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Subject: Edgerton and Osborn
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:44:25 -0500

I am new to the list so I really don't know how
to start this out. I have been doing my Family
history for a long time, but not thru e-mail.
There are some things I could not find in the
Quaker's records that we have here.
No.1 -- Where did Thomas Osborn and his
wife Rebecca Edgerton Osborn moved to
after they left Polk Co. Ia after the 1850 census
was taken? I donot have her birth or her death
date.I have Thomas birth Oct. 10 1785 in No. Car.
but could not find her birth date. She was also born
in No.Car. after their son was born They moved to
Belmont Co. Ohio and then to Ind. and came to Iowa
around 1847 or thereabout.
Is there anybody out there knows if there are any
desc. still living??
Here are some of my Quaker's roots. Would like
to hear from anyone about these lines.
Moorman, Wright, Osborn, Edgerton, Wrightsman,
Reynard, Dillon, Ruckman, Matthews, Haworth,
Scarborough, Mendenhall, Beeson, Rich, Grubb,
These are just a few. I also have the Bye Family
History if anyone is interested I will do look up in
it for anyone. Thank You All for helping me.
Thank you Jacie I will write to you later on the Lewis
Family I am not sure whether mine was Quaker's or
not yet. You did help a little bit by helping to decide
whether or not to write to you.
Thank again .

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