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Subject: Re: Stillwater Friends Meeting
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:49:01 -0400

My wife and I are members at Stillwater Friends Meeting.

The Meeting House in use today is the Ohio Yearly Meeting House,
and was built in 1877-1878. There is a sketch of the penultimate
meeting house (built 1812 & lengthened in 1823 for Quarterly
Meeting) in the Stanton book.

There were also some marriages at Stillwater before 1808. Among
them were:

Samuel Berry and Mary Hodgin 10-1-1806
Dempsey Boswell and Mary Middleton 9-26-1804
Jacob Croy and Susannah Bayly 10-28-1807
Jesse Dawson and Elizabeth Doudna 9-30-1807


There were others, which can be found in EAQG vol. 4 under
Concord MM.

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> Belmont County, Ohio Cemetery
> Friends Stillwater Church & Cemetery Warren Township
> This cemetery and church are on Co. Rd 102, off St. Rd. 147
at east edge
>of Barnesville. This church and cemetery are very old and date
back to
>1804. A section of the old church contains a museum and church
and cemetery
>records may be found there. Burial records of some who do not
have markers
>in the cemetery may be found there and I hope to get them later.
>Bundy was the caretaker when I copied the cemetery inscriptions
and was
>very helpful. The interesting old church is similar to the
restored Friends
>Church at Mt. Plesant, OH. The first church was a log church
built in the
>spring of 1804 and was the first Christian church erected in
>Township. The brick church was erected in 1812. Ruth Boswell
preached the
>first sermon in the log church and the aged Hosea Doudna was its
>steward. The first burial was that of Eupherma Mendenhall.
>First 2 marriages 1808:
>Stephen Bailey & Tabitha Patterson
>Joseph Dodd & Ann Hall

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