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Subject: Re: [Q-R] EMBREE/THORN(E)?
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Alice -

Moses Embree marr. 25 6M 1752 Exeter MM, Berks co,PA to
Margaret Elleman. This was your Moses (2); he was received at
Exeter MM on 27 4M 1745 on cert from Abington MM. Moses (1)
and wife Mary & son Samuel were received at Exeter MM on
31 5M 1740 on cert from Haverford MM. Samuel, son of Moses
& wife, of Lancaster co,PA, marries at Robinson Mtg, auspices of
Exeter MM, Berks co,PA, on 26 2M 1743, Rachel Lewis, dau of
James & wife, of Lancaster co,PA.

Exeter MM on 26 7M 1753 Moses & wife granted cert to Cane
Creek MM,NC. [This would be your Moses (2)]. At Exeter MM on
4 10M 1769 Moses, son of Samuel, granted cert to Cane Creek MM,NC.
[This would be Moses(3)]. On 29 8M 1770 he was received back on
cert from Fredericksburg MM,SC [Moses(3)]. Moses (2) stayed and was
member of Bush River MM,SC. Gene.recs. there show 8 children
including Thomas b.31 7M 1755.

Moses (2) [and family] were received on this cert from Exeter MM at
Cane Creek MM,NC in 1754 and were granted cert by Cane Creek MM
to Fredericksburg MM,SC in 1768. Bush River MM was successor Mtg
in 1772 to Fredericksburg MM,SC whose records have not survived.

Exeter MM on 7 7M 1774 Moses Embree, son of Samuel & Rachel,
marries at Maiden Creek MH, Mary Richardson, dau of Richard &
Mary, all parties of Berks co,PA. In 1786 Moses (3), w Mary & 3
children [incl Moses(4)] granted cert to Hopewell MM,VA.

After the Quaker adventure in SC fizzled out, Moses (2) and sons
families are found at Westfield MM,NC and subsequently at
Mt.Pleasant MM, Grayson co,VA when that mtg was set off from

Hope these clues help.

Regards, Jerry Richmond

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Subject: [Q-R] EMBREE/THORN(E)?

>Does anyone have information on the Embree line - places of birth, MM where
>they held membership, ancestors, emmigration, etc.? I have just a bare
>outline starting with a Moses Embree, who died in 1748. He was married to
>Mary ?, and had a son Moses, who was born in 1719.
>Moses (2) married Margaret Elleman (b 1731) in 1752, and they had a son
>Thomas (b 1755 d 1833)
>Thomas married Esther Coulson (b 1752, d 1830) in 1781, and they had a
>daughter Rachel (b 1786 d 1874)
>Rachel married William Thorn (b Apr 30 1781, d 1855) Feb 8, 1808 and they had
>a son Thomas Thorne (b Sept 03, 1809, d March 17, 1863 or 65)
>Thomas married Ruth Greene (b Aug 23, 1807, d 1879) Feb 05, 1835 and they had
>a daughter Hannah Ruth (b Oct 05, 1843 in Green Co, Selma, OH; d March 26,
>1932, Spiceland, IN)
>Hannah married Daniel Lawrence (b Aug 02, 1839 in Henry Co, IN, d July 14,
>1924 in Spiceland IN) Sept 14, 1871 in Green Co, Selma, IN, and they had 4
>daughters -
>Alice Carey (b June 06, 1873), Ruth Elma (b March 16, 1876), Mary Effie (b
>Nov 26, 1878), and Bertha Olive (b June 01, 1882).
>Bertha Olive was my maternal grandmother. She married Joseph William
>McCracken on September 29, 1913 in Spiceland, IN. She had two children, and
>died in Soledad, Cuba on November 23, 1918.
>Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. - Alice Maurer
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