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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 09:48:05 EST

Info from FTM Genealogy Online Library - book referenced below. Ruth in NC

The Barclays of New York

Records of Early Quaker Meetings in Maryland and Virginia.

The early Meetings of Friends in MARYLAND were the West River Monthly Meeting,
on the Western Shore of Chesapeake Bay, and the Third Haven Monthly Meeting on
the Eastern Shore.

The former dates back to 2nd mo. (i. e. April O. S.), 1672, and was composed
of (1) West River, (2) Herring Creek and (3) Indian Springs in Anne Arundel
County, and The Cliffs in Calvert County.

The Third Haven (sometimes called "Trade Haven") Meeting, dates back to 8th
mo. (i. e. October, O. S.) 3rd, 1672.

In the Northern part of the State was the Nottingham Monthly Meeting, dating
from 1730, Gunpowder, dating from 1739, Deer Creek from 1765, Pipe Creek from
about 1767, and Baltimore from 1793.

Hopewell Monthly Meeting was established in 1732 as a part of the Nottingham
Monthly Meeting, and became a Meeting of Record in 1735. The first volume of
records, 1735 to 1759, was destroyed by fire. The records from 1759 are
preserved in the vault at the Park Avenue Meeting House, Baltimore.

Fairfax Monthly Meeting (Loudon County, Virginia), was established in 1745,
and its records from that date are preserved at the Park Avenue Meeting House,
Baltimore, as are also the records of the Crooked Run Monthly Meeting (of the
same County) established 1783 and abandoned 1807. Goose Creek Monthly Meeting
(Loudon County, Virginia), was established in 1785 and its records, together
with those of the Alexandra Monthly Meeting, near Washington (which date from
1805), are preserved in the same vault as are the records above mentioned.

Further information concerning these meetings may be had by consulting
Janney's "History of Friends," or Weeks' "Southern Quakers and Slavery;" or by
addressing KIRK BROWN (Custodian of the Records, Park Avenue Meeting House,
Baltimore), who has made a complete index of the contents of these records.
Mr. BROWN also has extensive notes compiled by him from the records of the
South River Monthly Meeting in Bedford County, Virginia, 1757-1878; of the
Henrico Monthly Meeting, in Henrico County, Virginia, formerly called Curls,
1698-1755; and of the White Oak Swamp Monthly Meeting in the same locality,


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