10 Sep 1813, Esther B. b 12 Nov 1814, Rebecca M. b 6 Mar 1816,
Catharine b 9
Nov 1817, Elizabeth b 1 Jan 1822): He (President, Union Bank,
Baltimore); d
John Ellicott b 2 Feb 1780; m 6 Jun 1803 Baltimore FM: Mary
Mitchell dau of John
Mitchell and Tacy (Tyson); (and had chn: Rachel b 6 Apr 1804, Ann
b 16 Oct
1805, John b 8 Oct 1808, Mary b 23 Jun 1810, John b 15 Nov 1812):
She m2 16 Apr
1817 Abijah Janney of Alexandria, DC (son of Jacob Janney of
Loudon Co,
Virginia and Hannah (Ingledon)): He d 27 Jan 1814; i Elk Ridge FBG
Ellicott's City, MD [see SHOEMAKER 135 et seq]

George Ellicott of Ellicott's Lower Mills, MD 1760-?1832
b 28 Mar 1760 Bucks Co, PA
m 29 Dec 1790 Sandy Spring FM, MD: Elizabeth "Betsy" Brooke dau of James
Brooke (? of
"Brooke Grove", Prince George's Co, MD) 1731-1769 QV and Hannah
(Janney); b 25 Jun
1762; d 29 Nov 1853; (joined Society of Friends at Indian Spring) 27
Jul 1782
d ? 1832 Maryland
(managed his extensive private property interests); (? co-founder of
Ellicott's Lower Mills later Ellicott City)
chn: James B. Ellicott b 3 Jan 1792; d 19 Oct 1816
Elizabeth Ellicott b 5 Dec 1793; m 18 Nov 1812 Thomas Lea jr. of
Sandy Spring,
Montgomery Co, MD; (and had chn: George E., Edward, James, Sarah,
Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann): She d 28 Dec 1858
Martha Ellicott b 13 Sep 1795 below
George Ellicott b 16 Jul 1798; m 10 Nov 1841 Mrs. Agnes B.
Iglehart; (and had
chn: Elizabeth, Martha, George): He (of Ilchester); d 16 Dec 1869
Mary Ellicott [twin] b 14 May 1801; m 19 OR 25 Oct 1825 Thomas
Tyson of
Baltimore merchant 1794-.... QV (son of Jesse Tyson and Margaret
(and had chn: Elizabeth Ellicott): She d 23 Jun 1834; He m2 24 Aug
1836 (his
sister-in-law) Ann B. Ellicott [see SHOEMAKER 80]
Ann B. Ellicott [twin] b 14 May 1801; m 24 Aug 1836 (her
brother-in-law) Thomas
Tyson (above); (but had no chn): He m3 17 Oct 1844 Mary Thomas dau
of Samuel
Thomas and Elizabeth Cowman: She d 16 Jul 1839 [see SHOEMAKER 80]
Sarah Ellicott b 11 Nov 1803; d 31 Aug 1804

Martha Ellicott 1795-1873
b 13 Sep 1795
m 27 Sep 1815 Elk Ridge FM, near Ellicott's Mills, MD: Nathan Tyson of
Baltimore, MD
1787-1867 QV
d 5 Mar 1873


FOX, ELLICOTT AND EVANS FAMILIES ... 1882 Baker, Jones [US] [Reprinted
with additional material 1976] especially pages 5-9 and (282-283);
Devonshire Wills (Index Library XXXV) at Hull Library; Ferris, Henry
(Ed.) THE MOORE-TYSON FAMILY (1937) 13-4

CHART [OK]; DATE 23/9/98

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