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From: Jane Gilman <>
Subject: Re: Surnames of Quaker ancestors
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 18:36:58 -0800

Keith/Connie Street wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have seen several lists where we have common surnames. I am naming some of
> my surnames where individuals were early Quakers and settlers in America. I
> will number them, but the numbers have no significance other than to
> separate one entry from another.
> 1. Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH and first wife, Ann REE (who died in England 1
> April 1671.) Valentine was the immigrant to New Castle County, Delaware. My
> line descends from their daughter, Mary HOLLINGSWORTH, who married Thomas
> 2. Walter HUMPHREYS and first wife Mary OSBORNE. Mary died, I think, before
> Walter came to America circa 1676-1680, and located near Burlington, New
> Jersey. My line descends from their daughter Mary HUMPHREYS who married
> George ELKINTON.
> 3. John BUTCHER and wife Ann, who came to America circa 1680 and settled
> near Burlington, New Jersey. My line descends from their daughter, Frances
> BUTCHER who married John ANTRIM.
> 4. Samuel BOYES and Lydia BEAMOND. Samuel died in Saybrook, Connecticut, in
> 1683. My line descends from their son, Samul BOYES.
> 5. George BOONE and Sarah UPPEY. They are either the immigrants or the
> parents of the immigrant, George BOONE, who married Mary MAUGRIDGE. My line
> descends from George and Mary's son, Squire BOONE, who married Sarah MORGAN.
> George died in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1744.
> 6. Richard RATCLIFF and Elizabeth unknown. They were early settlers in Isle
> of Wight County, Virginia. My line descends from their son, Richard
> RATCLIFF, who married Elizabeth OUDELANT.
> 7. Thomas JORDAN, who came in the Diana circa 1630's. Sketchy and
> contradictory information. Possible parents Samuel JORDAN and Cicely BALEY.
> Samuel may be immigrant ancestor, coming to Virginia in 1610. Probably
> settled at Nansemond, Virginia. Early records show Thomas' marriage to Lucy
> CORKER, but am not sure that that is correct. My line descends from Thomas'
> son, another Thomas JORDAN who married Margaret BRASSIEUR.
> 8. John D. BATES and Elizabeth WINSTON. They came from England in 1623 and
> settled near Bruton Parish in Virginia, York County, and may not have been
> Quakers. My line descends from both a son and a daughter. The son is George
> BATES, wife Mary unknown. The daughter is Susannah BATES who married Stephen
> 9. Richard HARRISON and Elizabeth BESOUTH. They were immigrants before 1648
> and settled in Skimino, York County, Virginia. They may not have been
> Quakers, but numerous descendants are Quaker. My line descends from their
> son, William HARRISON who married Mary HUBBARD.
> 10. William BRINTON and Ann BAGLEY. In 1684 they came to America, and stayed
> briefly in New Castle County, Delaware. They then moved to Birmingham,
> Chester County, Pennsylvania. My line descends from their daughter, Esther
> BRINTON, who married John WILLIS. John's parents, Henry WILLIS and Mary
> PEACE, were both born in England and are the immigrants, as John was born on
> Long Island, New York.
> 11. Francis STANFIELD and Grace unknown. Sketchy information. They
> immigrated to Pennsylvani in late 1600's. Francis buried at Marple,
> Pennsylvania in 1692. My line descends from their daughter, Mary STANFIELD,
> who married William HUNTLEY and lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
> 12. Robert PENNELL and Hannah HYANDSON. Both born in England, they were in
> Middleton, Pennsylvania, by 1686. I descend from their daughter, Ann
> PENNELL, who married Benjamin MENDENHALL in 1689 at the Concord meeting in
> Chester County, Pennsylvania.
> 13. John SCARBOROUGH, Sr. and Sarah ASHBY. They first came to America in
> 1682, but later returned to England, where both died. I descend from their
> son, John SCARBOROUGH and wife Mary PEARSON. (Pearson may be a married name
> and not her original surname.) A daughter of John and Mary is Mary
> SCARBOROUGH, my line, who married Samuel PICKERING in 1712 in Bucks County,
> Pennsylvania.
> 14. Timothy HANCOCK and Rachel FIRMAN. They came in 1681 to Evesham Meeting
> in Burlington County, New Jersey. I descend from their daughter, Elizabeth
> HANCOCK, and her husband Robert BRADDOCK. Rachel Firman Hancock died in 1689
> and her husband married as his second wife Susannah IVES. Timothy and
> Susannah had a daughter, Ann HANCOCK, half-sister to Elizabeth, above. I
> also descend from this Ann HANCOCK, a sister of Elizabeth. Ann married Mark
> STRATTON in 1713 in Burlington County, New Jersey.
> 15. John DAY and Elizabeth HARVEY. They immigrated from England in the late
> 1600's and settled in Burlington County, New Jersey. I descend from their
> daughter, Elizabeth DAY, who married Thomas BRANSON, in 1703, in Burlington
> County, New Jersey.
> 16. Johannes CASSELL and Mary unknown. They came in 1686 from the
> Palatinate in Germany and settled at Germantown in Philadelphia County,
> Pennsylvania. I descend from their daughter, Mary CASSELL, who married John
> CADWALLADER in 1701 at Abington Meeting in Pennsylvania.
> 17. John MILLER and Mary IGNEW. They came to Chester County, Pennsylvania,
> in 1709. I descend from their daughter Mary, who married Joseph HUTTON in
> Chester County in 1714.
> 18. Adam SHARPLY and Mary unknown. They came to Chester County, Pennsylvania
> in the 1680-1700 time period. I descend from their daughter, Abigail
> SHARPLY and her marriage to Alphonsus KIRK at the New Castle Meeting in
> Deleware.
> 19. Francis SWAYNE and Elizabeth MILTON. They immigrated to Chester County,
> Pennsylvania, circa 1710. I descend from their daughter, Sarah SWAYNE, who
> married Robert LAMBORN in 1722 at New Garden Meeting in Chester County,
> Pennsylvania.
> 20. Richard WILLIAMS and Margaret EATON were married in Pennsylvania in
> 1717. I descend from their son, William WILLIAMS and his wife Margaret (?)
> 21. John PAINTER was at Evesham Meeting in Burlington County, New Jersey, by
> the early 1700's. I descend from his son, John PAINTER, and wife Hannah
> BRADDOCK, married in 1735 in Culpepper, Virginia.
> 22. Thomas ANTRIM and Sarah ZELLEY came to Burlington County, New Jersey,
> circa the 1680's with their parents, and were married in 1715. I descend
> from their daughter, Martha, who married John Day BRANSON in 1748 in New
> Jersey.
> 23. Richard IRESON married Sarah unknown circa 1705 in Shrewsbury, New
> Jersey. Richard was not the immigrant IRESON--I don't have that information.
> I descend from their daughter, Rachel IRESON, by her marriage to Richard
> FAWCETT in 1745 in Frederick County, Virginia.
> 24. Roger PEDRICK and Rebekah unknown came to the U.S. in 1675, on the
> Griffin and Mary and settled first in New Jersey and then moved to Chester
> County, Pennsylvania. I descend from their son, John PEDRICK who married
> Elizabeth HEWES in 1702.
> 25. Ralph COWGILL and Susannah PANCOAST were married (she was his second
> wife) in 1697 in Burlington County, New Jersey. I descend from their
> daughter, Mary COWGILL, who married Archibald SILVER in 1726 in Chesterfield
> Meeting in Burlington County, New Jersey.
> 26. Joseph CARTER, Sr. and Catherine DUNCAN came to the U. S. in 1687, and
> after their marriage in 1731 lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and
> Frederick County, Virginia. I descend from their son, James CARTER, born
> 1732 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and his wife, Ann unknown.
> 27. Richard OSBORN, Sr. and wife Jane BATES were married at Westbury, Long
> Island in 1698/99. I descend from their son, Richard OSBORNE and his wife
> Phoebe PEARSALL.
> A few of the other Quaker surnames I research are QUAINTANCE, MCBRIDE,
> Cheers from Keith.
> Keith/Connie Street
> 325 Franklin Ave, Wapello, IA 52653-1515
> 319-523-8164
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What an excellent, thorough list you wrote. Just wish your Quakers were
some of mine. I am going to try to do the same 25 names.

I have an Elizabeth Levering TAYLOR who m. John CLEAVER who was b. abt
1704 Bristol Twp. PA.

also, Joshua WRIGHT Sr. d. 10 Aug. 1695 Burlington. NJ

also, Thomas FRENCH b. 29 Oct 1639 Nether Heyford, England, m. 12 June
in England Jane ATKINS. He d. 3 May, 1699 Rancocos, Burlington, NJ.

Were these any of yours?

Jane Kennard Gilman

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