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From: Thomas Hamm <>
Subject: Re: MARY ANN WILCOX 1688-1721
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:17:50 -0500 (EST)

>In a message dated 10/12/98 9:25:46 PM, wrote:
><<Mary Ann Wilcox married Samuel Underwood. I am a direct descendant and I
>have not researched Mary Ann Wilcox yet. Before I do, is there anyone on
>our list that knows who her parents are?
>Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>Jan L. Creek>>
>Jan, I got my best Underwood data including Samuel and his father Thomas from
>from list member Thomas Hamm at . Thomas is the Quaker curator
>at Earlam College and is one of our most knowledgable on the list. He will
>probably beat me with a reply, but just in case. I along with Thomas's wife
>descend from this line through Alexander Underwood and his daughter Mary who
>married Thomas Cook b 08-29-1704 Cheshire, England d 1753 Warrington MM, York
>County , PA. They married 07-1730 at New Garden MM, PA.
>Regards, Howard Cook

I wanted to review my Wilcox and Underwood material before I responded to
this. I'm interested in Samuel and Mary Underwood, since my wife and I are
both descended from them, my wife from Alexander Underwood (ca. 1688-1767)
who married Jane Harry via Mary (Underwood) Cook; I from Elizabeth
Underwood (ca. 1692-1766) who married Evan Harry/Harris.

I think that Billie Redding Lewis's book on the Underwoods is quite good.
One important record she wasn't aware of when she published it is found in
(London, 1753), vol. II, p. 379. This is the section on Maryland,
sufferings of Friends in 1658: "Thomas Underwood, a very poor lame Man, not
having the Use of his Limbs to labour, and having a Wife and four small
Children, because he could not Swear, suffered Distress of Goods to the
Value of 7 Pounds 10 shillings." Lewis noted that some genealogists had
been unconvinced that the immigrants Thomas and Elizabeth Underwood were
Friends. I think that this resolves the question. This also proves that
they had at least four children. Only two, Elizabeth and Samuel, have been

All dates of birth for Samuel are approximations. He was not born when his
parents arrived from England in 1650, otherwise they would have claimed
land based on bringing him into the colony. The only other thing I know to
go on is that Samuel was old enough to have land surveyed in 1682 and to
have son Alexander born in 1688. So I think that he was born probably no
later than 1660.

No record of Samuel's marriage has been found. From land records, we know
that his wife's name was Mary, and I have no problem with making her the
Mary Underwood mentioned in the will of Henry Wilcocks, made Nov. 9, 1684
and probated April 25, 1685. However, the abstract I have of Henry's will
does not call Mary Underwood his daughter--it doesn't indicate the
relationship. He does mention his son Henry, and leaves property to his
wife Mary to care for their children. Maybe someone who has seen the
original will can clarify this.

Third Haven MM records show that Henry Wilcocks of Talbot Co. and Sarah
Lewis, "relict" of William Lewis were married at Bettys Cove Meeting House
on Nov. 9, 1669 (the original record used the "worldly" date.) That barely
leaves enough time for Henry and Sarah to have a daughter Mary and have her
marry Samuel Underwood, but it is possible. Moreover, Sarah must have died
and Henry remarried by the time he made his will in 1684.

Anyway, after looking carefully at this, I think it likely that Samuel
Underwood's wife is the Mary Underwood mentioned in Henry Wilcocks's will.
But I don't think that we can be sure whether she was the daughter of Henry
by a previous marriage, the daughter of William and Sarah Lewis, or the
daughter of Henry and Sarah Wilcocks. I think the last the least likely

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