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From: "Bruce D. Ryan" <>
Subject: Cane Creek and Wrightsborough
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:53:32 -0400

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this list and just discovered my family's connection to the
Quakers a couple of weeks ago. I have some questions.

I am researching the Ryan family. My fifth great grandfather was
Richard Ryan, born in 1756 in Orange County, NC. We're sure that
Richard Ryan and James Ryan are part of the same family, and it's likely
that James was Richard's father. James Ryan married Prudence Moore,
daughter of Richard Moore, one of the first and prominent Quaker
residents of Wrightsborough, Georgia, about 1773. I understand that
many of the Wrightsborough Quakers came from Orange County, NC, and my
family did as well.

Hinshaw's Quaker Genealogy Encyclopedia contains some very interesting
and tantalizing entries for me. First, it shows that Prudence Moore,
along with her parents, were received into the Cane Creek NC MM on a
certificate from the Exeter Monthly Meeting in 1757. Next, in 1759, it
says that Prudence Moore was disowned, and in 1760 it says Prudence
Ryan's paper of denial was published.

I'm new to this, but this says to me that Prudence may have been
disowned for marrying James, probably a non-Quaker, and that marriage
occurred around 1759 or 1760. Is that an accurate interpretation? Some
additional questions:

What is a paper of denial? If it was published "1760 4.5" how can I
find it?

My Richard was born in 1756, and it seems that James and Prudence were
married 1759 or 1760, so it seems that Prudence may not be Richard's
mother. If the daughter of a Quaker were marrying a
previously-married-non-Quaker with children, would this fact be recorded
in any Quaker minutes or records?

Thank you for any help!

Bruce Ryan

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