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From: John Russell-Curry <>
Subject: Introduction: Cook/Cooke; Harris; Scott; Bucks, Montgomery, Lycoming, Centre Counties, PA.
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 18:08:13 -0800 (PST)

I have just joined your list. I have some elusive Quaker ancestors
which you would think is an oxymoron with the great records available...
My g,g,g grandfather and his father were both Quaker but fought in
the Revolutionary War. I was told that they were kicked out but reinstated
after the war. I had the internet researcher look for them in records at
Haverford College but there was no trace of them. I looked through every
resource I thought might be helpful at the genealogical library in
Philadelphia this summer. No trace. It has been suggested to check with
Swarthmore, but they don't do research for you and I am in California...

Jacob Cooke/Cook born about 1730 Philadelphia County, PA (Valley
Forge) was what my papers say, but apparently I should be looking in
Montgomery County?
Married Susannah Road 13 Sep 1753 Upper Merion, Pa by Rowland
Evans, J.P. (Note that they were married out of the Society by a Justice
of the Peace). They lived in Valley Forge, Merion, Upper Merion, PA.
Jacob was a yeoman, but it has also been said that it was his fleet of
boats that Washington used when crossing the Delaware and that he was the
ferryman who rowed Washinton across the Delaware, and his fleet of boats
were some used by the troops. He enlisted Philadelphia Co. 23 Jan 1777 in
the Continental Line, in Battle of Brandywine 11 Sep 1777 as a private. He
died before 9 Feb 1792 in Upper Merion Township, PA and is buried in Upper
Merion, PA (probably Valley Forge?). In list maybe?, of Rev soldiers
buried at Upper Merion Graveyard. He fought in Col. John Patton's Regt and
then was transferred to the Eleventh Reg., Penn. Continental Line. He was
wounded at Battle of Brandywine by a musket ball in the right leg. He
refused whiskey when his wound was dressed due to his temperance scruples.
It is said that two Cooke brothers came over from England with one
of Penn's Colonies. I have also heard they came over on the second ship
with Wm Penn. One brother was said to have gone to Connecticut. The
other, ancestor to Jacob, settled in Upper Merion Township, PA. However I
don't have names for Jacobs' ancestors...
His children were:Jesse born 1763 and Emily. Nothing is known
about Emily.

Jesse Cooke/Cook born in Merion, Pa married Hannah Davis (daughter
of Robert and Catharine Davis of Springfield Township Delaware County), on
29 Oct 1795 by Hillary Baker, J.P. in Philadelphia City, PA. Jesse was a
cooper and served with the Associators and Militia of Chester Co., in Capt.
John Underwood's 2nd Co. under John Hammons Battalion in 1782. He joined
his father Jacob when Jacob was wounded. Jesse died in Danville,
Northumberland Co., PA. His children were Susannah born 1796 and William
born 1799.
Susannah married Harry/Henry Ammerman/Amerman.
William was born in Valley Forge and married Margaret Harris 12
April 1832 in Bellefonte, Centre Co., PA. His parents moved to Danville
around 1810. He trained in coach making in Milton, and set up business in
Bellefonte. He was also Quaker, but they raised their children
Presbyterian. Margaret's ancestors were also Quaker, and Margaret's home
was a stop on the Underground Railroad with Wm Cook. He died around 1876
in Bellefonte. They had 9 children:
William Jr. born 1833; Henry 1834; Mary 1837; James B. 1840; Samuel 1842;
Andrew J. 1845; Claude 1848; Charles Franklin 1850 (my great grandfather);
and George H. 1857.

Margaret Harris' grandparents were John Harris and Susannah Scott.
The Scott family were Quaker: Margaret's g,g,g,g, grandparents: John and
Jane Scott came from Thet, Yorkshire England in 1699 on the ill-fated
Brittania. John appears in early municipal records of Philadelphia as
executor of some of the victims of an epidemic on the ship that killed most
of the passengers. and in records of the Philadelpha meeting of Friends
minutes dealing with disposal of the Thomas Wilson children and estate (but
I haven't seen it myself, just reference to it). The Scotts purchased 100
acres of land in what was later Bristol township, Bucks Co., it lay just
below Tullytown on the Delaware River, practically at the site of "Cold
Spring" where Thomas Dungan had established the first Baptist Church in
1684. John Scott died less than 2 years later and his wife remarried John
Whitacre at Falls Meeting. They moved to Upper Makefield township, Bucks
Co where they purchased 600 acres from Thomas Stevenson. The Scotts sons
John, and Thomas Scott lived in Upper Makefield next to John Whitacre's
property. He was a member of Falls Meeting of Friends and disciplined in
1748 for letting his daughter be married at home by a Justice, out of the
Society. Thomas married Mary and had Thomas Jr. and Prudence.
First known record of John Scott in Falls Mo. Mtg. 8 month,3, 1731
propsed intentions of marriage with Hanna Merrick of Abington Monthly
meeting. Occurred at Abington Mo. Mt. 11 mo. 31, 1731. Hannah Merrick
daughter of John Merrick of Lower Dublin in Philadelphia Co.
John and Jane Scotts' son John Scott Jr. and Hannah Merrick had
Henry Scott who married Mary Dean. Henry was born ca.1739. He apparently
married out fo the Society. It is thought that she was of one of the
families of Dean who emigrated from Ireland and settled in Bucks County.
Henry and Mary came to Muncy township (Lycoming Co) in 1778. They attended
Falls Meeting of Friends. It is possible that they went from Upper
Makefield tp to Northampton Co (Upper Mt. Bethel tp.) in 1772. Henry's
family had lived in Upper Makefield Township not far from Newton, Bucks Co
for four generations and attended the Falls Monthly Meeting of Freinds. In
Muncy Henry bought land in 1795 on the Loyalsock and residents of
Fairfield Township knew the area as the "Scott Place".
Samuel Harris married Margaret Hopkins and had Susanna mentioned
above. They were Friends from Harford Co., Maryland and came to Montour
Reserve (Montoursville, Lycoming Co) about 1785. Samuel was born in
Baltimore Co., MD and was Quaker and married Margaret at Deer Creek Meeting
Jan 25 1753.

SOOOOOOOO...if you have any suggestions for how to access the
records from any of these meetings, how to search for the Cooke ancestors
who are well recorded for military service but are not anywhere I can find
in Quaker minutes...are familiar with any of these areas, or even recognize
names or possible links...let me know!

Pattee Russell-Curry

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