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Subject: Quaker lifestyle
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:53:45 -0700

Trueblood, D. Elton The People Called Quakers. Friends
United Press Richmond IN.

Mostly this book is about the "ecumenical ideal" of Quakers,
but Ch 12 discusses The Life of Culture. I found these
comments interesting.

"Margaret Fox (widow of George Fox) kept a remarkable sense
of balance and was wisely critical of some of the tendencies
in the Movement to which she was devoted....whatever Christ
meant about the lilies of the field, the old lady thought,
it was at least clear that they were BRIGHT, rather than a
dull gray.... Though it seems strange, the pithy judgment of
Margaret Fox was not heeded." He goes on to say that she was
troubled that the Quakers were becomikng "too deeply
concerned with outward features such as the insistence that
all should wear gray clothing of a special cut."

Robert Barclay (in APOLOGY) indicated that music and dancing
and artistic work in general would cause one to "recede from
the remembrance of God."

Trueblood cites an entry in the Whitewater MM minutes where
all music was denounced, but fiddling was the worst. Later
on in the minutes a man was disowned for "playing a fiddle
for people to dance with."

In my own family my 3rd great grandmother, Rebecca Hussey
Young, was admonished by her husband for writing poetry. He
claimed it was the work of Satan and tore up all her
writings. How sad she must have been.


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