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From: Karin Goudy <>
Subject: re Robert Cole family of Rhode Island
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 07:46:13 -0700

Notes on Robert Cole from The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, by
John Osborne Austin, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1969,
originally printed 1887.

Robert Cole, died 1655
married Mary (she married 2nd Matthias Harvey.

Roxbury, Mass., Providence, Warwich, RI
1630, Oct 19. Roxbury, Mass. Robert requested to be made a freeman.
1631, Aug 16. Fined 5 marks, for drinking too much aboard ship "Friendship."
1632, May 9. He was appointed on a committee to confer with the court
about raising
of a public stock.
1633, Apr 1. He was among those who had gone to Agawam to plant.
He lived for a time at Ipswich and Salem.
1638, Oct 8. He was one of the twelve persons to whom Roger Williams
deeded land
he had bought of Canonicus and Miantononil.
1639. Providence. He was one of the twelve original members of the
Baptist Church.
1640. He was appointed with three others on a committee on all
matters of
difference regarding dividing line between Providence and
and they reported in July, that they had seriously and
endeavoured to weigh and consider all those differences to bring
them to amity and peace. "We have given the fairest and
way to produce our peace."
1640, Jul 27. He and thirty-eight others signed an agreement for a form of
1648, Jun 5. Warwick. He was recorded as an inhabitant.
1653, Jan 2. He sold Richard Pray, and wife Mary, his house and lot in
1654, Feb 27. He and wife Mary, sold Zachariah Rhodes, for L80, dwelling
house at
Pawtuxet, and certain land.
1655, Oct 25. Inventory, L501, debts L112, 15s.
Administratrix, widow Mary Cole. Town Council ordered estate
of as follows; To eldest son John, L80 and a mare. To 2d son
L50, at twenty-one years of age. To 3d son Nathaniel, L40 at
To 4th son Robert, L40 at age. To daughter, Sarah Cole, L40 at
Marriage or twenty-one. The children under age to be under
care of
Mother. If widow died before children came of age, the Town
to dispose of estate, and if any children died, their part to be
distributed. The administratrix was authorized to sell land and
give deeds. His widow, after marrying Matthias Harvey, soon
went to
Oyster Bay, as did her sons Nathaniel and Daniel, and her
who married Townsends.
1656, Apr 5. His widow, Mary, confirmed to son-in-law Richard Townsend, a

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